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PMG Chapter 2386: Pāramitā

PMG Chapter 2386: Pāramitā

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The night was gloomy. One step and one could die anytime.

Lin Feng was walking slowly. He gradually drew closer to the border area and finally arrived. The night was eerily silent and scary. The area was gigantic, though, and people could have been fighting in the distance, but he couldn’t sense their presence.

“Surprisingly, some people set up camps here. I wonder if there are traps, too,” he observed, glancing around. There were many tents. He continued walking and saw a mountain range. It was a hilly area, there were many places were to hide. Even though Lin Feng had good hiding abilities, he didn’t hide, because he wanted people to see him, he wanted to fight. He wanted people to believe he was prey, and that way, he’d find his own prey. Even though hiding and killing people without getting noticed was safer, it also took too much time. Lin Feng didn’t want to stay in this place for hundreds of years or more like the people he had met. He didn’t even dare think about such an eventuality.

Lin Feng wanted to get points as quickly as possible and find the historical remains!

But even though Lin Feng didn’t hide, nobody attacked him. The first reason was that the area was extremely vast, so people were hiding everywhere. The second reason was that when there was a fight, many Saints came out. So, before an actual battle burst out, nobody was willing to show themselves, unless they were sure they could kill their opponent in one strike, just like the tree guy who had thought he could kill two people at once.


Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the moon, seeing a black shadow there. A cultivator was running, he was being chased by something.

After that, Lin Feng saw a few cultivators behind him, streaking across the sky.

Lin Feng suddenly turned into a beam of light and disappeared from there.

After Lin Feng left, something moved on the ground where he was standing a few seconds before. An earth illusion appeared; a man was lying on the ground there now. He looked after Lin Feng angrily; he had just gotten ready to attack, and now his plan had failed!

“You’re lucky,” hissed the Saint coldly, and he fused together with the ground again.

“How fast.” Lin Feng continued flying quickly. He realized that these enemies were extremely fast. He managed to catch up and noticed that the one in the front was wearing black clothes, so it was difficult to see him at night. If the moon hadn’t silhouetted him, Lin Feng wouldn’t have noticed him.

Those who were chasing him had black wings, and were as fast as lightning. They kept getting closer and closer to the one in the front.

Finally, the escapee stopped at the top of a mountain. There was nowhere to hide there, so nobody could attack by surprise. He turned around and looked at those who were chasing him coldly.

“It’s him.” Lin Feng was astonished. It was him again!!!

The escapee was Chu Chun Qiu! Back then, he had been to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell and he had come out alive somehow. Then Lin Feng had seen him in the Canonization Area. There, Chu Chun Qiu, Saint Emperor Freeze, and Lin Feng had managed to reach the Canonization Mountain.

After that, they had chosen different paths. Saint Emperor Freeze had decided to apply the rules of nature to his own body to return to the source, and then had become a Saint. Chu Chun Qiu had decided to go against the Celestial Dao. He didn’t believe in the powers of the skies, yet he had become a Saint, too.

Lin Feng had continued on his God path. He had put distance between the Celestial Dao of the outside world and his own life.

A long time had passed, and Lin Feng had ended up in the Godly Grave by following Qiong Yu. Now Chu Chun Qiu was here, too. Did Chu Chun Qiu intend to go to all the forbidden territories? He had been to Ganges Time forbidden territory, then to Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, and now he was in the Godly Grave.

Chu Chun Qiu suddenly turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He looked evil and terrifying, like a demonic warlord. He had decided to go against the will of Heaven to become a Saint, so he was definitely terrifying strong.

Lin Feng guessed that Chu Chun Qiu recognized him from the look in his eyes.

What is he hiding? He’s so mysterious, thought Lin Feng. He had turned into Mu Feng, but Chu Chun Qiu could still recognize him. However, Chu Chun Qiu then looked at his pursuers again and said, “Celestial Roc Clan, I want your Wills!”

A strong wind started blowing as the Saints in front of him opened their wings. Their wings were as sharp as swords and contained Celestial Dao.

Suddenly, lights flashed and fused together with Celestial Dao; the Saints understood speed Dao. Their speed was incredible, their attacks ruthless. After breaking through to the Sheng Layer, they had understood Celestial Dao and their speed Dao had become Speed Celestial Dao, it had reached the peak of perfection. They moved invisibly fast.

A terrifying sound spread in the air, as if extremely sharp energies were lacerating Chu Chun Qiu. However, only his clothes turned to pieces. They raised their heads and saw Chu Chun Qiu standing in the air, like a warlord who despised the whole world.

“A Celestial Roc can lacerate the atmosphere,” said Chu Chun Qiu coldly. He raised his hand and released a terrifyingly explosive intent. His Celestial Dao swept out and carried everything away, before turning into a vortex.

More lights flashed, the Celestial Rocs could cut the air, but that wasn’t enough against Chu Chun Qiu. He shouted furiously, “Come out!”

His energies could destroy Celestial Dao. A Celestial Roc appeared, screaming angrily.

Chu Chun Qiu’s Will penetrated into his third eye. A vortex appeared around his hand, and he absorbed his enemy.

“Chaotic Celestial Dao!” Lin Feng frowned. The Saint had turned into a celestial roc and had used a teleportation technique, hiding in the Celestial Dao. However, Chu Chun Qiu could make Celestial Dao go chaotic and had absorbed him after he lost control.

Going against the will of Heaven to become a Saint was extremely complicated, but Chu Chun Qiu had done it. His fighting abilities were impressive, even greater than cultivators who had returned to the source by submitting to the Celestial Dao. At the same cultivation level, he was stronger!

“Die!” The others joined hands. However, Chu Chun Qiu’s intent was too powerful and could sweep everything away. His vitality and willpower were explosive. Finally, he absorbed all of them at once!

After that, Chu Chun Qiu looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng looked back at him, too.

Lin Feng flashed towards Chu Chun Qiu, but Chu Chun Qiu flashed backwards and just looked at him.

“Chu Chun Qiu, we’ve been trying to have a proper battle for a long time, why avoid it?” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly.

“It’s not the right time. We’re not supposed to fight now,” replied Chu Chun Qiu, continuing to withdraw. He maintained a certain distance between them.

“When is the right time, then?” Lin Feng asked suspiciously.

“You will know at the right time,” said Chu Chun Qiu coolly. “Heaven and Earth shall have the absolute power. All the Devas will be stepped upon. The world of mortals shall be rejected. The ultimate one and the ten thousand transformations of the world can change within a moment of thought.”

Chu Chun Qiu disappeared in the darkness. A black hole appeared, he absorbed his own self and vanished. Only a thread of dangerous Qi remained behind.

Since Chu Chun Qiu had started rising during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, he had started changing, Lin Feng had the impression Chu Chun Qiu was very mysterious, as if he had learned some incredible secrets.


The sky gradually became brighter, nobody attacked Lin Feng by surprise. Many people had seen how strong Chu Chun Qiu was, and they had also seen that he had refused to fight Lin Feng, which meant Lin Feng was also very dangerous.

Apart from Chu Chun Qiu, there was somebody else Lin Feng knew. That one had participated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and had ranked better than Chu Chun Qiu, coming in second: Kong Ming!

Kong Ming was in that chaotic area, with eighteen Sakyamunis behind him. They were all incredibly strong, they had all come from the Buddha Shrine.

Kong Ming was fighting against some people. He was surrounded by Buddha images. He looked like a death god, his attacks containing a terrifying life Buddha strength. The eighteen Sakyamunis behind him were standing there and protecting him, they didn’t get involved in the battle. They were there to assist him. They were much stronger than Kong Ming, at least low-level Saints. Among them were three high-level Saints. That kind of army was terrifying, and nobody was willing to offend them. They had just come to protect Kong Ming, though.

The battle ended very quickly, Kong Ming obtained more points. He looked expressionless and continued walking ahead slowly. He had come to the Godly Grave for one reason only: a spiritual being in the Countless area had talked to him and activated godly historical remains, apparently, they were in the Pāramitā area!

(Translator’s Note: Paramita is the realm above life and death)

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