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PMG Chapter 239: The Purple Dragon Spirit

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During an undetermined period of time, blood kept flowing from the mountains of the Duan Ren Border. It looked like there were blood lakes running through the mountains.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing returned onto the main road. Cold Qi surrounded their bodies.

They had killed all the soldiers who were hiding in the mountain. Back then, Liu Cang Lan had been in Duan Ren City protecting the valley. Lin Feng would have never thought that one day, he would personally use his sword in the Duan Ren Border to kill Xue Yue soldiers.

The Celestial Sword battalion had arrived in the valley of the Duan Ren Border. There were many corpses in front of them. They were all wearing the armor of Xue Yue.

“The road was being blocked, we killed them all.” said Lin Feng to the Chi Xie unit sounding cold and detached. He had noticed that they were surprised by the scene.

“Now, come with me, let’s head out at our maximum speed.”

Then Lin Feng and Meng Qing rushed through the air as their horse moved at an incredible speed.

The people behind them remained silent and started galloping, closely following Lin Feng.

After the Duan Ren Border, there was Duan Ren City. At that moment, Duan Ren City looked apocalyptic. There was only ash filling the air. The entire city was destroyed by the fire.

Above the gigantic city gate, there were some Xue Yue soldiers and they opened the gate.

Lin Feng hadn’t said anything. He had immediately moved towards the city gate and entered the city. Nobody tried to stop him either.

The Chi Xie unit galloped towards the city but after they entered the city, the gate started closing itself.

In front of Lin Feng, there were some soldiers who were slowly moving towards him. A sharp and majestic Qi was being released from their bodies. They were all on horses while staring at Lin Feng. It seemed like they had been waiting for Lin Feng to come back.

From their horsebacks, they grabbed their bows and raised them into the air. Lin Feng and Meng Qing could feel a deadly Qi invading the atmosphere and oppressing them.

“Stop, or we will shoot.” shouted an ice-cold voice.

But Lin Feng completely ignored them and continue to move forward on his horse.

The one who had just shouted was surprised. He raised his hand with his bow, narrowed his eyes and a devilish ice-cold expression appeared on his face.


He lowered his hand, and pulled the bowstring. At that moment, an arrow whistled through the air moving straight towards Lin Feng and Meng Qing.


The arrow hit the horse with a piercing blow, that arrow surprisingly had such brutal strength. Amongst these people, none of them were weak, they had all broken through to a high Ling Qi layer. They were all elite soldiers.

The Chi Xie horse collapsed, dead from the first arrow.

The first arrow wasn’t intended for Lin Feng but for the horse.

After that first arrow, he put another one in his bow but this one was for Lin Feng. This one was supposed to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing jumped into the air together and floated above the ground. They then immediately threw themselves at the crowd ignoring the arrows.

“Freeze.” whispered Meng Qing in her snow-white clothes. Ice spread through the atmosphere, at that moment, all the arrows that were moving towards her immediately froze and emitted small cracking sounds. They were frozen in place.

Besides, Lin Feng was at Meng Qing’s side and a resplendent purple cloud emerged from his back. That purple cloud transformed into a silhouette. It was an insane hundred-meter-high silhouette. It was in the shape of the purple dragon.

That illusion surprisingly was the gigantic purple dragon. It was unceasingly flying higher and higher. It then looked at the crowd from above.

That terrifying dragon made the facial expressions of the Xue Yue soldiers change drastically. They were all looking at the purple dragon in the air. They started shaking and their hearts started pounding. Their hearts were being overcome with extreme fear.

That illusion was Lin Feng’s spirit after it had swallowed the entire purple lake filled with dragon blood. Even though Lin Feng’s spirit had, after that, swallowed Meng Qing’s ice Qi, his spirit still hadn’t changed. It was still, the extremely powerful purple spirit.

Concerning the monstrous dragon illusion, amusingly, it was extremely similar to the purple dragon image which the cultivator was riding. The purple liquid of the lake was the blood of the purple dragon. Lin Feng’s snake and the dragon from the forbidden area were in perfect harmony: “Roooaarr…..”

The gigantic dragon illusion roared and started to attack. An endless purple lake of blood gushed from the dragon’s mouth. Immediately after, the lake melted everything in its path like acid, including the arrows.

Blotting out the sky, the purple lake immediately moved to block the path of the retreating Xue Yue soldiers. Immediately after, endless fear invaded their hearts and faces. Their cold killing intent had already disappeared.

How could that be possible? How could Lin Feng have become so strong?

They received the information that Lin Feng had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer. All of these cultivators had broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer and were supposed to be able to kill Lin Feng. If Lin Feng came back alive, Duan Ren City was supposed to be the place where he would be buried, but Lin Feng had become so strong, everybody was dumbstruck.

Their facial expressions indicated that they regretted everything. Killing Lin Feng wasn’t a duty that they could fulfil.

The purple lake was rushing through the sky and blotted out the sun, it then immediately crashed down onto the Xue Yue soldiers. Immediately after, their bodies started to slowly melt as if they had come into contact with acid. In a flash, a hundred cultivators had all been melted into a puddle.

Melt… Being able to make things melt was definitely a monstrous ability. Originally, the blood and saliva of the dragon could melt even a powerful cultivator to nothing but bones, because Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye had inherited a blood spirit, only their clothes melted when coming into contact with the dragon blood. After that, the purple liquid penetrated into their bodies altering their original spirits. It had given them additional strength.

Besides, when Lin Feng’s snake spirit drank all the liquid of the purple lake, it had given Lin Feng’s spirit the same powers as the purple dragon.

When the Celestial Sword battalion saw Lin Feng, who looked like a god, they were absolutely dumbstruck. Their heartbeats accelerated.

Strong, Lin Feng had become much stronger. All of them had survived the war, they had gained lots of experience on the battlefield and had all become much stronger, but Lin Feng had become terrifying.

There were larger groups of soldiers riding their horses in their direction, coming to kill Lin Feng but, when they saw that sight, they had all stopped. They were looking at the dragon in the air and under Lin Feng’s feet was a gigantic purple lake which seemed to be under his control, and it was moving straight towards them.

While the lake moved towards these soldiers, Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at another large group rushing towards him. They were obviously Xue Yue soldiers and Lin Feng knew that they were all here to kill him.

When they saw Lin Feng’s expression, their hearts started to race. Coldness invaded their hearts which sent a shiver down their spines.

“We have received a mission to kill you, but you can leave.” said one soldier to Lin Feng. Immediately after, they turned around to leave.

“If they want to kill, they kill, if they are too weak, they leave…. how ridiculous.” said Lin Feng coldly. They had all received orders but since their lives were in danger, they disobeyed the orders and left, what kind of discipline was that?

“Meng Qing, sorry to bother you, please confiscate all these horses for us.” said Lin Feng while turning to look at Meng Qing. Their horse was killed by an arrow. It was a bit inconvenient for him to attack because he always melted the people and their horses at the same time.

“Alright.” said Meng Qing while nodding. She moved in the air and released some ice Qi making the hearts of these Xue Yue soldiers pound. How cold!

Apart from Lin Feng, there was another strong cultivator, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. In other words, even if Lin Feng wasn’t this strong, they would all still die. Wanting to kill Lin Feng under such circumstances sounded like a joke.

They were all terrified. They had received orders and had to bear the consequences of their actions.


Meng Qing raised her hand ice emerged. The crowd was shaking. Immediately after, the ice spread, it moved forward and spread through the atmosphere. Everybody was frozen like a statue. Immediately after, they collapsed from their horsebacks and died.

“Get on the horses, hurry.” said Lin Feng calmly. He recalled his spirit back into his body and ran, immediately after jumping on a horse. Meng Qing also jumped on the horse.

“Lin Feng, what’s going on?” asked Duan Xin Ye when she saw Lin Feng’s actions.

“Some people want us dead, they don’t want us going back to the Imperial City.” said Lin Feng while looking at Duan Xin Ye.

“What about me? Do they want to kill me too?”

“Yes.” said Lin Feng while nodding. Duan Xin Ye’s heart was pounding. They even wanted to kill the princess.

“Hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died, the princess disappeared, even though we won the war, in the end, they want to sentence Liu Cang Lan to death, because even though we won the war, it was still a tragic victory. Besides, we haven’t managed to protect the princess who was kidnapped by Mo Yue. Therefore, they will be able to sentence him to death. They also want to kill me, I cannot go back to the Imperial city. But if you appear in the Imperial City, they will be unable to sentence me to death.”

When Duan Xin Ye heard Lin Feng’s words, her heart started pounding and she felt very cold.

Because they wanted to sentence Liu Cang Lan to death, they also wanted to kill the princess, could it be as easy as that?

Or maybe that they just didn’t only want to kill Liu Cang Lan, they had also sacrificed her. The princess perfectly understood who was at the origin of all of this.

What Duan Xin Ye didn’t understand was why she was kidnapped. Besides, why did Xue Yue and Mo Yue seem to be working together? If it had really originated from the person she thought, why did they have to kidnap her? Why didn’t they just kill her on the spot?

The person she was thinking about was her brother, the crown prince, Duan Wu Dao. He was extremely aggressive, brutal and obeyed no principles and lived with no morals.

Duan Wu Ya, the second prince, and her were very close but she wasn’t close to the crown prince at all. Therefore, because she had disobeyed Duan Wu Dao, she had to die.

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