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PMG Chapter 2382: You Want To Die!

PMG Chapter 2382: You Want To Die!

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The Blood Saint’s daughter left, looking angry. After she left, Lin Feng said to Lin Yi, “Leave with me.”

Lin Yi was startled. Leave? In the Godly Grave, Saint Emperors who didn’t stay with a Saint usually died in tragic conditions. Only some terrifyingly Saints dared travel alone in here. They killed as many people as they could and got points alone. According to legends, those who managed to do that had opportunities to leave.

According to legends, the spiritual beings were the gods of this world. They remained at the top of the world forever. They were the ones who had created the world, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Shrines, everything. There were many legends about gods. Everybody wanted to see the gods and their historical remains.

“Mu Feng, you’re new here, you don’t know much, but traveling alone in the Godly Grave is too dangerous,” replied Lin Yi.

“Trust me!” said Lin Feng smiling at Lin Yi. When she saw his smile, she was astonished. This guy was so mysterious. She suddenly remembered that Lin Feng had sensed the presence of enemies, but how?

“You really want to leave?” asked Lin Yi.

“We’ll leave when we’re done here. I need to do some things here. But first, let’s get away from the crowd,” said Lin Feng.

She looked at him and nodded, “Alright. So many years have passed and I couldn’t break through in here. Maybe I have a problem, maybe my life is just useless here. I can gamble this time. Mu Feng, I’ll stay with you.”

“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng. Their figures flickered. Even though they were under the Blood Saint’s orders, nobody prevented them from moving around.

Very quickly, they arrived at the top of a mountain and gazed into the distance. They didn’t hurry to leave. Lin Feng said, “Those people will arrive soon.”

Lin Yi looked at Lin Feng. He looked completely composed, and even when the Blood Saint’s daughter flogged him, he looked unruffled, as if he didn’t care. He didn’t take her seriously.

Maybe I was wrong?, thought Lin Yi suddenly. She couldn’t see Lin Feng’s cultivation level. It seemed like he was at the same cultivation level as her, but at the same time, she couldn’t be sure.

“Could it be…” Lin Yi’s mouth twitched. Could it be that Mu Feng was a Saint?


Time passed, the air was calm. However, Lin Feng sensed that something strange was happening. His eyes glittered. He said, “They’re here.”

“Eh?” Lin Yi gazed into the distance. Were they there?

Far away, a few people flew up. The Blood Saint’s eyes shone. Two other Saints appeared next to him.

“Who are you?” shouted the Blood Saint coldly. His voice spread far away, and was as explosive as thunder. However, a million li away, a curtain of light appeared. The atmosphere was sealed!

“Some people are invading us?” At that moment, everybody understood. When people invaded someone else’s area, they sealed it first. Otherwise, other forces would come and try to steal their points while they were busy fighting!

Suddenly, a terrifying Qi filled the air. People flew up. It was a terrifying army. The members of the Fire Grave realized that only when they got closer.

“They’re using Saint’s Weapons to hide their Qi!” swore the Blood Saint. He shouted coldly, “You didn’t go and scout?!” shouted the Blood Saint furiously.

His daughter pulled a long face. She looked at her army, looking for Lin Feng. He had been right!

“How is that possible?” She couldn’t find him, and she couldn’t see Lin Yi either.

She didn’t have time to think though. A terrifying strength suddenly covered the whole area.

“Everybody protect your own self. We’re encircled!” said the Blood Saint when he sensed the immense Qi. They had no choice but protect themselves this time. The enemies had a good strategy, and wanted to kill them!

People were panic-stricken. The Blood Saint had told the crowd to protect themselves, which meant they weren’t strong enough.

“Father!” said the Blood Saint’s daughter, she pulled a long face. If they were encircled, it meant they were doomed!

“The only way to escape is to break the seal!” said the Blood Saint to his daughter, as a terrifying strength surrounded her.

“Father.” The Blood Saint’s daughter was shocked. She saw a terrifying oppressive strength surround the Blood Saint. A Saint slowly arrived. She knew that the Blood Saint was protecting her, but she couldn’t stay next to him.

“Mu Feng.” said Lin Yi. She was astonished. Their enemies had really come, like Lin Feng had said.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Yi inquiringly. She said, “The area is sealed. We’re stuck here. The sealed area is gigantic.”

“Let’s go and see.” She looked at him, turned around, and saw the battle had already started. Very quickly, the members of the Fire Grave started getting slaughtered. They couldn’t win, and didn’t stand a chance, since the Blood Saint had given up directly.

“Without planning and without a strategy, the battle could only end up tragically,” said Lin Yi when she saw the Saints of the Fire Grave getting slaughtered. It was the first time she had seen such a terrifying massacre. She had seen many battles, she had seen many people die, and many enemies steal points, but today, the Fire Grave’s members were just getting slaughtered.

When cultivators died, the enemies took the fire signatures the members of the Fire Grave had in their third eyes, those were the points.

How macabre. They look like bloodthirsty demons, thought Lin Feng, glancing at the action. The members of the Fire Grave were running in all directions. Some people ran towards Lin Feng and Lin Yi.

Those people just glanced at them but didn’t stop, they continued running away. They had to protect themselves first. However, when they arrived at the edge of the territory, they couldn’t break the seal.

The Blood Saint’s daughter also escaped. When she saw Lin Feng and Lin Yi, she said coldly, “Bastard, you knew that the enemies were invading our territory, why didn’t you insist!”

Lin Yi was amused. The woman had refused to believe him, and now she was releasing her anger on him.

The Blood Saint’s daughter released a terrifying Qi and took out her whip again. It turned into a fire snake and lashed out at a terrifying speed.

“Be careful!” said Lin Yi. However, at that moment, the Blood Saint’s daughter was astonished; Lin Feng had grabbed the whip, and it instantly stopped moving.

“You…” the Blood Saint’s daughter pulled a long face.

Lin Feng used a little bit of strength to pull it out of her hand. Then, he flogged her violently. Her clothes were instantly torn apart.

Lin Feng was expressionless. He flogged her again. The lash of the whip surrounded her neck and he dragged her towards him, looking at her in an icily disdainful way without saying anything.

She felt so humiliated her face had turned deathly pale.

How come he’s so strong?, thought the Blood Saint’s daughter. Even though she felt humiliated, she could sense he was terrifyingly strong. Lin Feng didn’t need to make the slightest exertion against her, a mere Saint Emperor. She couldn’t do anything against him.

“Insolent!” shouted someone furiously at that moment. When the Blood Saint saw that Lin Feng had captured his daughter, he released a powerful Qi towards him. But his opponent also attacked him at that moment, so he didn’t have time to react.

“Go and kill him.” shouted the Blood Saint to his two partners. One of them left the battle, flying towards Lin Feng. He was a Half-Saint. He looked angry and released a formidable energy.

“You really want to die!” shouted that person furiously. He released Celestial Dao; Lin Feng sensed an explosive fire Celestial Dao surround him. It wasn’t pleasant.

The man punched out in Lin Feng’s direction.

“No!” Lin Yi pulled a long face. Saints were too terrifying. She looked at Lin Feng; he was still standing there, and when the Saint’s fist bombarded his body, he didn’t move, as if he had been waiting to die.

The powerful fist smashed into Lin Feng. The Blood Saint’s daughter smiled coldly. “How reckless! Lin Yi, you also want to die!”

However, at that moment, the Saint’s expression changed. The atmosphere around him distorted, and he couldn’t control the strength around his fist.

Lin Feng pointed at him, and a sharp sword emerged from his finger. With his God strength, he was an expert in close combat. Blood appeared on that cultivator’s head. His eyes were wide open, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The Blood Saint’s daughter was astonished too. Finally, she looked truly frightened.

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