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PMG Chapter 2399: Breaking Out

PMG Chapter 2399: Breaking Out

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“Pfew…” Liao Feng looked at the beasts angrily. He said, “Those beasts are so strong. Even though they’re low-level Saints like us, our attacks can’t injure them, so we can’t pose a threat to them. Therefore, if we want to break out, we have to resort to trickery. However, those Saints have some incredible spells, so resorting to trickery is difficult, too.”

“This exam is too difficult. We’re only four people, if we were nine, it’d be much better,” said Xiao Yin. They had spent two years trying already. For such strong cultivators, two years was nothing, but they had been constantly fighting for two years and had naturally become much stronger.

“There’s someone.” Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing from behind them. Lin Feng and the others turned around and saw someone. He looked like a Buddha, bathing in Buddha lights. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Nine years, I finally came out.” Kong Ming slowly arrived, he floated up next to Lin Feng and glanced at him as if he had was trying to see through him.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised.

Kong Ming said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Back then, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Chu Chun Qiu, you, and I were the best. I knew that you’d all reach the clouds someday, however, I did not think that the first one would remain the first the whole time. Now, you’re still first, you also became a low-level Saint before us.”

“Kong Ming recognized me.” Lin Feng was startled. Chu Chun Qiu could recognize him, Kong Ming could recognize him too, how? Those guys were incredible.

“I’d heard that the Fortune Shrine had taken you to the Buddha Shrine. After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I was lucky, I met the right people and found the right things. That’s how I became so strong. But you’re extremely strong too, we still have the same cultivation level,” replied Lin Feng, also telepathically. Kong Ming and Chu Chun Qiu were both incredible cultivators. Where was Zhou Rong Man? What was he doing those days?

“You were lucky in a way, I was lucky in my own way, too. It’s not because you have a forbidden Body that you can practice faster than me it seems,” said Kong Ming. These days, his body had become gigantic, his Qi and strength had become gigantically powerful, too.

“Ancient monk, those nine beasts used to be gods’ beasts, they’re extremely strong. The four of us have tried to break out, but we failed. Now, we’re five. Let’s see if that works,” Ju Shen Yan said to Kong Ming. He even called Kong Ming ‘ancient monk’.

“Bestial Saints.” Kong Ming looked at them and smiled. “I know the Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra Saint’s skill. It’s useful against beasts.”

“Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra?” The others were surprised. Buddhist monks researched the six great divisions in the wheel of karma, they knew many mantras. The Buddha Shrine was one of the three most powerful Shrines, enigmatic and unfathomable. They had existed since the ancient times. Back in the days, they were called the Countless Shrine.

“Great monk, attack!” Xiao Yin smiled. Kong Ming put his palms together, while he was floating in the air. Golden lights illuminated the space around them. A gigantic Bodhi appeared, a hundred zhang tall. He was chanting mantras in a magnificent Brahma voice. The Buddha’s halos shone down on the nine beasts.

The beasts suddenly opened their eyes and looked at him coldly. The wolf looked furious and said, “That monk should die!”

The golden Bodhi continued chanting, the soundwaves of the mantra enveloped the beasts. Illusory golden Buddhas appeared behind them.

“How strong!” Was that Bodhi strength an original kind of strength? Maybe the Buddha Shrine was extremely strong because of their original kind of strength. With Celestial Dao and the strength they studied in Buddhist scriptures, they were awesomely strong.

According to legends, the Buddha Shrine had incredible and mysterious Bodhi Saints’ scriptures. Buddhist cultivators had incredible resources.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng. The Buddhist lights changed, Lin Feng said, “I’ll stay in the front. Kong Ming, you stay in the middle; Xiao Yin, you stay on the left; Ju Shen Yan, you stay on the right; Liao Feng, you stay in the back.”

“Alright,” said everyone, slowly walking forwards. The five people made a small band, Kong Ming protected them in the middle with his Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra.

A terrifying heavy strength oppressed them. They had the impression they had a mountain on their body. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

“It’s useless!” A water cage appeared around them.

“Deployment!” retorted Lin Feng coldly. Suddenly, the group appeared in an illusion, the water was outside.

Empty space original strength. Even though we can’t teleport, it’s still very useful. Mu Feng understands so many sorts of original strength, thought Ju Shen Yan and Xiao Yin. First, cultivators understood Dao strength, then they modified it, then it became Celestial Dao, then they could make Saint’s techniques. Most people only managed to understand one or two sorts of original strength. But Lin Feng understood so many and he could fuse them all together with Celestial Dao, it was incredible.

The atmosphere crackled. The beasts easily destroyed Lin Feng’s empty space deployment spell.

“Illusion!” shouted Lin Feng coldly. The atmosphere went dark.

“He fused that illusion strength together with Celestial Dao too!!!” Xiao Yin was astonished, her heart pounding violently. Lin Feng’s understanding of those different sorts of original strength wasn’t deep enough, otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed the others at all, he could have passed the exam alone. The difference between someone who understood one kind of original strength and someone who understood three was huge. The only problem was that when understanding several, it was also important to understand one of them at a very high level. Kong Ming, for example, had reached an incredible level with his original strength.

“Eh?” The bestial Saints were stupefied. They were in an illusion and there were Lin Feng figures everywhere.

However, at that moment, one of the bestial Saints’ eyes suddenly flashed, the illusion was ready to break apart.

“What a powerful bestial Saint!” whispered Kong Ming. Surprisingly, his Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra wasn’t even very useful.

“Cross!” If they attacked the Saints directly, they didn’t stand a chance, but if they managed to get through, it’d be enough to pass the test.

Lin Feng and the others moved.

“Hmph!” someone groaned coldly. It felt like the sky had been about to collapse, it was trembling. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards them, it could crush all five people at once.

“Those bestial Saints have a very deep understanding of Celestial Dao. How do we fight against them? They’re so strong. ”

The five cultivators realized that the atmosphere had become chaotic, it was difficult to break out. The bestial Saints hadn’t even used their full strength.

“I’ll take the risk!” said Ju Shen Yan. He was annoyed. He slowly moved forwards alone. He raised his gigantic hands and stars appeared all around. The bestial Saints looked amused. It was a Great Starlight Hand Imprint attack, not bad.

But it was useless.

“Over there!” he shouted explosively. The atmosphere became explosive. His Great Starlight Hand Imprint was suddenly stuck on one side of the space. When Ju Shen Yan saw that, his face turned pale. If his third uncle had been there, he would have been able to pierce through. That was the difference between people who perfectly understood original strength, and those who didn’t.

Lin Feng and the others also tried to break out. The four others moved in four different directions, convinced that the beasts wouldn’t be able to block everyone.

“Go back!” A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng, it contained an incredibly heavy strength.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, he accelerated, reaching an incredible speed.

“Slow!” he shouted furiously. The gigantic hand slowed down, Lin Feng released sword energy, rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air. The gigantic earth hand exploded. Lin Feng pierced through and accelerated again.

“Interesting.” The beast looked amused. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had managed to pierce through his earth hand attack. He slowly moved towards Lin Feng, looking like a gigantic tower.

“Imprison!” said Lin Feng suddenly. The beast was suddenly imprisoned in a cage. Even though he was stuck inside for a second only, when he broke free, he sensed a strong wind pass next to him. Lin Feng flew past him.

“Moron!” Another Saint moved towards Lin Feng.

Only two Saints are left in front of me, if I fly past, I’ll be done!, thought Lin Feng. He condensed a powerful Celestial Dao.

“You can’t escape,” said a Saint coldly, sending Lin Feng into another illusion. Lin Feng pulled a long face; illusions were really convenient to imprison people.

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