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PMG Chapter 2390: Ju Shen Kui Shan

PMG Chapter 2390: Ju Shen Kui Shan

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The four members of the Giant Gods Clan raised their heads and gazed into the distance. There was a fight going on.

“Third Uncle, should we continue getting points?”

“Let’s see… one of them is extremely strong, he controls slow strength. He can make people move very slowly. You’re not very fast, so if he uses that on you, he’ll kill you easily,” replied the giant.

“Our clan’s strength is incredible, we can break his slowness strength!” said the other one. He looked enthusiastic.

“Wait. His attacks are too fast, too. Such people are too strong. Maybe they’re not from our world!” whispered the third uncle.

“Do you think there are other worlds, third brother?” asked the middle-aged giant next to him.

“I do. Why wouldn’t I? Cultivators can create their own worlds when they break through to the Huang Qi layer, and when they become legendary gods, they don’t create small worlds anymore, they create great worlds! In the ancient times, there were several gods, not just one, so maybe our world is connected to other worlds. That’s precisely why I want to find the gods’ traces, to understand those things. Who controls the world, or the worlds? Eight hundred years have passed, I think that our world is not the main one. There must be a bigger world than ours.”

“How mysterious. Unless we become gods, we won’t be able to understand those things. If we became gods, we could make great worlds, too!”

“Third Uncle, I want to go and try!” said one of them. He started running, followed by thunder.

“That little boy, Yan! He’s not patient! Let’s go with him. We’re the only four members of the Giant Gods Clan left. None of us can die,” They flashed after him. Their size didn’t influence their speed. They instantly appeared behind Ju Shen Yan.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was destroying a cultivator, demon strength emerging from his fingers. Then, he stopped and glanced around. He was stupefied when he saw the members of the Giant Gods Clan. Those people looked so strange, like ancient gods, and incredibly strong. In their third eyes, the Word STARLIT was written which meant they represented the Starlit Grave.

The Starlit Sky Shrine was the Fortune Shrine in the ancient days!

Apart from those four giants, more people appeared around them, all with an incredible Qi. They looked extraordinary. Many people were surprised when they saw the giants, but most of them were looking at Lin Feng. He had killed a few people just before this. He was very strong, and probably had a lot of points!

“Come here!” said someone. His figure flickered and he landed on the top of a mountain. He said to the giants, “You’re too strong, you can’t attack Half-Saints.”

That guy’s Qi was powerful. He looked extremely strong.

“Godly Imprint King Body!” Lin Feng was startled to see another Godly Imprint King Body! But this guy was a Saint, so it was incomparable.

“We won’t attack. We don’t attack people who are weaker than us. Of course, don’t kill our little one there,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“So, if your little one loses, he can’t die; but if he wins, he can kill, what kind of rule is that?” said the one who had a Godly Imprint King Body, smiling coldly.

“We have no choice. We have to protect our species. We’re almost extinct. Since you want fair battles, you and me, let’s fight!” said Ju Shen Kui Shan, flashing forwards and releasing terrifying lights. He looked like an ancient god, dignified and majestic. His Qi was overwhelming.

Stars appeared in the vault of Heaven and condensed. The atmosphere became oppressive. Lin Feng had the feeling he was going to suffocate.

“High-level Saint!” Lin Feng was astonished. The difference was impressive. If Lin Feng tried to fight against that giant, he’d die instantly!

The ground exploded, the explosions so loud that people’s ears hurt. Ju Shen Kui Shan raised his gigantic hand and thrust towards the one who had the Godly Imprint King Body. That gigantic hand contained star strength and illuminated everything with glittering lights.

“How strong!” The people around were astonished. Was that a Celestial Dao Saint’s technique containing Star Celestial Dao?

“Hmph!” the one who had the Godly Imprint King Body grunted coldly. He released brilliant lights, and the dark atmosphere of the night grew even more dazzling. Gigantic ancient imprints shot towards the massive hand.

“Those ancient imprints are made of dao strength, but since he’s a saint, his attacks are real. That means his energies have returned to the source, so he’s using real gold, which is perfect in terms of both offense and defense.” Lin Feng’s heart was shaking. These high-level Saints’ attacks were terrifying. They had really become a part of nature!

Back in the days, Lin Feng had learned the Nine Heavy Waves. It was one of the simplest attacks, but if a high-level Saint who understood gold strength used it, then the Nine Heavy Waves would be made of gold and truly awesome. With Celestial Dao, attacks were much, much more powerful…

Qin Shan used lots of attacks, but his favorite ones were oppressive attacks. He liked to oppress and crush people. His Ancient Holy Techniques contained oppressive attacks which could flatten the sky!

Lin Feng’s purest strength was God strength. Gold, wood, water, speed, slowing, and so on were all pure kinds of strength. With his God strength, Lin Feng could control all sorts of strength, or at least understand them. He had been able to understand speed and slow strength that way. He also understood Hell strength now, which was a kind of death strength. He could create many different Saint’s techniques now!

The high-level Saint who had the Godly Imprint King Body had an incredible defense, but he still didn’t manage to protect himself from the giant’s hand. His ancient imprints exploded, and the gigantic hand continued moving forwards. An endless number of stars illuminated everything

“Eh?” The cultivator with the Godly Imprint King Body was amazed. Millions of godly imprints appeared around him.

“Sky Shaking Imprints! Die!” shouted the cultivator furiously. An endless number of Godly imprints blotted out the sky. The earth was trembling.

Terrifying explosions hammered the air. The crowd retreated swiftly. Everybody had the impression the earth and sky were going to collapse. How amazing!

“Gold, earth! He understands two sorts of basic strength, does he want to understand the five elements?” many people murmured while moving backwards. That cultivator’s millions of imprints would be even more terrifying if he understood the five elements!

Lin Feng was watching the battle, it was an incredible sight when high-level Saints fought. He remembered when Tian Ruo Jian had fought back then. Tian Ruo Jian controlled a special kind of strength, like he could modify space and time. He had nearly killed Qiong Lin!

At this moment, these two cultivators gave him a similar impression, so he took advantage of the opportunity to watch carefully and learn. Who knows? Maybe it would help him improve his God strength.

“You can’t defeat me,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan, standing there with his hands clasped behind him. He looked at the man who had the Godly Imprint King Body and said, “You can go. I will not kill you. I don’t kill people who are weaker than me, as I told you.”

How aggressive!, thought the crowd. The millions of stars around him seemed to be a shield for him. His Saint’s attacks were definitely overpowered!

The cultivator who had the Godly Imprint King Body was startled. Even though what the giant said wasn’t very pleasant to hear, he also knew that the giant could have killed him.

“There are nine big guys at the top of the nine territories. I hope you won’t go against your promise, Giant Gods Clan,” said the one with the Godly Imprint King Body. He swiftly disappeared.

“Giant Gods Clan?” Lin Feng was astonished, he had never heard of them. Even though Lin Feng didn’t know much about the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had read many books and he had never read about the Giant Gods Clan.

“You, me, let’s fight!” Ju Shen Yan said to Lin Feng!

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  1. Dante Piacenza September 15, 2019 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    I was thinking… There are so many things missing man. Because the author wants to give all kinda of strenghts to LF instead of resume they all as GOD STRENGHT and made GOD STRENGHT encircled all of them and instead of studying each individually he could just ‘upgrade’ his god strenght then he would manage to upgrade all the powers a little bit by bit. But anyway, what about the puppets ??? Why isn’t he putting them to train on his small world. Aomu said that LF could create an enviroment as good as those in the shrines so apart from forbidden territories there is nothing better than that. Also, what about The Giant Saint Body and the Empty Saint Body ?? Is still with Mu Chen ? If it is, why he haven’t used back then when he was proclaimed King of the Nine Continents ? Also, If he isn’t as strong as saint’s yet and etc why isn’t he using the strenght of the Giant Saint Body ?? Now he could perfectly control it with his actual strenght and wouldn’t hurt the big guy, right ?? I mean, he almost died one chapter ago just so the author could make him learn more and more powers. Now he is saying that the simple attack Nine Waves that he learned back in the first 20 chapters if used by a saint it would be devastating. Yeah, i also think so, so why isn’t he using the attacks he made like the Rising Sun/Sword of Setting Sun and etc ? The skill probably are stronger now but he create another one and that just seems like a waste of time to me. Bruce Lee said one time “I did not fear the enemy who practices 10.000 different types of kicks, but i do fear the one who trained 10.000 times the same kick” . He learned and have so many weapons and skills that is useless now that i can’t help to think it was just a waste of time. You guys remember the Sun Bow ?? The White Spear ? great imperial weapons that he practices to use and become useless again. Now the halberd of demon is stronger than the God Sword FOR NOW (until he upgrade) but he still didn’t use it against the 3 saints. Idk man, too dumb.

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