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PMG Chapter 2396: Seven Years

PMG Chapter 2396: Seven Years

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Lin Feng also entered a portal. Lights surrounded his body and he appeared somewhere else. In front of him was a figure. The person was standing there calmly. He didn’t react to Lin Feng, because it was not actually a person, but a painting of a person!

“He looks so real!” murmured Lin Feng, impressed at the sight.

The man-painting in front of him was wearing a star robe. He whispered, “Cultivating one’s mind consists in retrieving one’s true self. The strongest cultivators in the world control everything. Dao is like nature. When you understand Dao, you can transcend worldliness, you can break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Tao. The biggest…”

Lin Feng listened to that illusory voice, it sounded like a teacher giving a class.

“According to legends, when peerless cultivators give classes, many incredible and almost peerless cultivators listen to them. My clone has been in the Fortune Shrine for such a long time, and I’ve only heard one peerless Saint talk about Dao. This cultivator in front of me is fascinating, though. He talks slowly but that way I remember everything he says,” whispered Lin Feng. The cultivator was extremely strong. Was he a god?

He was wearing a star robe and as he talked, he kept moving his hands. He continued talking about Dao.

“Celestial Dao is mysterious and difficult to understand, especially for me since my cultivation is different from everybody else. I practice cultivation in a completely different way,” whispered Lin Feng, staring at the painted cultivator. He had spent much time with the Diviner, and he had also read many books. He knew lots of things, but he also knew that his cultivation was completely different from other people.

But maybe everything would be the same in the end? Lin Feng continued listening to the strong cultivator. He was captivated.

This time, the exam’s goal was to test their comprehension abilities.

The first test was about strength, but it was also about what people owned. Those who were lucky or had precious items had an advantage. This time, those things were useless.

“Celestial Dao. He understands stars Celestial Dao. His strength is composed of stars coupled with Celestial Dao, so he controls the stars, analyzed Lin Feng. He was captivated and focused. He didn’t know why, but he was staring at the cultivator.

I have my own world. I can control all sorts of strength. I understand so many of them: life, death, fast, slow, the five elements, cursing strength, and so on… I can also make any kind of strength fuse together with my own Celestial Dao, it’s how I can create seasons in my world and trigger them whenever I want. It means that in my world, I am already a low-level Saint. That’s also why I can kill low-level Saints in the outside world. Killing them in my own world is extremely easy. In the outside world, I should be a Half-Saint, but my body is special, thought Lin Feng.


Time passed. Four months later, someone slowly came out on the other side of a star. It was a woman.

How strange. I spent only four months in here, and now I’m a low-level Saint. I’ve spent years in this world, yet I just spent four months in here to become a low-level Saint. How great!, thought Xiao Yin.

She bowed before the star and said, “Thank you very much, Master, for showing me the path to enlightenment.”

Xiao Yin understood that without that extremely strong cultivator, she would have never been able to progress so quickly. Of course, she had progressed because she had great comprehensive abilities, too, that’s why she had broken through in only four months. She was extremely happy.

At the level of Saints, breaking through was something extremely difficult, as the distance between the different layers was as far apart as Heaven and Earth. Some people never managed to break through, and were stuck at the same cultivation level for a long time. Many people understood Celestial Dao and then became Saints, but many of them never managed to fuse their own strength together with Celestial Dao. Now, she had managed to overcome that incredible difficulty.

To transcended worldliness and attain holiness… In other words, to become a Saint, people had to understand Celestial Dao. Then, they could create Saint’s attacks using Celestial Dao. But Saints at that level only had a very basic knowledge of Celestial Dao, so they couldn’t use it in an optimal way. That was why they were called Half-Saints.

Low-level Saints could finally make their strength fuse together with Celestial Dao. They really started becoming one with Celestial Dao. It was also why low-level Saints’ attacks were much, much more powerful than Half-Saints’ attacks. Low-level Saints could easily destroy Half-Saints, but there were some strange people, like Lin Feng. In his own world, he was already a low-level Saint, that’s why his attacks were as powerful as low-level Saints’ attacks.

Xiao Yin slowly walked forwards. She was wondering what the next exams would be like. She had already passed two tests, and was a bit nervous. What would happen if she passed all the exams?

During the second exam, she had suddenly understood something and become a low-level Saint. It had definitely been worth it!


Three years later, someone else came out. It was Ju Shen Yan. He burst into laughter and condensed star strength.

“Haha, awesome! Is it a reward from my ancestor?” shouted Ju Shen Yan. It felt awesome. He had been stuck at that cultivation level for three thousand years, and now he had finally broken through. He raised his head and released star strength.

“I’ll be able to carry out even more explosive attacks in the future!” His heart was pounding. He said, “I wonder whether Brother Mu Feng has come out or not. He should be fine though! Right, I’ll continue and see what the next test is.”


Lin Feng was still calmly standing behind the strong cultivator. He was whispering at the same pace as him. His voice resonated along with the strong cultivator’s voice, as if he had become a part of him. Everything around him had turned pitch-black. The atmosphere was filled with death strength. This time, he wasn’t in his own world, he was outside.

Next to the death strength, there was life strength. There was also fire strength, demon strength, and more, all sorts of strength. He was talking and his voice was resonating at the same pace as the Celestial Dao.

Lin Feng had made great efforts to achieve all this. He was focused, happy to have such an opportunity. He wanted to succeed in the outside world, not just in his own world. Now, he understood more and more things which would help him in the future, even in terms of God strength.

“Cultivating the mind consists of retrieving one’s true self. At the highest cultivation level, you can control the world…” whispered Lin Feng. He imagined what life would be like in the future, where he wouldn’t need to use Saint’s Weapons to kill low-level Saints anymore.


Time passed. In the Godly Grave, five or ten years, was a very short time. The Star Area was a historical site. Five years, six years, passed in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng finally came out. He had passed the exam. Actually, he could have come out much earlier, but he was happy to listen to the teacher. That was such an incredible opportunity.

Lin Feng stood on the starry path. He looked happy, relaxed, and light-hearted. If anyone had been there, they would have been able to determine Lin Feng’s cultivation level instantly: low-level Saint!

“Seven years have passed. Seven years…” thought Lin Feng with a sigh. Time passed too fast at such cultivation levels.

Actually, he was already quite fast, many people needed ten thousand years, or even a hundred thousand years, to become true Saints!

“No wonder some people say it gets more and more difficult with time!” Laughed Lin Feng. People often got stuck at the same cultivation level for thousands and thousands of years. Younger people who were more talented than them then caught up with them, and the younger people became stronger than older people.

There were many, many examples of such cultivators. The worst thing for them was when some older people disdained others because they were stronger, and then time passed and those people caught up with them.

“Now, in the outside world, I’m a low-level Saint! I understand many sorts of basic strength, I fused them together with Celestial Dao. Even though I don’t have an advanced understanding, killing low-level Saints is now extremely easy for me. However, it’s still going to be difficult to kill low-level Saints who have an advanced understanding, or who have incredibly powerful Saint’s techniques, they can still be difficult opponents.” Lin Feng understood many sorts of strength, but if someone understood one sort of strength better than him, then he’d still be under pressure. Of course, in the future, he would continue studying and would thus be able to avoid such situations.

“I wonder what the next test will be like.” He continued walking forwards.

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