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PMG Chapter 2397: God’s Beast

PMG Chapter 2397: God’s Beast

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Lin Feng continued walking along the path. The light of the stars continued shining down on him. Lin Feng raised his head and whispered, “Is that the god’s world?”

A grave was a place where dead people were put. Was it a grave? Why were people who had enough points the only ones allowed in here? Was there anything in particular?

After some time, Lin Feng saw some people he knew: Ju Shen Yan and Xiao Yin!

“Ju Shen Yan!” shouted Lin Feng.

Ju Shen Yan turned around and smiled, “Mu Feng, you also passed the second test.”

“Yes.” Lin Feng nodded and looked at Ju Shen Yan and Xiao Yin. There were nine figures in front of them, all of them beasts.

“What’s that?” asked Lin Feng. Was that the third test?

“The third test. That god is really sly. The test is really very, very difficult. Becoming a low-level Saint was difficult, but this test is even more difficult. Those beasts are the nine beasts the gods rode back in the days, they are all low-level Saints, and terrifyingly strong. We just broke through; how could we fight against them? All those who fought against those beasts ended up in tragic conditions in the last few years,” Ju Shen Yan told Lin Feng. “It’s very difficult. It’s driving me nuts.”

When Lin Feng heard Ju Shen Yan, he was startled. Those beasts were all low-level Saints, and Ju Shen Yan was complaining, which meant those beasts were really terrifyingly strong. The gods had raised them!

“You’re incompetent and ignorant, like a frog in a well. Do you know what awaits you if you pass the exam? But you’re here and taking this exam now,” said a voice. It was a beast, its third eye flared with light. He looked evil and he looked at Ju Shen Yan in a disdainfully.

This was his master’s exam, if they all passed, then… unfortunately, he was just his master’s pet, he couldn’t take the exam, he wasn’t qualified. But even that way, he had to take his role seriously and try to fail people. Those two people had arrived early, but they hadn’t taken risks. Otherwise, the beasts would have already killed them.

“You’re a beast, watch your words! Don’t talk to me that way, I’m a god’s descendent! I’m a member of the Giant Gods Clan!” shouted Ju Shen Yan furiously. During those years, the beasts had kept making fun of him, which annoyed him a lot.

“Descendent? All the gods have many, many, many descendents. Even if you’re really a god’s descendent, you must be from a pitiful part of the family, I’m sure you’ve never even seen the god! Unlike me, who followed him for a long time at war,” said the beast proudly. He was comparing himself with Ju Shen Yan.

“Ridiculous! We’re not the only ones who took the exam. Before that, we were still Half-Saints and now we broke through. You’re just a low-level Saint. If I’m not mistaken, the examinees who were low-level Saints before are now fighting against high-level beasts who are much stronger creatures than you,” shouted Ju Shen Yan coldly.

“Insolent!” shouted the beast, howling furiously, “Come here, I’ll crush you!”

“You’re shamed into anger?” retorted Ju Shen Yan, smiling coldly. He said to Lin Feng, “Mu Feng, they can only move out there in the front. Therefore, when you try, if you can’t fight against them, you can come back immediately, they can’t touch us here.”

“You have to defeat the nine beasts to pass the exam?” asked Lin Feng, staring at the beasts. They looked too strong.

“No, the path we’re on is our territory. If you can get past us, then you pass, but I’m warning you, we’ll do all we can to kill you, so be very careful,” said a beast coldly. The beast was wearing a white robe while in his human form, he looked extremely evil.

“You can’t teleport here, it’s forbidden, so be very careful,” said Xiao Yin to Lin Feng.

“Yes, you can’t, even though the goal is only to get through, it’s extremely difficult. We tried a myriad of times, we almost died. Those beasts are arrogant, but they are really incredible strong,” said Ju Shen Yan to Lin Feng telepathically. He used telepathy because he didn’t want the beasts to think he was too weak.

“I’ll try,” said Lin Feng. He slowly walked forwards. How strong were these beasts?

“The wolf’s first attack is the most terrifying one, he controls wind strength, he’s very fast. Don’t let him reach you,” said Ju Shen Yan.

“Alright!” replied Lin Feng. He flashed forwards and released Qi which filled the air. He also understood wind strength, so he fused it together with Celestial Dao. At that moment, Lin Feng had the impression he was a part of nature, he was the Celestial Dao itself.

The wolf howled, staring at Lin Feng. He looked fearsome and evil.

“I’m warning you, don’t use Saint’s Weapons, or you will suffer even more,” said the figure in white clothes.

Lin Feng was surprised but nodded. Saint’s Weapons? Those beasts belonged to an incredible god, didn’t they have weapons?

Lin Feng remained vigilant. Ju Shen Yan was extremely strong, especially since he had become a low-level Saint, but these beasts had nearly killed him.

“You’re still not attacking?” said Lin Feng, slowly walking forwards. The beasts were staring at him, especially the wolf. Lin Feng guessed that that wolf would be merciless.

Finally, the wolf moved, so fast it was even difficult to follow him with one’s eyes. He controlled wind, which was a fundamental energy, and he was a low-level Saint, so his wind strength had fused together with Celestial Dao.

The wolf was extremely fast thanks to his wind strength. It was difficult to imagine.

Lin Feng also condensed wind strength. His figure streaked across the sky. His trajectory was circular, trying to avoid the wolf.

Oh no, he wants to avoid them and break free like that!, thought Ju Shen Yan. Mu Feng was insane. It was impossible to escape from those beasts! It was necessary, in his opinion, to study them carefully, and then move.

As expected, Lin Feng moved past, and the wolf followed him.

“Bury!” shouted an old beast. Earth covered Lin Feng. The beasts controlled the most basic kinds of strength, and were all extremely strong. They were experts in one kind of strength. The one who controlled earth strength could use the earth as he wished.

It was difficult to master one kind of strength to perfection, though!

The ground exploded. Lin Feng was bathing in sword lights, it seemed like he could cut through anything.

The wolf moved his claws towards Lin Feng’s head. He was so fast, it was incredible.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Instantly, everything around him became slower.

“What a powerful little boy!” The beasts were stupefied when they saw that. Lin Feng controlled three original types of strength which had returned to their source: wind, sword, and slowing. Three original kind of strength, and Lin Feng was just a low-level Saint!

The beasts found Lin Feng really strong. Such a feat wasn’t easy at all. Otherwise, not so many people would be stuck as Half-Saints. It was even more difficult to achieve with several types of strength.

It got more and more complicated with time, especially for those who wanted to master a type of strength to the extreme. When they achieved that, they became high-level Saints! Such cultivators were really terrifying because when a cultivator managed to understand one type of strength to its maximum level, their attacks became really powerful. Those who understood several types of strength were even more terrifying!

The reason why Lin Feng understood several types of original strengths was his particular body, his God Dao, and his own world. Therefore, it wasn’t that difficult for him to understand several types of strength. However, reaching their full level would be difficult.

A type of original strength was completely different from abstruse energies or Dao. They could use original strength to create Saint’s techniques!

The wolf was slowed down and looked at Lin Feng coldly.

He spat out sharp blades at Lin Feng, each blade contained a terrifying wind strength. The air hummed as he managed to break some of the slow strength.

However, Lin Feng didn’t want to fight against him. He continued moving forwards. He released even more wind strength and turned into a beam of light.

“Where are you going?” Suddenly, Lin Feng had the impression a terrifyingly heavy strength was crashing onto him. His heart twitched. It was pure earth strength! At that cultivation level, it was better not to offend anyone!

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