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PMG Chapter 2387: Understanding Slowness

PMG Chapter 2387: Understanding Slowness

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Chu Chun Qiu departed, and Lin Feng continued looking for people to fight. He bumped into a Saint who understood ice and snow strength. Lin Feng killed him in one sword strike. Half-Saints were too weak for him. He accumulated more and more points.


The autumn wind blew, dead leaves floated around.

There were seasons in the Godly Grave too. Lin Feng had already been in the Godly Grave for six months. He had been hunting points, and accumulated a lot. The energy in his third eye was becoming more and more stable. However, he still hadn’t seen a spiritual being.

Lin Feng was fighting against a Saint in the Empty Space Grave. Lin Feng raised his hand and released millions of death stamps which turned into death spears. The air became dark and dull, filled with Death intent.

The Saint against whom he was fighting wanted to use empty space strength to dodge, but the death stamps turned into Celestial Dao and destroyed everything in their path. The death stamps in their spear forms pierced through his body, it felt like billions of needles were stabbing him. He died and his points were drawn into Lin Feng’s third eye.

After that, Lin Feng continued moving around quickly. It was the Empty Space Grave; he was on hostile territory, an invader. If the Saints of the Empty Space area saw him, they’d do their best to kill him. They would try and prevent him from obtaining more points.

Empty space strength flared up, Lin Feng sensed that the atmosphere around him was trembling.

Someone is watching me, thought Lin Feng. He was very careful in there. He wanted to steal some points and then leave to avoid being surrounded, but at that moment, some Saint was watching him. He didn’t hurry to attack though. He wanted other cultivators to come and surround Lin Feng.

“You’re from the Fire Grave, I’ve been watching you for three months. You have killed a Saint at least every day, and you kill them cruelly. This time, I will show you,” proclaimed a voice, telling everybody that Lin Feng was there.

Lin Feng cloned himself and moved in all directions.

“Destroy!” Celestial Dao descended. An explosive empty space strength bombarded the area and destroyed clones one after another. Only Lin Feng’s real body remained and he continued fleeing. But he couldn’t hide from those who had gathered.

“There’s a cultivator in the darkness.” Lin Feng frowned.

“This time, because of you, I am going to join hands with a few extremely powerful Saints. You won’t be able to escape even through the air,” said the voice again. He had already assessed Lin Feng’s ability to escape.

“Wind!” Lin Feng moved like a tornado. He swept across the ground like a leaf in a hurricane. He moved towards the border area, not towards the depths of the Empty Space area. The border area was very dangerous, he could get encircled there, but in the depths of the Empty Space area, it was even worse. The Saints of the Empty Space area were joining hands!

A gigantic tree was destroyed, a terrifying empty space strength chased after him. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. There were at least three low-level Saints chasing him.

“You can’t escape!” the voice declared. Celestial Dao descended from the sky. Suddenly, marks appeared and started intertwining. A terrifying empty space cage appeared on the ground. Lin Feng suddenly stopped. He was in the gigantic cage. In front of him, someone was slowly walking towards him, and entered the cage.

On his left and above him, two other cultivators arrived as well. There were three cultivators around him!

“Are you a low-level Saint or a Half-Saint? If you’re a low-level Saint, you’re a low-level Saint who pretends to be a Half-Saint to kill Half-Saints, you must not have obtained many points. You slaughtered our Half-Saints, I can’t tolerate that. You’re too insolent!” declared the cultivator above him coldly.

“And I’m a Half-Saint and you’re three low-level Saints, you don’t think that’s insolent?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

“However, we can’t be sure you’re really a Half-Saint. Even if you’re really a Half-Saint, your fighting abilities are incredible, you will just kill off my comrades. Not many Saints come to the Godly Grave, the Empty Space Grave is just a small area. Therefore, we’ll kill you anyway. We can’t let you act like that here.”

“Since you say so, why do you waste time talking? Just act!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Sword lights flashed. God’s Sword appeared in Lin Feng’s hand.

He flashed towards a low-level Saint, surrounded by God strength. A vortex appeared around his sword, dust and sand flying around and disappearing in the vortex.

The hurricane grew larger and larger. Many small vortexes appeared around the sword. It absorbed all the Qi around.

“A Saint’s technique, that sword is connected to his Saint’s technique. It contains a powerful intent!” The three Saints were astonished. That Saint’s technique was absolutely dreadful. It absorbed everything around it!

The three low-level Saints were astonished. The vortexes were growing more and more dangerous. If they condensed together, their absorbing power would become even more unstoppable!

At that moment, Lin Feng was the world around him, he was a god. His strength was increasing constantly.

The three low-level Saints released golden empty space strength, reality began to bend. A celestial curtain appeared and turned into sharp dazzling swords. If they attacked at the same time, their attack was going to be impressive.

One of them jumped into empty space and disappeared, the other one released empty space cages and fused together with them, turning into a Celestial cage which could oppress everything. The atmosphere was ready to explode.

However, Lin Feng seemed unaffected, continuing to move forwards. He had no choice, he had to kill someone to avoid being the victim of a group attack, he didn’t know whether these three people had that power or not.

Finally, Lin Feng flashed forwards and attacked. At the same time, his opponent’s empty space swords shot towards him. It was as if that attack could have killed dozens of Saints at once.

“Slash!” Lin Feng was still condensing strength in his sword, but he didn’t attack.

The attacks of the other two also arrived. Cages oppressed him as the other one reappeared, holding an empty space hammer which arced towards Lin Feng’s head. It looked extremely heavy.

Lin Feng’s eyes closed, he was God in his world. He could clearly sense the hammer, the swords, and the cages. Maybe he could destroy those three attacks if he released his own attack at the perfect time, but that way, his sword attack wouldn’t be as powerful, and would be destroyed too. At the same time, he would miss the opportunity to attack one of them. He was already surrounded, so the situation was dangerous.

Lin Feng had to act like he was an outsider; he had to observe the battle from every point of view. He had to be omniscient, like a god.

Ruo Xie uses slowness strength in such conditions. At my cultivation level and with my God strength, I’m strong, but speed strength is important too. Since I’m the god of my own body, I should use God speed, and slowness strength, thought Lin Feng. He was focused and could understand cultivation from all sorts of perspectives.

Speed and slowness is a kind of intent, I have an absolute control over my own attacks. I can’t really influence my enemies’ attacks, but since I can use my God strength in the outside world, there’s nothing impossible, thought Lin Feng.

Chu Chun Qiu went against the will of Heaven, against Nature. I don’t follow the will of Heaven, but I don’t go against it, either! I am just my own God, I control everything!

Lin Feng opened his eyes and said, “Slow!”

A mysterious Celestial Dao intent surrounded the area, and everything slowed down. Of course, Lin Feng had just comprehended that kind of strength, he couldn’t make them slow down like some cultivators who were familiar with it. A master of slowing could make everything around them stop.

But it was enough!

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