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PMG Chapter 2379: Forbidden territory – Godly Grave

PMG Chapter 2379: Forbidden territory – Godly Grave

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In Tian Yan City, when Lin Feng captured Qiong Yu, his clone whispered to the Diviner, “I have captured Qiong Yu.”

“Good!” said the Diviner. He was happy. His real body was in Blood Great Imperial City slaughtering people. It was all worth it. He had helped Lin Feng seize an opportunity to capture Qiong Yu. That way, the Fire Shrine wouldn’t act so recklessly, and Zhe Tian would be safe.

“I captured Qiong Yu, will you release him now?” asked the Diviner to the members of the Fire Shrine. The members of the Fire Shrine were stunned. They took out jade talismans and called Qiong Yu quickly. As expected, he wasn’t reachable. Their expressions changed drastically.

“Fortune Shrine, how sly!”

“We’re not as shameless as you, at least,” the Diviner replied pitilessly.

“Well, you captured Qiong Yu in the grave, how do we exchange people now?”

“Release him for me for now,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He walked forwards and said to the members of the Fire Shrine, “I captured Qiong Yu. He’s with my real body. You release Zhe Tian, I stay here. That way, you can keep things under control.”

“You? What if you give up your real body?” asked a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine coldly, sounding skeptical.

Lin Feng released Qi into the air and then raised his fist, punching out. He said, “My clones are extremely powerful too, you think I’d give up one of my powerful clones just to kill Qiong Yu? I don’t care about him at all.”

The members of the Fire Shrine frowned, trying to see if Lin Feng was telling the truth or not. Lin Feng said, “No need to think of a solution. If you act recklessly again, I won’t trust you anymore. I’ll give up my son and I’ll kill Qiong Yu.”

The members of the Fire Shrine looked pensive. Was giving up a clone worth saving Zhe Tian?

“Alright, let’s do the exchange,” said a Saint of the Fire Shrine at that moment.

Lin Feng looked at him and said, “Alright, I’m coming, release Zhe Tian.”

Lin Feng’s clone walked towards the Saint of the Fire Shrine. As long as his clone was there, the Fire Shrine would wait because his real body had Qiong Yu.

The Fire Shrine released Zhe Tian. Zhe Tian slowly walked forwards, when they passed next to each other, Zhe Tian said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Father, let’s escape together.”

“We’re in Tian Yan City!” replied Lin Feng, “Don’t worry. It’s only a clone. They won’t do anything to me. You go back, go and see your mother.”

Zhe Tian’s eyes were red, but he nodded and said, “Father, I will definitely become extremely strong!”

“Go!” said Lin Feng calmly. He slapped Zhe Tian’s shoulder. The Fire Shrine didn’t do anything dodgy.

When Zhe Tian went back. The Diviner said, “We’re off.”

Their figures flickered. The Saints of the Fire Shrine glanced after them coldly. The Diviner sensed a terrifying Qi surrounding him. A few people appeared in front of him in the sky, staring at him coldly.

Something appeared in the Diviner’s hand; dazzling lights surrounded them and the vault of heaven absorbed them. They turned into illusions and disappeared, leaving Tian Yan City. They had gotten prepared.

After the Diviner and the others left, the cultivator of the Fire Shrine said, “As expected, he prepared a teleportation scepter.”

“Get ready to fight. The Fortune Shrine doesn’t fear a war, the Fire Shrine doesn’t either,” said an old man indifferently. Then they disappeared. That simple sentence could determine the fate of an entire generation.


Lin Feng didn’t control the situation. His strength was limited. There were many things he couldn’t control. He knew that when he had entered the Godly Grave already. He didn’t even know how to get out of the Godly Grave.

Lin Feng’s figure flickered. The landscapes were desolate because everything was burning there. Anything that could survive in there was a precious treasure.

“There’s someone!” At that moment, Lin Feng saw a figure. The man was lying on the ground, injured.

Lin Feng flashed forwards and landed next to the man. He was a Saint Emperor at the top of the Sheng Di Layer. In the outside world, apart from Saints, such cultivators were already strong. Most of the time, only Saints had the opportunity to meet other Saints. Saints were too mysterious.

A powerful life strength penetrated into the man’s body as Lin Feng helped him recover. The person said, “Thank you very much, Master.”

“How long have you been in the Godly Grave?” asked Lin Feng.

“How long?” That person looked confused. He was struggling to remember.

“I forgot, hundreds of years, I guess,” the man said sorrowfully. Back then, he was powerful and influential in the outside world, and now he had been stuck in there for hundreds of years. What had he gone through in there?

“What is there in the Godly Grave?” asked Lin Feng.

That person looked pensive. In the past, he used to think there were opportunities, he had thought he’d find historical remains. Then he had realized people were fighting everywhere inside. In the past he thought there weren’t many Saints, and only then he had realized he didn’t know much about the world.

He was at the top of the Sheng Di Layer and kept being humiliated in there, he could do nothing but drift and live without purpose. Nobody respected him.

He looked at Lin Feng, he looked desperate and replied, “Battles!”

“Battles?” asked Lin Feng surprised, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know either, people just wander around and fight. There are nine exits, all of them correspond to nine ancient spiritual beings. There are battlefields and historical remains. The Godly Grave is a place to fight. And regarding the historical remains, I’ve never found any, and I’ve never heard of any.”

He lowered his head and finished hoarsely, “I want to leave this evil place.”

“Why haven’t I seen anyone?” asked Lin Feng, “And what is this, the word ‘FIRE’ is written on your third eye?”

The word was written on the man’s forehead, dimly discernible and containing a particular Qi.

“Continue straight ahead, there’s a battlefield. You’ll understand. The word FIRE is the spiritual being’s signature, anyone who goes there get his third eye signed. It proves you are one of the Fire God’s people,” explained the man.

Lin Feng frowned. Signature? And what did he mean with battlefields? What kind of place was the Godly Grave?

Lin Feng had been to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. It was an elaborate place with palaces, demon kings, demons, etc. Was the Godly Grave really only a grave for spiritual beings, or gods?

Lin Feng guessed that the forbidden territories all had mysteries. To the people who controlled those places, they probably weren’t mysterious, however.

Lin Feng understood that in this world, when reaching a certain level, there were no problems anymore, the forbidden territories weren’t mysteries in the eyes of such people.

“Bring me there,” said Lin Feng. The man shook his head quickly. “Master, I don’t want to go back there.”

“I’ll protect you,” said Lin Feng.

That cultivator forced himself to nod with a sigh, “Alright. Straight away the whole time.”

Lin Feng took the man and flew in that direction!

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