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PMG Chapter 240: Encircling the Imperial City

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Outside of the Imperial City, the scene looked like a seething cauldron of hatred. It was just as lively and crowded inside as before. At that moment, many people were moving towards the gate which separated the exterior and the interior of the Imperial City.

At that moment outside of the Imperial City, behind the moat surrounding the city. A thick and dense deadly Qi filled the atmosphere and enveloped the entire area.

The people and horses behind the river were all wearing the same armor. All the horses were Chi Xie horses.

They were surrounding the Imperial City.

At that moment, the troops had surprisingly encircled the Imperial City. There were several tens of thousands of soldiers. As far as the eyes could see, there were soldiers. It was a vast and boundless sea of soldiers who were all releasing an extremely strong Qi.

A group of people was approaching the Imperial City and saw this army of soldiers. All sorts of comments were spreading through the crowd.

“They are Chi Xie troops, I wouldn’t have thought that the strong armored cavalry would encircle the city but when facing the Imperial City of billions, a few tens of thousands is nothing, it’s a mere joke. They will not be able to do anything.”

Some people noticed that the troops, who were surrounding the Imperial City, were all wearing red armor, this armor was the symbol of the border troops, the Chi Xie troops, Liu Cang Lan’s troops.

“That is the impermanence of life… could it be that Liu Cang Lan the Divine Arrow will be executed in front of everybody.” said someone while sighing. The fact that the Xue Yue Country wanted to kill Liu Cang wasn’t a secret anymore.

It was said that Liu Cang Lan hadn’t been able to protect the country against the army of Mo Yue and that he also had a bad influence, creating chaos amongst the troops. It was also said that he had wanted to prevent Duan Tian Lang’s troops from engaging the enemy and thus gave an opportunity for Mo Yue to strike and kill hundreds of thousands of troops. Besides, the princess had been kidnapped by Mo Yue and nobody knew if she was dead or alive, only Lin Feng rushed to save her.

However the truth was that Liu Cang Lan went with Lin Feng’s plan, they massacred hundreds of thousands from the Mo Yue army by making them enter Duan Ren City and burning them. That was an excellent plan.

Lin Feng was considered to be dead. He travelled over a huge distance within the Mo Yue country, and had relied on his own strength to kill the people who had kidnapped the princess. At that moment, he and the princess were missing, they were probably dead, or possibly in a critical situation.

During that war, the nickname “The Divine Arrow” had lost its significance while Lin Feng had probably met his death. What a pity, he was a strong and powerful young man, he was probably already dead at that moment.

The crowd looked at the sky, the sunlight was dazzling to the eyes. There were a few more hours to wait before Liu Cang Lan’s execution.

At that moment, the Imperial City gate was firmly closed, nobody could enter the city, and they were all there because they wanted to witness Liu Cang Lan’s execution.

At that moment, the troops got agitated. Immediately after, the crowd saw them jump onto their horsebacks and grab the bows from their backs.

“It’s an armed rebellion. For Liu Cang Lan’s sake, the Chi Xie troops surprisingly want to attack the Imperial City.”

The crowd was astonished. Such a small number of troops wanted to attack the Imperial City. They would certainly die if those troops attacked. The guards of the Imperial City wouldn’t just watch without reacting. A few tens of thousands of soldiers attacking, that was just suicide, nothing more. It would lead to nothing good.

As expected, a high-ranking soldier saw these troops move and laughed coldly. That high-ranking soldier was called Meng Gu Feng, he was an officer and had an illustrious reputation. He perfectly understood what he had to do when facing a rebellion. He could easily dispose of them, besides, he would be able to let his son distinguish himself in action and settle this problem himself.

On Meng Gu Feng’s side, there was a young man. That young man was wearing armor. He looked majestic and domineering. He was extraordinarily handsome. If Lin Feng had been there, he would certainly have recognized him: Meng Chong. The one whose cultivation had been crippled by Lin Feng in the past, he was Meng Gu Feng’s son.

“Meng Chong, I will let you give the order, what do you think?”

Meng Gu Feng was smiling which made Meng Chong happy. Meng Gu Feng was enabling his son to distinguish himself in action which would allow him to move up in rank much quicker. He could only be happy about this.

“Alright.” said Meng Chong while smiling. He then moved to the edge, still standing above the Imperial City gate and raised his hand. An incredible number of Xue Yue guards raised their bows ready to shoot at the army outside.

While standing there, Meng Chong felt powerful, he could decide everything and even could even wipe out a small army with a single command.

“Lin Feng, what a pity that you are already dead, otherwise I would order you to be killed.”

Meng Chong felt pride once again invade his heart. He felt truly powerful. Lin Feng had crippled his cultivation and humiliated him but at that moment, He had all the power, Meng Chong could order him to be killed.

He couldn’t practice cultivation anymore but it didn’t matter, he just had to raise his hand and let the army fight for him.

Deadly Qi spread above the gate of the Imperial City. The soldiers outside the city gate felt resigned to meet their end here. They clearly understood that, if they fought, they would die here.

“This battle is for nothing else but justice.” shouted Ren Qing Kuang standing at the front of the troops while looking up at the people above the city gate. They had fought and lost troops for their country, Xue Yue, but how was Xue Yue treating them?

How was that fair?

“Justice, does it even exist?” shouted the troops furiously. The ground was shaking and their hearts were shaking along with it.

These people were going to sacrifice themselves for the sake of justice.

Meng Chong and his father, above the city gate, were smiling coldly.

“Justice is strength and influence is our justice. How could real justice exist in this world?” said Meng Chong while smiling evilly. After Lin Feng crippled Meng Chong’s cultivation, Meng Chong’s heart had grown even more evil.

“Brothers, this is our last battle, we are all here to fight together, officers and soldiers. We shall have no regrets!”

Ren Qing Kuang, on his horse, looked frivolous. At that moment, even though he was going to die, he stuck to his principles.

The sound of arrows entering bows filled the air and deadly energy spread through the atmosphere.


Meng Chong, from the top of the city wall, raised his hand to inform the troops to aim. The evil smile on his face was getting even more exaggerated. Right after that, he slowly moved to hide himself from any of the fighting.

Ren Qing Kuang had also raised his hand outside the walls, a gentle breeze floated in the air making his hair flutter in the wind. At that moment, that frivolous man wasn’t wearing his helmet.

His lips were firm, his muscles were tense. Slowly, he just had to move his hand and the death bell would sound.

The sound of horses spread across the horizon but nobody paid attention to the sound. The whole crowd was only looking at the armies inside and outside of the Imperial City.


Ren Qing Kuang lowered his hand, the troops with were ready to fire their bows at any time.

The sound of galloping horses filled the air and the ground started to shake. The sound spread like waves across the armies. They were galloping at full speed towards the city. The sound led to everybody stopping what they were doing.

“Stop, officer, it’s me!” shouted Lin Feng. It looked like his horse was flying through the air. The entire army divided into two and cleared a path while looking at the silhouettes that had just arrived.

When Ren Qing Kuang heard this voice, he was stupefied. He narrowed his eyes, it was Lin Feng’s voice.

“Everybody, stop.” said Ren Qing Kuang. All the troops were stupefied. Why were they stopping their attack? Who was that?

Of course that Ren Qing Kuang wanted them to stop. If they attacked, they would be considered as armed rebels, and the guards on the city wall would have a reason to kill them.

But if they didn’t attack at all and that the Xue Yue troops attacked them first, they would have a reason to strike back.

Initially, he was resigned to die but Lin Feng had arrived before he attacked the city. Lin Feng was thought to be dead and Liu Cang Lan was a criminal. Only Lin Feng could make the situation change at that moment.

Ren Qing Kuang turned around, looked at Lin Feng and the others in the distance, and smiled. His heart was beating very fast.

“Lin Feng.”

When the troops heard Ren Qing Kuang’s words, they were all stupefied. The Xue Yue Country had played a decisive role in making Lin Feng into a hero, Lin Feng was a true hero in their hearts. Lin Feng had obtained a lieutenant status with the Celestial Sword battalion for killing the black guards of Mo Yue. With his strength, he had managed to change the tide of the war.

At that moment, Lin Feng was appearing again.

“Lin Feng.”

On the city wall, Meng Chong also saw that silhouette. He suddenly looked hideous and evil.

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