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PMG Chapter 2383: War’s Prologue

PMG Chapter 2383: War’s Prologue

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Lin Feng looked at him, as a mysterious strength emerged from his opponent’s third eye. It was like that strength was trying to protect his soul.

“That kind of strength!” Lin Feng sensed its power.

“Lin Yi, can you steal points from people of the same Grave as you?” asked Lin Feng.

“You can’t!” replied Lin Yi. She was trembling. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so strong to the extent that he could easily kill a Saint.

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. His God strength replaced Celestial Dao, he released swords which pierced through his opponent’s third eye, destroying his last defense, and he died.

The Blood Saint’s daughter’s face was ghastly. She had the impression Lin Feng was a demon. He could easily kill Saints, and she had flogged him before!?

Lin Feng studied the battle, and said to the Blood Saint’s daughter, “You father is not strong enough, the enemies are much stronger. But if he’s lucky, he can escape alone.”

The Blood Saint’s daughter whispered, “You’re so strong, can you save those people? They were your comrades, and the intruders will kill everyone, they will not spare your life.”

Lin Feng looked at her and smiled evilly, “You think a lot.”

At that moment, the two men who had gone scouting with Lin Yi and Lin Feng ran towards Lin Feng. When they realized that Lin Feng was extremely strong, they hoped Lin Feng would protect them.

“Save us!” said the two, looking at Lin Feng. They both looked desperate. But Lin Feng looked at them apathetically, as if he didn’t care about them.

“That’s your problem. Piss off!” said Lin Feng coldly. The two stopped, they looking desperate and devastated.

“If you don’t save us, you’re going to die, too. After they kill us, it’ll be your turn,” said one of them, staring at Lin Feng coldly.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His voice carried death strength, the man’s face turned grey, and an enemy behind killed him and stole his Word.

Very quickly, a few people were standing before Lin Feng and looking at him. They didn’t dare get close, and eventually withdrew. That guy could kill Saints, he was dangerous, they would wait until the Saints battled to deal with him.

The Blood Saint was fighting fiercely. The area around him was empty, and people didn’t dare get too close. The other Saint of the Fire Grave was surrounded by two Saints. The Fire Grave was going to suffer a crushing defeat.

How tragic, thought Lin Feng when he saw all those corpses. People were getting crushed, one after another.

A strong Qi surrounded Lin Feng. It was the man who had been fighting against the Saint Lin Feng had killed a moment before. Lin Feng had kind of helped him get rid of an enemy. He was inspecting Lin Feng, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to attack. He had seen how scary Lin Feng was a moment before.

“You father is going to die soon,” said Lin Feng. The Blood Saint was looking weaker and weaker.

“Lin Yi, in those people’s third eyes, there’s the word GOLD, are they from the Dazzling Gold Shrine?” inquired Lin Feng.

“I don’t know. The nine groups of the Godly Grave are named after the nine Shrines of the ancient world. According to legends, nine gods created them. This place seems to be a kind of game for them, like a chess game. I don’t know whether the current Shrines have joined hands with them or not, now. Nobody knows, I think. I don’t believe the current Shrines cooperate with them, though. Many people who come to the forbidden territories are Shrines’ members, and what’s certain is that the Fire Shrine’s members usually come through the fire entrance.”

“I understand,” said Lin Feng nodded. The other battles were already over. The Saints looked at Lin Feng and the others and drew closer, especially the three Saint invaders. On the Fire Grave’s side, only the Blood Saint and Lin Feng were left. Lin Yi and the Blood Saint’s daughter were useless now.

“You don’t intend to let me off?” Lin Feng said to the Saints.

The three Saints remained silent.

“Alright!” said Lin Feng. A sword appeared in his hand, brilliant and ready. An ice-cold Qi filled the air.

“Be careful!” said the Saint who had been watching Lin Feng just now.

A dazzling empty space strength surged over them.

“Deployment spell!” A Saint flashed and destroyed the deployment spell. The air hummed, and the sword moved towards him. It contained pure speed strength.

“How fast!” The man looked glum. An ancient golden shield appeared in front of him and he retreated, the sword suddenly turned around and shot towards the two other Saints in an eyeblink.

“Piss off!” shouted one of the Saints. A five-colored golden vortex appeared and surrounded the sword, but empty space lights illuminated everyone and turned into a great empty space cage.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards them as if he were taking a stroll. The golden cage in front of him disappeared, and a figure appeared. Lin Feng put his finger on the man’s third eye, at the same time releasing penetrating strength. The golden signature felt strange under his finger. Anyway, Lin Feng wanted to kill the enemy and steal his Word.

“Destroy!” said Lin Feng. His opponent collapsed and died. The strength of the Word washed into Lin Feng’s third eye, and he suddenly felt stronger.

“How strange!” Lin Feng sighed. Was that thing really a god’s signature? If not, what was it?

Lin Feng continued walking forwards and stealing Words. The Blood Saint’s daughter saw people die one after another in astonishment. She even felt ridiculous. She had told Lin Feng “You want to die!”, as if she could have killed him easy. Lin Feng could kill her in one glance, he was a real demon king! He was destroying the complete army of the intruders alone!

Lin Yi’s heart was also pounding. Lin Feng was too strong! At his level, against those people who were much weaker than him, he didn’t even need to battle anymore, it wasn’t a battle. He was just slaughtering people in his way.

The golden curtain opened, and figure appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a Saint. Lin Feng asked, “Why do we need to steal people’s points?”

He sounded indifferent, natural and at ease. However, that made him look all the more terrifying. The Saint’s mouth twitched. He didn’t want to fight against Lin Feng. They had tried to invade this place, and because of one person the result was tragic.

“I don’t know!” said the Saint, grimacing. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and pointed at him with one finger. A God’s sword emerged from his finger; it was astonishingly fast, having reached the peak of perfection. His whole hand was a sword.

That Saint had no time to react. His third eye broke apart and Lin Feng stole his Word. Another Saint was dead.

The Blood Saint’s daughter felt completely numb. She had provoked him a few times, and now she saw all these Saints die in front of her, it made her tremble.

For Lin Feng, all this looked normal. He looked totally calm and indifferent.

Lin Feng walked past the corpse, then killed the two other Saints because all they could tell him when he asked for more details was, “I don’t know.”

When the deployment spells disappeared, the Blood Saint’s daughter and Lin Yi couldn’t see anyone anymore. They only saw the Blood Saint still fighting, and he looked exhausted. Lin Feng had destroyed all the others!

Lin Feng looked at that fight and walked in their direction. He needed to know the secret of the Grave to leave. In the outside world, a bloody battle had started between the Fortune Shrine and the Fire Shrine. A group of people from the Fortune Shrine had been slaughtered by the Fire Shrine.

It didn’t look very dramatic, but the consequences would be real. It would push the conflict to another level!

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