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PMG Chapter 2391: Historical Remains

PMG Chapter 2391: Historical Remains

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Lin Feng looked at Ju Shen Yan. Even though the members of the Giant Gods Clan were extremely strong, Ju Shen Yan was just a half-Saint, and didn’t really pose a threat to him. When Lin Feng had just become a Saint, he could easily kill those Fire Shrine’s Saints, and now he was much stronger.

“Attack!” said Lin Feng to Ju Shen Yan indifferently. He looked perfectly calm and serene.

Ju Shen Yan flew up in the air. Stars floated around him and formed constellations, crackling and shattering as they did. He grew in size, and seemed as heavy as a mountain.

Ju Shen Yan then flashed forwards and raised one foot, as if he wanted to crush Lin Feng. His speed was impressive, despite his size.

Lin Feng raised his head and watched the incoming foot. Not only did he not retreat, he moved forwards while condensing God strength in his fist. Energies crackled and ruptured.

His gigantic foot held back, Ju Shen Yan was astonished, what an incredible physical strength!

Ju Shen Yan raised his hand, starlight flashing around it, and stretched it out towards Lin Feng, his fist contained terrifyingly explosive strength.

The members of the Giant Gods Clan all use that strength Saint’s technique, thought Lin Feng. Suddenly, he released slow strength all around himself. The atmosphere undulated, and everything around him became slower.

When an attack slowed down, it also had less impact. The faster an arrow reached its target, the greater chance it had to pierce through the target’s skin. But if it arrived extremely slowly, it had no effect, and couldn’t pierce through.

Of course, Ju Shen Yan didn’t shoot an arrow, and he still had an incredible strength. He released even more strength, fissures appearing in the space around him, thunder rumbling around his fist. The space around them exploded. After breaking some of the slow strength, he sped up again.

As expected, when an attack reaches a certain level, even slow strength is limited. Against a high-level Saint, my slow strength would be completely useless, thought Lin Feng. Ju Shen Yan was extremely strong, so Lin Feng’s slow strength was less effective against him. He wasn’t an ordinary half-Saint, he also had incredible fighting abilities, just like Lin Feng, and his defense was incredible, too. Lin Feng wondered how many years had he spent in here. Did the Giant have more points than him?

Lin Feng didn’t use a Saint’s Weapon. He had killed many low-level Saints with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation and God’s Sword. Now, he wanted to rely on his own strength to defeat Ju Shen Yan.

When Lin Feng saw Ju Shen Yan’s attack, he realized his enemy’s attacks were incredible. Lin Feng could carry out all sorts of attacks thanks to his God strength, but at that moment, he had the impression his Saint’s techniques weren’t sufficient against Ju Shen Yan. He could see that his own attacks hadn’t reached the peak of perfection. Against someone like Ju Shen Yan, he needed to carry out perfect attacks.

Weapon Master Bing is a perfectionist, he helped me make the God’s Sword, which contains five different sorts of incredible strength. But even without a Saint’s Weapon, I can also use those kinds of strength!, thought Lin Feng. He released dazzling sword lights, which seemed able to cut anything.

Swords were like gods; they were destructive, they could destroy anything.

Lin Feng had created his Ruler’s Sword technique, but now, he had the impression he needed to improve it. He had the impression putting all sorts of strength in a sword wasn’t something good, it just made it impure. Swords were neutral, they had no type.

Who said nobody could understand Dao using swords? A sword is pure, a Sword can be a god, a sword can be Dao itself!, thought Lin Feng, releasing a terrifying sharp Qi, like a hand of God. It contained a deadly power. It had absolutely no strength, it was just a pure sword.

The sword seemed to be a pure element of Celestial Dao. It was as if Celestial Dao could be replaced with sword strength!

That’s a real God’s Sword, thought Lin Feng. Then he flashed forwards, peerless sword lights flashing in his hand. Not only was it sharp, but it was also extremely fast, a dangerous attack!

Lin Feng’s hand started destroying the stars in his path. It collided with the gigantic hand, there was a metallic grinding, and his hand pierced through it like a knife through butter and continued moving towards Ju Shen Yan. Lin Feng was a sword!

Ju Shen Yan was astonished, his face stiffened. What a sharp sword! Lin Feng’s attack was astonishing!

“The Giant Gods Clan has never lost in close combat!” proclaimed Ju Shen Yan coldly. Millions of stars appeared behind him, he looked like a Star God as he shouted furiously. The millions of stars condensed as he raised his fist, now full of star strength, and then he punched towards Lin Feng. His fist looked like a shooting star, trailing fires and explosive power. His strength was incredible and oppressive.

“Crushing Meteorite!” shouted Ju Shen Yan furiously. Lin Feng’s sword crashed onto the meteorite fist straight on, energies clashed like hammers striking. The meteorite broke apart and the sword continued moving forwards, but stars kept attacking Lin Feng at the same time. Lin Feng was trembling, but his attack was probably going to be enough, it was still very fast-

The meteorite was destroyed, and Lin Feng’s sword reached Ju Shen Yan. At that moment, the Giant disappeared. Ju Shen Kui Shan had acted and dragged him away so Lin Feng’s sword struck nothing. Ju Shen Yan looked astonished, his body covered with cold sweat.

“He destroyed my Crushing Meteorite attack with his sword!” Ju Shen Yan felt ashamed.

“There are many geniuses in the world. His sword attack was incredible, quite beautiful. It was a very pure sword attack,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan indifferently. “Not to mention your Crushing Meteorite attack isn’t very powerful yet, you need to improve it. Someday, if you master it, you’ll be able to destroy billions of meteorites, you’ll be like a terrifying god.”

“Alright,” sighed Ju Shen Yan. He looked over at Lin Feng and said, “You are extremely strong. I feel ashamed of being inferior.

“Your attacks are extremely powerful too, I understood how to create such a sword thanks to you,” replied Lin Feng diplomatically. His sword strength disappeared and he smiled. He looked like an ordinary person at that moment. If he hadn’t come up with such a sword, Ju Shen Yan would have killed him already!

“You just created it?” Ju Shen Yan was astonished, “How strong! Your comprehension abilities are much better than mine. I always use spells I’ve practiced for a very long time. You just created it, and you still broke my attack!”

“That was just luck,” Lin Feng smiled. The people around were speechless. These two guys were weird…

As the two were chatting, an incredible and ominous oppressive strength filled the air. It felt like an ancient strength.

“Eh?” Ju Shen Kui Shan looked stunned. He raised his head and saw millions of stars in the sky, beautiful and dazzling, rotating above them. The sky looked like a painting at that moment.

“How beautiful. But what is going on?” wondered Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he was flying in the middle of the Milky Way. Was it an illusion?

“What’s going on? Where are we?” asked someone suddenly. Their hearts started pounding. They realized that they were now in the sky, in the middle of the stars. The mountain ranges around them had disappeared.

“Historical remains, we found historical remains. Gods’ historical remains!” exclaimed someone in a shaking voice.

“Those are definitely divinities’ historical remains. Huge! Are they as big as the whole Godly Grave? Only gods could create such things.”

Lin Feng’s heart was racing. Were they in historical remains? At this moment, the sky looked like a painting, very mysterious. The whole Godly Grave was a historical site?

“We’re in a star-studded sky, it represents a star god, which means we succeeded in the Starlit Area. That’s why the historical remains of the Starlit Area appeared. The others haven’t appeared yet.”

“We passed the challenge of the Starlit Area then! Finally. As expected, star strength is enigmatic and unfathomable, but also very strong. The members of the Fortune Shrine all enter the Godly Grave through the Starlit Area.” Many voices could be heard there.

Some people seemed to be in a trance, one of them had long messy hair, he looked as if he had gone into a frenzy, he raised his head to the skies and shouted furiously, “Finally, the divinities’ historical remains have appeared! I’ve been in here for 180,000 years, but there aren’t enough cultivators of the same level in the Godly Grave for me to fight, so I would have been stuck in here forever because of my cultivation level! But now historical remains have appeared!”

Lin Feng heard that voice, it was probably a peerless cultivator, and since there weren’t many peerless cultivators there, it was difficult to find opponents to fight against and win points. Winning enough points was one way to leave the Godly Grave, seeing the historical remains was apparently another one.

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