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PMG Chapter 2385: Traveling and Killing!

PMG Chapter 2385: Traveling and Killing!

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According to legends, the nine Graves of the Godly Grave were created by nine gods. According to other legends, the Godly Grave was a place where they rested in peace. But no matter what the truth was, what was sure was that the nine Graves were ancient places and were named after the nine Shrines of the ancient times: The Fire Grave, Dazzling Gold Grave, Earth Grave, Ice and Snow Grave, Life Grave, Empty Space Grave, Starlit Grave, Countless Grave, and Time Grave.

The members of the Shrines which still existed went to the areas which corresponded to their own Shrine. The Fire Shrine’s members went to the Fire Grave, the members of the Empty Space Shrine went to the Empty Space area.

People who weren’t members of Shrines chose Graves which corresponded to what they were looking for.

The nine Graves were particular and contained all sorts of Qi. Their borders were in constant flux.

The nine Graves were circular and all had a common border. From that common border, they could access all other Graves, but that place was also very dangerous. Nobody dared stay there for too long, except for a few extremely Saints. The reason was that that area was the best place to win points, and it was also the best place to go to the other Graves.


At night in the Godly Grave, there was a moon, too. The Graves and the common border were peaceful.

Someone gazed into the distance.

According to the map, after that forest will be the border area. I’ve heard it is a chaotic area where there are many extremely strong Saints. They all like to go there to get points, thought Lin Feng. The Fire Grave was gigantic. It took Lin Feng seven days to arrive at his present location. He had also learned a lot about the Godly Grave on his way, which is why he had decided to go to the chaotic border area.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s cultivation level was clearly visible: he was a Half-Saint. That way, extremely strong Saints wouldn’t try to kill him because it would be pointless, they wouldn’t get any points by killing him.

Lin Feng moved further along. It was almost impossible to hear his steps. His perceptions were acute, he could easily sense the movements of the grass and the trees. Nothing could escape his perceptions.

Even if no Saint attacks me, I have to be very careful, thought Lin Feng. Therefore, he walked slowly and silently.

“There’s someone!” Lin Feng sensed that someone had appeared behind him. The word FIRE was written on that person’s third eye. He was from this Grave. The man didn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng, so he continued walking.

“What a strange tree!” Lin Feng noticed a gigantic tree with many branches and leaves. It was extremely thick. In that unpopulated area, the tree had grown without being disturbed. Its Qi was extremely heavy. It was such a thick tree that a drop of water couldn’t have passed through its branches.

Lin Feng walked up to the foot of the tree and stopped, he remained motionless, he could sense something.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped drastically, as if the earth and sky had been about to freeze. Lin Feng had the impression his blood and soul were going to freeze, that chill came from someone’s soul, it seemed.

“There’s someone.” Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly flared with light, he condensed God strength in his eyes and glanced around. An illusion was moving towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. That person suddenly stopped and their expression suddenly changed for some reason.

Lin Feng couldn’t miss that opportunity. He suddenly flew up, raised his hands, and millions of death stamps emerged from his fingers. They slammed into his attacker, whose face turned grey as he died.

Drops of liquid fell onto Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t notice in particular, but he had a bad premonition.

More drops fell from the tree. Lin Feng suddenly attacked it.

The gigantic tree exploded, however, at the same time, millions of drops fell onto Lin Feng. The leaves of the tree released a dangerously sharp sword energy, blotting out the sky and covering the earth as well.  It turned into millions of swords as a figure emerged from the tree and released vines towards Lin Feng. They were very close, Lin Feng couldn’t dodge, and the vines constricted him.

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.”

(TL Note: idiom from Daoist classic Zhuangzi, it means that a short-sighted person is completely ignorant to imminent danger in his pursuit of quick gains, for more info: )

Lin Feng was astonished. The Saint he had killed had ended up in a tragic way, but he hadn’t sensed that there was a powerful cultivator in the tree. Lin Feng sensed that the drops of liquid were powerful, their purpose was to crush his internal organs. Luckily, he had only absorbed a few drops. The one hiding in the tree had hidden his Qi a moment before. And the drops of liquid were deadly like time bombs.

The tree man wanted to kill them both at the same time to get more points. He could have attacked one of them individually, but he was patient.

A sharp sword made of tree parts shot towards Lin Feng’s third eye.

“Illusion!” shouted Lin Feng coldly. The atmosphere around them changed. Lin Feng was still constricted in vines, but he was in a different world now.

Lin Feng spat out a sharp sword and tore apart the tree. The enemy flashed towards him and raised his fist. The vines turned into sharp wires which tried to pierce through Lin Feng’s skin. Millions of water drops fell towards Lin Feng.

“Illusion!” Lin Feng shouted angrily again. An illusion appeared inside his illusion, then he fused dream and illusion strength together with a deployment spell. His opponent now had the impression he was fighting against two Lin Fengs, one who was still wrapped up in vines, and the other one was flying towards him. He didn’t understand what was happening.

“Celestial Constriction!” shouted the Saint coldly. Celestial Dao appeared above the tree, and millions of vines appeared and descended from the sky, they surrounding the two Lin Fengs.

This guy is a wood cultivator, and his cultivation is similar to a Life Shrine cultivator. But the members of the Life Shrine try to save people, whereas this one is an assassin; he tries to kill people without being noticed. He’s very dangerous!

“What an incredible strength!” said Lin Feng. If this Saint dared hide here, it meant he was incredible strong. The one Lin Feng had killed was strong, too, but, he had died.

“I’ll kill you even in illusions!” stated the cultivator coldly. Two extremely sharp empty space wooden spears descended from the sky and lunged towards the two Lin Fengs. Instantly, the illusions broke apart and the real world reappeared.

“His illusion is broken, is he dead?” The man glanced around, but couldn’t see Lin Feng’s corpse.

“Oh no!” His expression changed drastically. He sensed danger coming from behind, a sword moved towards him silently without him noticing, even as it penetrated into his head and third eye.

“Sorry, we’re still in an illusion,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The real world reappeared for real; it was nighttime, and that person’s third eye was bleeding. He looked stunned, he didn’t even know how he had died. He had spent eight thousand years in here, hiding and hunting, he had won so many points, and now he was dead. His points went to his killer!

His Word moved to Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng sensed an incredible strength flowing through him.

“You don’t just win a fixed amount of points, you also get your enemies’ points!” he mused. Of course, when people died, the points they had accumulated had to go somewhere, so when they were killed, their killers actually got them. Most people couldn’t kill cultivators like the tree guy, only people extraordinarily strong like Lin Feng could.

After collecting the tree guy’s Word, Lin Feng stole the Word of the other cultivator he had just killed. That man also had many points, but he had died even more tragically. Lin Feng could hear some sounds around, and he knew that many people were hiding in the darkness. After having seen his fight, many of them walked away.

If I kill low-level Saints, how many points will I get?, he wondered

Initially, Lin Feng didn’t intend to kill Saints in the Godly Grave. He wanted to seal them in his small world and use them. But after he had heard about the rules, he had changed his strategy, mostly because he wanted to get points. He wanted to see if he’d be able to make historical remains appear. He was convinced he’d succeed!

Lin Feng continued hearing sounds around him, and he felt even more enthusiastic. He continued walking towards the edge of the central area, the most chaotic place, where there were many Saints!

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