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PMG Chapter 2404: Celestial Dao Destiny Technique

PMG Chapter 2404: Celestial Dao Destiny Technique

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Lin Feng entered the starry palace, but he could still see everything which was happening outside. He could see all the stars.

The old ox entered the palace too, and was standing next to Lin Feng.

“Master, those roads lead to different worlds, right?” said Lin Feng. He realized that the Continent of the Nine Clouds wasn’t the only great world.

“Yes, do you remember the Giant Gods Clan?” asked the old ox.

“Of course, Ju Shen Yan must be stuck at the previous exam,” said Lin Feng. “Master, why did you suddenly talk about the Giant Gods Clan?”

“My master went to many small worlds, and he also created some great worlds. The members of the Giant Gods Clan really are my master’s descendants. Of course, he doesn’t have only one bloodline. But the Giant Gods Clan evolved quite nicely. Ju Shen Kui Shan is extremely strong, for example,” replied the old ox.

“So what is the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ position in comparison with all the other worlds?” asked Lin Feng. Who had created the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

“My master created the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said the old ox indifferently, “Go. For someone who passed all the exams within twenty years, you look indifferent and even talk about the outside world. You know those four supreme cultivators would have done anything to come here. They even tried to attack me to come here.”

Lin Feng was astonished, “They didn’t try anything like that, did they?”

“You’re too naive!” said the old ox indifferently, “You think peerless Saints would respect rules? At their cultivation level, they are ready to do anything to do what they want. They tried a few times, but they failed over and over again. So they gave up.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. He didn’t think they had tried to attack. He hadn’t seen it because he was too weak in comparison to them.

But as the old ox had said, peerless Saints were stubborn.

“Regarding what they told you, they said they wanted to be friends with you, don’t be too naive either. Your friend today could be your enemy tomorrow. If you hadn’t passed all the exams, you think they would have wanted to be friends with you? You passed all the exams within twenty years and they know what it implies. Their friends, some other supreme cultivators, didn’t even manage to reach the last exam, so don’t think that what you did wasn’t incredible,” said the ox to Lin Feng.

“I understand.” Lin Feng laughed. Even though he was much younger than those supreme cultivators, he had seen a lot in life. Peerless Saints weren’t friends with anyone, peerless Saints chose their friends depending on what they had to offer, and they also had to find someone strong enough to be friends with them. Lin Feng passed all the exams, so they acknowledged him. Lin Feng didn’t think it was strange. He didn’t think what he hadn’t done was incredible, either. He just felt indifferent.

Lin Feng continued walking through the palace. He saw a praying mat, in front of it was a statue. The statue didn’t depict someone incredibly aggressive, it just looked prosaic.

“Lin Feng, sit down. My master will manifest himself,” said the old ox to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded and sat down cross-legged. He looked at the statue, and a beam of light shone down on Lin Feng. A strange strength surrounded him.

A god, a supreme, a paramount, a most lofty being, thought Lin Feng. He was a bit nervous. The statue glowed brightly, and suddenly, life strength appeared around it.

“Master,” said the old, ox trembling.

“Little Ox, you finally found an heir for me,” said the statue. The old ox was trembling, his eyes wide. They became wet with tears.

“Master, how many years, how long has it been since we have seen each other? I missed you,” said the old ox, crying now. He had now become peerless, but he would never forget the old times when he was weak and his master used to play with him. His master leaned against him on the grass and took naps.

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. If that terrifying old ox was “Little Ox”, what was he? Tiny?

“I know you’re sad, but we were doomed to be separated. Don’t be sad, since you found an heir for me, teach him a lot,” said the silhouetted figure. He looked at Lin Feng on the praying mat and smiled.

“I don’t know what your cultivation level is, I don’t know how talented you are, but since you made it here, it proves many things, and that’s enough. You must already be terrifyingly strong. I hope you’re not too strong, so that you can get rid of your previous abilities, so that you can use my strength. It would be perfect. But I won’t force you, either. After all, when you’re a Saint, you have even more aspirations than when you’re not.”

The figure smiled. Lin Feng had doubts. Maybe it wasn’t real, maybe that it was just a kind of hologram; otherwise, how wouldn’t he be able to tell what his cultivation level was?

Maybe the praying mat activated it, thought Lin Feng.

“The Star Temple is also the Star World. It’s my world. There are 100,008 stars here. In the palace, there are many Saint’s techniques, weapons, and so forth. They’re all yours. You can have a look at the techniques; some of them don’t require a specific type of original strength, which is better because it’s always better to use a technique with your own original strength.

“Regarding Saint’s Weapons, I don’t want you to rely on them too much, but you can use some of them to study Celestial Dao and all sorts of strength. Little Ox will tell you more about them, then you can study them on your own,” said the figure to Lin Feng. “You can also study other abilities if you wish, but there’s one kind of strength you must pass on. I hope that someday you’ll master it: Celestial Dao Fortune.”

“Celestial Dao Fortune Technique.” Lin Feng’s heart twitched. That sounded amazing; was it similar to the Fortune Shrine’s Great Destiny Technique? Besides, this god was a star cultivator, he represented the Starlit Area, and the Fortune Shrine used to be the Starlit Sky Shrine in the past. What kind of relationship did this god have with the Fortune Shrine?

Was this god the creator of the Fortune Shrine?

Dazzling lights illuminated the atmosphere and turned into a beautiful star-studded sky.

“Master!” The ox trembled, taking a few steps forwards. So many years had passed; he hadn’t seen his master for such a long time, and now he had the opportunity to see him again. When would he see him again?

“Little Ox, don’t be sad. Remember to be a good teacher to him. If he agrees to study my abilities, teach him. If he doesn’t, don’t force him,” said a dignified and majestic voice.

The old ox was surprised and nodded, “I understand, Master.”

Millions of stars moved towards Lin Feng’s head and penetrated into his brain. Saint’s techniques could only be taught directly, studying them from books wasn’t as efficient, clear, or precise. Gods’ abilities couldn’t be studied from books at all, they could only be transmitted directly!

Lin Feng had the impression his brain was going to explode. His mind didn’t have enough space for all that knowledge. Thunder began to roll around him. The Celestial Dao Destiny Technique was terrifying.

Lin Feng grit his teeth. However, it was so powerful, he lost consciousness. At the same time, the billions of stars of the star world condensed and moved towards him. They surrounded him, bathing him in starlight.

The old ox watched Lin Feng’s figure disappear, then sighed and whispered, “Little boy, if you aren’t able to travel through the Continent of the Nine Clouds unhindered, how will you honor my Master’s transmissions?”

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