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PMG Chapter 2393: God’s Exam

PMG Chapter 2393: God’s Exam

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“That’s…” Lin Feng was speechless. A cosmic beast! All those picture scrolls and stars were a beast? What was that beast’s cultivation level?

Those eyes are impressive, thought Lin Feng, staring at those eyes. It was like they could make someone go insane.

“1,300,000 years! Finally, you managed to pass the test of the Starlit Area, and now you’re here in front of me,” said a voice at that moment. It was impossible to tell where it came from!

Nobody said anything. They just stared at the old ox.

1,300,000 years, what a long time…, thought Lin Feng.

“I hope that this time, someone will manage to make this star-studded sky disappear forever, don’t disappoint me,” the old ox sighed. So many years had passed, it had been such a long time, waiting for such a long time had caused him much suffering.

“Master, I’m a descendent of the Giant Gods Clan, may I ask you if you know our ancestor?” Ju Shen Kui Shan asked the old ox.

“Oh?” the ox looked surprised, and replied to Ju Shen Kui Shan, “You’re a descendent of the Giant Gods Clan? My master created the Giant Gods Clan in the ancient times during one of his lives, indeed.”

“It’s real!” The members of the Giant Gods Clan were astonished; the legend almost nobody believed was true!

Surprisingly, the Giant Gods Clan had been created by that ox’s master. How incredible! Only gods could create such wonders!

“Your master is a god?” asked Ju Shen Kui Shan. He was a high-level Saint, and very nervous. He couldn’t wait to hear the ox’s reply.

“God?!” the ox said. “Of course, he’s one of the strongest gods!”

There were gods?! Gods really existed! At that moment, people’s hearts were pounding. Finally, they had an answer: gods existed, and at this moment, they were in a god’s historical site and were talking to a god’s servant, the old ox!

“Is he still alive?!” asked Ju Shen Kui Shan nervously.

Everybody wanted to know if gods were still alive!

“I think so. He should be,” murmured the ox. People’s hearts twitched… he wasn’t sure. Nobody could be sure if the gods still existed. Maybe they had disappeared. This historical site… was just historical.

“Is our ancestor still alive in the form he used to create our clan?” asked Ju Shen Kui Shan.

The old ox sighed. Some stars were shaking. “Let’s not talk about that right now. The star-studded sky is vast, there are many historical remains, you can continue rising. There are also some humans’ historical remains. You can go and explore. If you’re lucky, you’ll find many things. But in some worlds, many people aren’t as strong as you, you aren’t allowed to kill them.”

“The stars are all worlds!” The crowd was astonished, and they understood something; gods could create as many worlds as they wished, they were real gods.

In front of gods, Saints were like tiny little insects. Gods were the strongest beings in the world!

“Of course, you can also continue flying up and up and you’ll be able to take the test my master created back then. If you pass the exam, you’ll be rewarded; but if you fail, you might die. Now, it’s up to you. If you want to continue flying up, you can fly into my mouth and continue rising,” said the old ox.

They had two options: continue flying up, they would be able to obtain more, and it wasn’t dangerous, or they could also take the god’s exam, but it could be extremely dangerous, and they could die.

Only people who had enough points could choose. Without enough points, people couldn’t continue rising. But people who were already this high were all extremely strong.

Many people had been stuck in here for many years, there were more people who were stuck in here than people who could leave, so the number of strong cultivators accumulated with time.

“Third Uncle, we’ll go and take the exam, right?” Ju Shen Yan asked Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“Of course, we have to try!” replied Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“Let’s go,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan. Then they entered the ox’s mouth, starlight shone down, and they disappeared.

“They disappeared, they’re going to take the exam!” The crowd was astonished, and many people decided to go and take the exam. They were Saints, they had all taken risks to become strong in their lives. Now they had the opportunity to become stronger, how could they miss it? Saints were determined and didn’t fear death. Everybody that could entered the ox’s mouth.

“Saints are wise and determined.” whispered Lin Feng. He also entered the ox’s mouth, and lights surrounded him.

“Hey?” whispered the old ox, he was surprised. “You have no cultivation level?” he asked. “Could it be that…”

“That Qi is extremely powerful, you’re a very strong cultivator who has just become a Saint.” The lights continued surrounding Lin Feng and he disappeared.

“Starry sky ancient road.” When Lin Feng reappeared, there was an ancient starry road in front of him. There were dozens of Saints there, all of them were half-Saints.

“People of the same level take the exam together?” asked Lin Feng. So people of the same level had to take the exam together. It wouldn’t have been fair if they had been grouped with weaker or stronger people.

“Since you decided to sit the exam, you can’t give up anymore. Walk to the end of this path. When you get there, it means you passed. If you think you can’t pass, you can retrace your steps to avoid dying, but you’ll forget everything you saw today,” said a voice.

The crowd was startled. If they couldn’t pass the exam, they weren’t qualified to know what happened there, and they would lose their memories. How cruel!

“Alright, you can go now,” said a voice.

Nobody left. They didn’t know what awaited them. What was this god’s exam going to be like? They had to be very careful.

“What’s your name?” Ju Shen Yan asked Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng,” said Lin Feng. If there were people from Shrines around, they would know who Lin Feng was. He had to use another name to avoid trouble.

“Mu Feng, this god’s exam will probably be very complicated, let’s join hands?” said Ju Shen Yan. He had fought against Lin Feng, he knew he was very strong.

Lin Feng didn’t find that strange. There were many people there, joining hands with other people was normal. There was no rule which stipulated joining hands was forbidden, the only task was to reach the end of the road.

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. Even though he was self-confident, it was a god’s exam! Having a friend would be harmless, especially if anyone attacked them.

“Everybody, my name is Mu Kui, let’s move forwards together. We can all join hands in case of danger!” said a strong cultivator at that moment. Everybody agreed and they started moving forwards on the path. They saw a star in front of them, they had to cross it to move forwards.

“There are people on the star,” said someone flying. A dozen people were flying towards the star.

“There are so many strong cultivators, how come?” asked someone, surprised. There was a terrifying army on that star.

“Oh no, we can’t fly across! We can’t cross it.”

Lin Feng realized that, as they got closer to the star, the energies became more and more oppressive.

“Those people aren’t flying, the atmosphere of the star must be sealed. We have to get down to cross it,” said someone. They descended from the sky. Very quickly, a terrifying strength surrounded them. They saw many, many people looking at them. Those people didn’t look like humans, they didn’t look like ordinary humans either… they looked like dead souls or puppets, evil and terrifyingly strong!

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