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PMG Chapter 2389: Giant Gods Clan

PMG Chapter 2389: Giant Gods Clan

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Time didn’t stop because of one person. Time rolled on, and two months passed. Lin Feng was still studying, still in his own world. He practiced a lot, his speed had increased a lot. His attacks were faster, but it wasn’t the kind of speed he was trying to achieve.

He didn’t want to make things faster using wind or empty space strength, or agility techniques, or intent. It wasn’t Celestial Dao intent, either.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong direction. When I fought against those three people, they attacked me, I wanted to slow them down. Their attacks were quick, but then everything became clear. Accordingly, I managed to react quickly, but that’s a consequence of the slow strength. Speed and slowing constitute a kind of Dao, he thought. He was trying to calm down. He was in his world and gazed off into the distance.

In the sky, clouds appeared and slowly drifted along.

“Slow!” Suddenly, the whole became slower, including the clouds in the sky.

“What if that was the world’s real speed?” thought Lin Feng suddenly. He was the God of his world, he could decide everything. He could also set the speed of his world!

The real speed before… was faster than the slowed down one.

Fastness and slowness were not absolute, they were relative. The concept was very simple!

“Fast!” said Lin Feng, smiling excitedly. Suddenly, the clouds drifted faster, moving at their original speed again, and then even faster.

Everything I tried before was useless!, thought Lin Feng, laughing at himself. “Sometimes, when you don’t understand something, you look in the wrong direction. It’s like when you’re walking; if you choose the wrong direction, you can walk further and further, you’ll be exhausted, but you won’t find the right way. All you have to do is turn around and find the right way!”

That rule actually applied to everything in the world!

“Now, I have God strength, which allows me to create Saint’s attacks. I also understand speed and slowing. Even if I don’t use Saint’s Weapons, I should be able to kill low-level Saints easily. If I manage to improve my God strength, I’ll become even stronger!”

Lin Feng was feeling impatient at that moment. His fighting abilities were already great, if he managed to break through, he’d become even more terrifying. Each level was like another world. If he could make his God strength increase, it would be perfect.

But he couldn’t control that. He had to let nature take its course. When conditions were ripe, success was naturally achieved!

Lin Feng left his world and took a deep breath. Speed and slowing were different from all the other kinds of strength he had studied before. It was a complement to his cultivation, and could influence his attacks, and weaken his enemies. Slowing and speeding up could be considered one concept, and by studying that one concept, his strength had increased a lot.

He had brought his fighting abilities to the next level. If he had to fight against the three low-level Saints again, he would crush them in the blink of an eye, they would not pose a threat to him anymore at all.

“I don’t know how many points I have, but how many more will I need before receiving a spiritual being’s instructions?” he wondered. He removed his deployment spell and left the cave, glancing up at the move.

Lin Feng suddenly felt paralyzed. A powerful empty space strength surrounded him. The atmosphere around him seemed to be frozen, he could barely move.

A person in black clothes appeared in front of him. He had noticed that someone had cast a deployment spell on that cave. Therefore, he hadn’t tried to go in, he had just waited. He had been waiting for two months, and finally, Lin Feng was out.

He wanted to kill Lin Feng in one strike!

Lin Feng knew that a strong empty space attack was constricting him. The empty space strength contained Celestial Dao. He saw a hand moving towards his head. Lin Feng grunted coldly; if that hand hit his head, his skull would explode.

“God!” Lin Feng released God strength around himself. No Celestial Dao could pierce through it. He could use his God strength around himself. His enemy was a Half-Saint, but his Celestial Dao was useless against Lin Feng. Actually, Lin Feng could kill him easily, but he didn’t; he waited for the hand to get closer and said, “Slow!”

The hand slowed down. His enemy’s expression changed.

“Faster, faster…” How come his attack was so slow? His hand attack was moving at one-fifth of its normal speed. How scary! It was getting dangerous for him now!

“Slow!” Lin Feng’s God Celestial Dao moved, he wanted to see how much he could slow down the attacker. Nothing the man did could escape from Lin Feng’s perceptions. That Half-Saint wanting to fight against him came down to committing suicide!

“It’s even slower, how is that possible!” The man’s face paled as he drew closer to Lin Feng. They were three meters away from one another, it was nothing. In normal times, he would have needed a millisecond to reach Lin Feng, but at that moment, he was as slow a snail. It would take him twenty minutes to move over three meters!

“Please spare my life, Master!” shouted Lin Feng’s opponent. He couldn’t die, he was going to die!

How could Lin Feng spare his life?

“It’s over,” said Lin Feng. He pointed a finger at the man and millions of death stamps shot out. He also condensed God Death strength inside them.

“Fast!” said Lin Feng, and his attack moved even faster. The man was already grey, and died instantly.

Lin Feng had won more points easily. His figure flickered. He flew up into the night sky. The moon was out, and it was a bit cold. Lin Feng rose up into the clouds. He landed at the top of a mountain where people could easily see him.

He had become much stronger, he could easily kill Half-Saints. He didn’t need to hide in the border area. He was waiting for opponents now.

Since he needed many points to receive the spiritual beings’ instructions, he wanted to obtain points quickly. Nobody could do so like him. He appeared to be a Half-Saint, but he was much, much stronger than Half-Saints. Low-level Saints weren’t interested in him because killing Half-Saints didn’t bring them many points.


There were a few gigantic figures sitting in front of a mountain dwelling. The shortest ones were 260 cm tall. The tallest ones were over three meters. They looked incredible and terrifying. Their Qi was powerful and ancient.

“Eight hundred years, we’ve been here for such a long time. We’re the the four last cultivators of the Giant Gods Clan left. Even though we have many points, we still haven’t found a way to access the historical remains. How long will we have to wait here?” sighed one of the giants. They had been in here for eight hundred years already. Back then, there were thirteen of them. They were all Saints, now they were only four, the others had died. They had been careless. They had realized there were too many Saints in this place. Some of the other prisoners had been there for thousands and even dozens of thousands of years.

“Third uncle, do gods exist?” asked a relatively young one. “Are there really historical remains?” He didn’t understand, he had the impression that the legends about the divinities were lies. Why didn’t they appear?

“In our world’s books, it said that there were gods in the ancient times, gods’ descendants created our clan. We’ll definitely find them,” said another giant. He had faith.

“Maybe. Gods watch us all the time, but they don’t appear and we can’t find them, why? We have to find them,” said another one. He didn’t understand.

“Why?” said the giant. According to legends, gods had created that world and controlled everyone, they were supreme beings. They didn’t show up because they wanted people to continue looking for them, if people were that determined, then they would be determined on the path of cultivation as well, that was the reason why. Otherwise, if gods showed up, cultivators would stop progressing at a certain cultivation level.

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