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PMG Chapter 2388: Understanding Speed

PMG Chapter 2388: Understanding Speed

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In dangerous circumstances, a small difference could make a huge difference, especially at such cultivation levels.

If Lin Feng understood speed and slow Celestial Dao, it would be great, but that wasn’t the case. He was already a Saint and he suddenly understood Slow intent, which he fused together with his own God Celestial Dao. As his enemies drew closer, they also moved slower. However, when a cultivator controlled slow strength to the extreme, it wasn’t slow strength anymore, it became time strength!

Lin Feng had just thought of that, and that made the situation dangerous for the enemies.

He glanced at them, suddenly turning around, and his God’s sword suddenly cut towards the one who had the hammer.

“You!” That cultivator was astonished. Even though they were slower, they still controlled their attacks. His hammer disappeared and turned into empty space lights around him. He suddenly became indistinct as if he were about to disappear. But Lin Feng’s sword was extremely fast and contained absorbing strength, so it started absorbing Celestial Dao.

The Saint’s figure began to warp as the sword appeared in front of him, and the absorbing strength sucked him in. Lin Feng didn’t try to get his Word, his God’s sword absorbed the man entirely. The sword hummed harshly, and Lin Feng continued attacking. His Slow intent disappeared, a terrifying amount of sharp empty space sword moved towards him and the empty space cage continued oppressing him.

“Get back!” warned that cultivator frantically. However, his friend was already too close, and couldn’t move back.

He waved his hand, and his empty space cages continued oppressing Lin Feng. In front of him, the cages sealed the area to prevent Lin Feng’s swords from driving forwards. Musical crackling sounds greeted that effort, the cages shattered and he was hurled back.

“Slow!” A terrifying slow strength filled the air, and everything slowed down.

“Die!” said that Saint, annoyed. Lin Feng stayed focused, his sword wasn’t affected at all. His God strength surrounded the man.

The man raised his hand, and Celestial Dao deployment marks appeared and started interweaving. They turned into a beautiful pattern. Lin Feng put his fingers on the pattern and his sword smashed into it hard. His opponent felt the danger, but Lin Feng moved fast, even faster than a moment before. His sword even seemed to contain speed strength. They couldn’t follow him with their eyes.

The man glared at him, staring, scared he’d miss something.

“Die!” spat the man when Lin Feng appeared in front of him. He spat out a golden strength directly at Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng was moving towards him so fast, he couldn’t dodge.

“Slow!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. They were very close to one another, so his enemy’s attack instantly slowed down!

“Slow, slow, slow!” said Lin Feng. He released God Celestial Dao, looking like a peerless god in that instant. The enemy’s golden energies slowed down, but they were still very fast. Lin Feng released deployment lights, which surrounded the empty space strength.

Lin Feng’s third eye crackled, blood dripped down. The golden strength arrived in front of him.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s sword swept out as he released slowness energy all around himself. It was like time was about to stop.

Dazzling lights surrounded Lin Feng, and he disappeared. The golden strength punched through, but Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore.

“No!…” Lin Feng’s enemy wasn’t as lucky. God’s Sword pierced through his head and killed him, before returning to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s third eye was bleeding, but he quickly recovered. His life strength was incredible. The golden attack which had injured him had been truly formidable. If he had reacted a little bit slower, he would have died!

As expected, against any low-level Saint, I have to be extremely careful. I have my God’s Sword, but other people also have precious items. That golden attack was a powerful golden lightning, an item he could use anytime. If I hadn’t reacted fast enough, I would be dead already…

Actually, he had been very lucky. If he hadn’t understood slow and speed strength during that battle, he couldn’t have won. Even though he could also use the Great Empty Space Technique to disappear, it would not have been enough against the enemy’s precious item, the gold lightning.

Lin Feng turned around to fight against the last one, but that man had already started escaping when he saw Lin Feng kill his comrade. He knew that if he didn’t escape, Lin Feng would kill him. He also guessed that if Lin Feng had not understood slow and speed strength at the last minute, they would have had a chance, but now it was too late!

Lin Feng heard more whistling sounds, and reacted instantly. His figure flickered, and he left the Empty Space Grave. If too many extremely strong Saints surrounded him, he wouldn’t stand a chance!

“I’m getting close to the border area.” Lin Feng didn’t dare fly, sticking to the ground. He didn’t want people to notice him. He sensed some explosive Qi behind him, and knew that some people were looking for him.

Escape!, he thought, accelerating. He had come to the Empty Space area to steal points, and had drawn people’s attention even though he proceeded with the greatest care. He had ended up encircled. Now, he had to flee!

Finally, Lin Feng arrived in the border area, but didn’t stop until he found a mountain dwelling to hide in. He cast a great deployment spell outside of the cave to protect himself.

He needed to practice cultivation!

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. Very quickly, he was in his own world.

Lin Feng could control everything in his own world. In his body’s world, he was the Celestial Dao, he was God!

Many trees appeared around Lin Feng and emitted rustling sounds. Leaves floated in the wind.

“Slow!” Suddenly, his entire world became slower. The leaves in the wind slowed down, too. With the power of his mind, his world could slow down in the blink of an eye.

As expected, in my world, I can do whatever I want! If I take enemies into my world, I’ll have the advantage. No matter where they go, they won’t be able to escape from the slow strength. In the outside world, I can control the space around me, so if people get really close, they will slow down a lot, too…”

Of course, Celestial Dao intent also had its limits. If Lin Feng’s opponent was too powerful, like a high-level Saint, his slow strength wouldn’t be very useful. But then again, such cases were rare. Lin Feng was very good in terms of speed, too.

“Since I understand slow strength, I can also understand speed strength. If I manage to understand both really well, it’ll propel my fighting abilities to the next level,” he mused to himself. His eyes were still closed, he was focused.

“A moment ago, I was fighting against three people, and I had the impression it was difficult for me to dodge their attack. Then I understood slow strength, but how to study speed?” whispered Lin Feng. Tree leaves were still floating around him, very slowly. He could make them move very slowly, but what did he have to do to make them move extremely quickly?

Lin Feng was thinking. He normally used wind strength and empty space strength to make his sword attacks faster. Fast meant powerful attacks for him. “When a small stone falls on your head from a short distance you don’t feel anything, but when it falls down from a significant height, then it hurts, it can even pierce through your skin and injure you, to the extent that it can kill some people.” That was fast!

But how to make something fast? Lin Feng was thinking deeply!

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