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PMG Chapter 2394: Cooperation

PMG Chapter 2394: Cooperation

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“They’re all Saints. Even though they don’t seem alive, they must be as strong as Saints. There are Saints everywhere, how are we supposed to get through?” said Mu Kui, pulling a long face. If the terrifying cultivators on the ground surrounded them, they’d all die!

“We can get many points here, but we’re only Half-Saints and our fighting abilities are limited. This place is restricted, we can’t fly. We can easily get encircled, how can we cross that ocean of strong cultivators?”

“This exam is too difficult, and it’s only the first part.”

It was difficult, but it was a god’s exam, how could it be easy?

“Everybody, take out your Saint’s Weapons. The old ox didn’t say we couldn’t use weapons, we have only one option, slaughter them and move forwards, we can’t stop at all, even for a second. We have to kill and kill and kill,” said Lin Feng. Everybody nodded. They all took out their Saint’s Weapons, knowing Lin Feng was right. They couldn’t stop, they had to kill!

But killing their way through would be extremely difficult. Nobody could imagine how hard it would be. Their bodies stiffened as they thought about it.

“We have no other option. Everybody, let’s gather, we need a strong formation, we can form a few small groups and alternate to help one another. Everybody talk about what they’re better at, defense or offense,” said Mu Kui. At this moment, they had to cooperate fully. Nobody could get through alone.

“So me, I practice wood cultivation, it’s one of the most basic elements. I can oppress people. It’s useful in battles,” said Mu Kui.

“I practice illusion cultivation, but in a long battle, my cultivation is limited.”

“I practice water cultivation, one of the most basic elements as well, my defense is great, at the same cultivation level, most people can’t pierce through my defense.”

Everybody told what their strength was, they had to join hands.

“Both my defensive and offensive abilities are great, and I can fight over extended periods,” said Ju Shen Yan. “But I can’t fight forever, so we’ll have to switch now and then.”

“I control slow and fast strength, I can help everyone,” said Lin Feng.

After everybody talked, Mu Kui said, “We’re forty-two people. We can form two groups of twenty-one people. As we move forwards, one group has to be in the front while the other one can rest in the back. After every round, we switch positions. If anyone dies, someone has to replace them.”

“Alright, perfect.”

“If we make two groups of twenty-one, ten people have to be in the front to attack, eight people can stay behind to protect them, while three people assist. Someone can control, for example me, one other can fight on the sides. Mu Feng, you can do that, then someone who controls life strength can assist. We need someone with a powerful life technique, but only one,” said Mu Kui.

“I also control life strength. I can do that,” said Lin Feng.

“Good, not only do you control slow and fast strength, but you also control life strength, you can play two people’s roles. Let’s divide now,” said Mu Kui. He probably had a very high position in his clan because he understood military strategies really well. The force was perfectly balanced this way.

They managed to organize very quickly. The first group would fight, the second would follow and recover.

“Alright, get onto Nie Wang’s warship. The second group can rest on the boat, but don’t relax your vigilance, anything could happen! First group, get ready,” said Mu Kui. With so many people, it was easy to make mistakes, so rigor and organization were essential. He also understood control strength, so he’d be able to control the boat too. Lin Feng and Mu Kui were in charge of leading the way.

“Let’s go.”

“Get ready to fight!”

They all looked grim. The boat moved forwards; they couldn’t fly, so the boat had to be at ground level too, but it was still terrifyingly fast, they all turned into a broad beam of light.

We’re getting closer. The energies are increasing!, thought the crowd. Some people already appeared in front of them.


The first one who attacked was Ju Shen Yan. He raised his gigantic hand, stars flashed and bombarded someone, who exploded. At the same time, some strong cultivators behind him also released terrifying attacks.

How strong. When many Saints attack at the same time, it’s awesome!, thought Lin Feng. But the puppets in front of them also looked daunting…

Terrifying Celestial Dao surged towards them. They were all shaking.

Dozens of blood spears shot towards the crowd as fast as lightning. The army of Saint puppets looked real, how was that possible?

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Instantly, the blood spears slowed down, an arrow streaked across the sky and struck down a spear. A strong cultivator next to Lin Feng had a bow and arrows, it was a powerful Saint’s weapon. They had to be careful; if all the Saint puppets blocked them at the same time, it would be very bad luck. Now, they could only press forwards with indomitable will.

Everything happened extremely quickly. As soon as they killed puppets, they were already far beyond them.

“Until now, we haven’t faced real danger, let’s hope it’ll continue,” said Mu Kui.

“It’s not that easy, we have to continue and press on without letup. That’s how we made it here, but the star is really vast. We have to continue. We don’t know what awaits us,” said Lin Feng.

Mu Kui nodded, “You’re right, brother. It’s going to last for a long time. We haven’t seen anything yet.”

“Luckily we have many people. Imagine if only one or a few people had decided to take the exam, it would have been even more dangerous,” said Nie Wang. Nie Wang wasn’t fighting, because Lin Feng could play the role of two people, so Nie Wang drove the boat. His new role was to pay attention and try to drive through places where there were fewer blockers.

“It’s going to be difficult though. We’re using too much energy, we won’t be able to hold on very long like that,” murmured Lin Feng. Those who were in charge of attacking couldn’t stop for even a millisecond. They were probably going to be exhausted quickly.

“That’s why we have to switch every round,” said Mu Kui, “Yu Lin’s nine broadswords are incredible, his attacks become more and more powerful. A single Half-Saint can’t really stop those attacks.”

“They’re extremely powerful, indeed,” agreed Lin Feng. Yu Lin was a middle-aged man wielding nine swords, his fighting abilities were incredible.

The boat continued moving forwards, everything was fine, but the group was already exhausted.

“There are many strong cultivators there, should we switch?” asked Nie Wang.

“There are only a few, let’s kill them!” replied someone.

“Alright.” Nie Wang nodded. However, at that moment, there was a rumble, and the ground started trembling.

“A strong cultivator who controls earth strength, be careful!” said Yu Lin, while attacking with his nine broadswords. The ground rolled in waves like seawater, spewing dust into the air. The boat pierced through the cloud of dust, but walls appeared out of the ground to block them.

“Attack!” shouted a strong cultivator. A gigantic hand was moving towards them.

“Slow!” An arrow moved towards the hand and destroyed it. The cultivator who had the bow and arrows was called Liao Feng.

In the distance, a strong cultivator raced towards them. Mu Kui was surprised.

“Quick, quick, we can’t let him stop us or slow us down!” said Mu Kui. At the same time, he released vines which blotted out the sky and moved towards the enemy to constrict him.

“Oh no, the boat is going to lose its balance!” They had the impression the boat was going to turn over. Nie Wang could barely control it. A terrifying strength was pushing the boat.

Someone was attacking the boat, but it was a medium-level Saint’s Weapon. Destroying it wasn’t easy, but making it roll over was possible.

A gigantic blood-red hand descended from the sky towards Lin Feng.

“Oh no, we’re going to get stuck!” thought Lin Feng. They couldn’t get stuck here!

“Imprison!” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black and a cage of darkness appeared, Lin Feng shot forwards. They had to solve the issue as soon as possible!

He took out his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation and suddenly moved towards the wall in front of him as fast as lightning. The wall exploded, and at the same time, he crushed someone’s head with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation.

“Stay in formation!” Mu Kui was very nervous; he looked like a creature with three heads and six arms, and had released an incredible quantity of vines to attack the puppets all around. It was like he was sweeping the battlefield.

“Come here quickly!” shouted Nie Wang. He could control the boat again! Everybody jumped onto it again; Lin Feng continued destroying puppets with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation while retreating to the boat. He glanced at the puppets with his pitch-black eyes. Many puppets started casting illusion spells, but he quickly destroyed them.

The boat accelerated and opened up the way.

“Wait for me!” shouted someone furiously. Someone was stuck behind. He hadn’t had time to jump back to the boat.

“Accelerate, we can’t wait!” shouted some people coldly. Nie Wang had no choice, he was under too much pressure.

That cultivator saw the boat disappear in the distance. Millions of Saint puppets jumped onto him, and he drowned in an ocean of monsters. He was doomed!

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