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PMG Chapter 2395: Star Gate

PMG Chapter 2395: Star Gate

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Nie Wang was extremely vigilant. It was difficult to move forwards, there were many strong cultivators. It was very dangerous. They couldn’t waste time. However, even if they moved as fast as they could, time passed quickly. They had already spent three months there. Everybody was exhausted and they had the impression it was never going to end.

They couldn’t see the end of this world. Every day, they switched positions, even people who were resting couldn’t really rest and recover because they had to be vigilant at all times. Out of the forty-two people they had at the beginning, only thirty-four remained.

Apart from their boat, there were other strong cultivators behind them. They had come to that star afterwards, and they also had a Saint’s Weapon which enabled them to fly. It was a smaller boat, there weren’t many people on it. However, their Qi was terrifying. Chu Chun Qiu and Kong Ming were on that boat, too.

The most incredible thing was that that boat was surrounded by dazzling Buddha’s lights, 108 dazzling golden blades floated around the boat and blood kept splashing around them. That boat wasn’t only a means of transportation, it was also a sharp weapon. It was much better than Lin Feng and the others’ boat, and the cultivators on it were much more relaxed.

Nie Wang was at the front of the boat, he was getting impatient, “It’s still not over.”

“This world is too big.”

At that moment, they heard a shout. They looked in the front and were stunned.

“We’re doomed,” said Nie Wang. His face turned deathly pale. Then, he made the boat turn around and they fled. However, in front of them there were still many enemies. They were surrounded.

“We can’t break free!” Nie Wang pulled a long face. Everybody was scared. There were too many enemies. There were even more enemies than when they had arrived. How could they get through?

“What to do?” asked someone.

“We have to continue, move forwards and kill them. It’s an exam, we have no choice. We could also go back, the old ox said we would live,” whispered Mu Kui.

“We have to pass the exam. We won’t have such an opportunity ever again,” said a woman with unswerving determination. Her name was Xiao Yin, she was extremely strong and controlled water, fire, and soundwave strength. She had a very deep understanding of those energies, and with Celestial Dao, her attacks were terrifying.

“We have to kill them and continue,” said someone else. People felt even more motivated after what Xiao Yin had said.

“Alright, let’s kill then,” said Nie Wang. His arrow streaked across the sky, energies rolled in waves around them. His arrow whistled furiously before it pierced through someone’s head.

The boat continued moving forwards while destroying enemies. Their souls were shaking.

The destructive Saint’s attacks blotted out the sky and covered the earth. People raised their heads… it looked like the end of times.

“I hope we’ll be lucky,” said Yu Lin. He jumped off the boat, his nine blades rotating around him and emitting dazzling lights.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng and Ju Shen Yan. Ju Shen Yan’s emitted crackling and spluttering as star lights emerged from his body. He was an ancient giant bathing in starlight. He raised his hand, he was so tall, it was as if he had tried to grab the moon.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng, releasing powerful slowing energies. He raised his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, looking like an ancient demon king. After they attacked the enemies around them, the space around them was filled with corpses. However, someone exploded next to them, their only fate when someone was exhausted.

“Stop!” said someone coldly. A cultivator in golden clothes raised his finger and the atmosphere around slowed down, it was as if everything had been about to stop around him. He disappeared, teleporting himself away.

“Celestal Void cultivator, bastard,” shouted someone furiously. That cultivator had a Saint’s Weapon which could stop everything around him and he hadn’t used it before. Now he had used it to save his own life, he didn’t care about the others.

But everybody had their own trump cards, they all had all sorts of Saint’s Weapons, many people didn’t want to show all of them. Liao Feng also had a terrifying weapon, his arrows were murderous. He could almost destroy the sky with them.

Lin Feng’s God’s sword was floating above his head. He looked like a death god. Everything became slow around them.

Ju Shen Yan took out two gigantic star hammers. They contained star strength which filled the air. Lin Feng was impressed.

“Go!” said Lin Feng coldly. The ground was trembling as Ju Shen Yan flashed forwards. He attacked the puppets with his hammers and each time, small stars exploded all around. They managed to create a small hole in the wall of enemies in front of them.

“I’ll do left and front, you do front and right!” said Lin Feng attacking the enemies on his left with his God’s sword. A vortex of absorbing strength appeared, he wanted to try and absorb his foes. At the same time, he also released slow strength to slow them down. They couldn’t stop hm!

Those puppets are Saints, but they’re luckily stupid, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a single chance, thought Lin Feng. He continued attacking them with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation. He was moving flicker-quick, beheading them right and left.

He also released a golden deployment spell. A light curtain appeared. He made some of them enter his deployment spell.

“What a great deployment spell.” Ju Shen Yan looked enthusiastic. That way there would be much less pressure. The gigantic hammer streaked across the sky and smashed apart another puppet’s head.

“Follow me, don’t leave the deployment spell,” said Lin Feng. The deployment spell stayed around him, slow strength also stayed around him.

Ju Shen Yan looked even more enthusiastic, “How strong! Mu Feng, you’re a real genius, your slow strength makes things much easier, nobody can compete with us this way.”

Indeed, Lin Feng’s abilities were beneficial for the whole crowd, but Lin Feng was also using up lots of strength. The enemies’ attacks couldn’t really reach his deployment spell. But keeping the deployment spell up and running while releasing slow strength the whole time was exhausting too!

There are still so many, it’s endless!, he thought. How annoying! He stayed focused-

On the side, an enemy broke the deployment spell. Lin Feng knew it, the absorbing strength of his God’s sword surrounded him.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Whistling sounds spread in the air, and deployment marks started intertwining again, sealing the breach.


Three days passed, and Lin Feng was exhausted, he had a terrible headache. Even if he was a Saint, fighting constantly for days and days without stopping was exhausting. Only people who had special abilities or precious treasures could survive, and Saints continued dying.

“We’re there, finally! There’s nothing over there.” shouted Ju Shen Yan happily. Finally!

That guy is funny, thought Lin Feng with a weary smile. He was also very happy, though. Finally, they were out. Ju Shen Yan and Lin Feng had killed many enemies together, and used lots of energy. They were both incredible cultivators. No wonder Ju Shen Yan was a god’s descendent. Lin Feng was thinking that if Ju Shen Yan hadn’t been there to help, it would have been much more difficult.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng. This time, he moved like the wind and destroyed cultivators with his God’s sword.

“My sword and my sword techniques are divine,” said Lin Feng. His Ruler’s Sword seemed unstoppable!

“Haha! How awesome,” said Ju Shen Yan. He sounded excited. Finally, they had arrived on the edge of the star! They continued walking onto the ancient path, turned around and saw the millions of puppets. But it was already over for them, they had succeeded.

“Mu Feng, you’re too strong! If we hadn’t joined hands, it would have been difficult,” Ju Shen Yan said to Lin Feng.

“We’re both in the same boat.” They both laughed. Lin Feng said, “Let’s go. Let’s see what the next exam is.”

“Alright,” Ju Shen Yan nodded. They continued on. There were many stars in front of them, and no exit. After a short time, Ju Shen Yan and Lin Feng stopped. In front of them, there were a large number of star gates. Some star gates were bright, some weren’t.

“Some people arrived before us, it seems, but only four,” said Ju Shen Yan. He glanced at a bright gate and walked towards it, “Mu Feng, it’s the second test. Let’s go.”

He crossed the bright star gate and disappeared.

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    What happened to the rest of the people? And crazy guys just went straight in without taking a rest first!

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      It’s weird how they seemed to spontaneously leave the boat like that. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for separating from the group. And yeah, after the author describes how exhausted Lin Feng is in particular, the both of them proceed without a minutes rest…

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