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PMG Chapter 2381: Invasion

PMG Chapter 2381: Invasion

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“Merit? Open the historical remains?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what Lin Yi meant. Were there really historical remains there? Did they even need to open them?

“What merit? And has anyone ever seen the historical remains?” asked Lin Feng to Lin Yi.

“When we enter the Godly Grave, depending on the entrance you use to enter, a different word is put into your third eye. When you enter through the fire entrance, the word FIRE appears in your third eye which means we represent the fire spiritual being, or fire god. When people enter through the other entrances, the same happens to them; a word appears in their third eye and indicates which spiritual being they represent. When we kill people from other armies, we steal other spiritual beings’ achievements, like points!

“Regarding the historical remains, I’ve heard some old people say that we’ll never see them personally,” Lin Yi smiled sadly. She had already resigned herself. There was nothing else to do, anyway.

“Cultivators of the Di Qi layer are under the orders of the Saints. Since we are not as strong as Saints, we are just cannon fodder on the battlefield. When Saints are killed, the killers they get more points, it seems. Of course, only Saints who have been in here for a long time know what things are actually like.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. They needed military merits, or points, to open the historical remains, it seemed. Lin Feng now wondered… who benefited from the victories? Only the one in charge of the specific grave? Or the whole army, too?

“Killing other people is getting more and more difficult, because everybody knows how to protect their points. They don’t let their people die. Each time armies start fighting, some people are in charge of the corpses, and don’t let you steal points,” continued Lin Yi.

They heard some steps behind them. Lin Feng and Lin Yi turned around. A woman had arrived. She looked heroic and valiant, graceful, elegant, and charming, truly noble. She glanced over the crowd and especially at Lin Feng and Lin Yi.

“What’s your name?” the woman asked Lin Feng.

“She’s the Blood Saint’s daughter, she’s in charge of us most of the time. She has an explosive temper. Don’t infuriate her,” Lin Yi warned Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng!” replied Lin Feng.

“You, stand up.” said the woman aggressively, pointing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised. He wasn’t used to people talking to him that way, but he wasn’t like in the past. He didn’t have such a bad temper anymore, he was like pale clouds and a gentle breeze. He didn’t want to confront her directly right now. At least, he first wanted to understand what was going on in the Godly Grave and how to leave. He also wanted to understand what the point of the battles between the nine spiritual beings was. Were the gods really playing a game?

“Take out your jade talisman,” said the woman said to Lin Feng. He took it out and they exchanged their contact details.

“Lin Yi, go and show him around so that he gets familiar with the area,” said the woman, before turning around and leaving.

Lin Yi and some other people stood up and said to Lin Feng, “Let’s go then. We’ll go and scout.”

“Scout for what?” asked Lin Feng.

“It’s a war. We need to scout and gather intelligence. Otherwise, the enemies will kill us easily without us even knowing how. It’s very dangerous here!” said Lin Yi. The group of people headed out.

“Mu Feng, let me give you a map of the area. We’re on the edge of the Fire Grave here,” said Lin Yi, transmitting a map to Lin Feng using her godly awareness.

“How desolate. Are there really historical remains here?” said Lin Feng. He had the feeling there was nothing here.

“If there are no historical remains, why would there be so many people, including Saints?” interjected someone. They were four people, two men in addition to Lin Feng and Lin Yi. They looked cold, their eyes empty and hopeless.

“In front of us is an area where people often hide, but our enemies usually don’t hide that far,” said Lin Yi. They all released their godly awareness and inspected the mountain range.

“There’s nobody,” whispered Lin Yi, “But even if we can’t see anyone with our godly awareness, we have to be careful. Many people have incredible hiding abilities. However, the probability of seeing an enemy here is not high.”

Lin Feng frowned because he could sense life with his godly awareness.

As expected, Lin Yi was right, some people are hiding here. I can only sense some dimly discernible life energy. Lin Yi can’t sense anything, it’s not unusual, thought Lin Feng. Lin Yi was a bit careless because she was too close to their base, convinced there was no enemy this far out.

Very quickly, they crossed the area, but Lin Feng didn’t say anything about what he had sensed. He wanted to cross the area and see if those people who were hiding would come out at some point.

“How fast.” At that moment, Lin Feng was startled, as the thread of life energy he had sensed moved extremely fast, and nobody had noticed it. If he hadn’t been staring at it the whole time, he wouldn’t have noticed it, either!

Lin Feng ignored the enemy and continued moving forwards. After a short time, they arrived in a vast area, and Lin Feng sensed some people’s Qi.

I think something is going to happen, thought Lin Feng. As expected, when Lin Feng arrived at the beginning of a valley, he said to Lin Yi, “That’s enough for today, isn’t it? Let’s go back.”

Lin Yi was surprised, go back? How could things be so easy?

“We’re scouting. There are enemies on our territory, how could we go back?” said Lin Yi.

If we don’t go back, we might never go back…, thought Lin Feng. He whispered, “There is a great danger awaiting us here, let’s go back.”

Lin Feng turned around and started retreating. The two men frowned; Lin Yi was surprised, but she decided to trust Lin Feng and followed him. At the same time, she said telepathically, “Did anything happen?”

“I sensed lots of life Qi,” said Lin Feng.

“Impossible,” Lin Yi’s face stiffened, “We’re good at scouting, especially when it comes to sensing strength, and we sensed nothing at all.”

“They use Saint’s Weapons to hide their Qi,” replied Lin Feng.

Lin Yi’s face stiffened, “If that’s the case, we need to go back and report it to the superiors. We need to leave if the situation is dangerous.

“Invaders?” asked Lin Feng.

“Enemies don’t come here to scout. If they’re really here, it’s to invade us. We need to hurry up and head back.” Lin Yi accelerated. The enemies remained discreet, but Lin Feng noticed that they had changed their positions. They had gotten closer to the palace.

“How many people do we have? How many Saints?” asked Lin Feng.

“There are three Saints, the strongest one is the Blood Saint,” replied Lin Yi.

“Since we have Saints, why don’t the Saints of the other side attack directly? Why do they need to use armies? It seems troublesome,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. The Saints could destroy all the Saint Emperors as they wished.

“Saints don’t care about Saint Emperors, especially since there are so many of them. Killing Saints to get points is too difficult,” replied Lin Yi.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t kill them,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

When they arrived back to the palace, the Blood Saint’s daughter was surprised. She asked, “How come you’re back already?”

“Mu Feng said he sensed lots of life Qi which was getting closer and closer to our palace,” said one of the two men. Lin Feng frowned. They had made him bear the responsibility, no matter what happened, nobody would blame them.

“And you didn’t sense anything?” asked the woman.

“No.” said the two, shaking their heads.

“What about you, Lin Yi?” asked the woman.

“I…” Lin Yi’s face stiffened. “I didn’t either, but I believe Mu Feng.”

“You have acute perceptions and you haven’t sensed anything, he has just arrived and you believe him?” said the woman coldly. She looked at Lin Feng, a fire whip appeared and lashed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released Qi, but Lin Yi said to him telepathically, “Don’t try to resist.”

Lin Feng stopped, and the whip crashed onto his body. His clothes were torn apart instantly, but he didn’t move at all, he just glanced at her coldly. If Lin Yi hadn’t told him anything, he would have killed her.

“I’ll forgive you this time. If you do something like that again, I’ll kill you.” said the woman coldly, staring at Lin Feng.

You’re right, I’ll forgive you this time too, thought Lin Feng. She would see after the enemy arrived, and understand. Then, Lin Feng would settle accounts with her regarding those whiplashes.

Of course, those whiplashes didn’t injure Lin Feng at all. Otherwise, he would have already done something!

“What do the battles look like here?” Lin Feng gazing into the distance. They were soon going to fight!

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