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PMG Chapter 2405: Treasure House

PMG Chapter 2405: Treasure House

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Lin Feng was sleeping. However, he also practiced cultivation while sleeping.

In his dream, there were billions of stars he could communicate with. They illuminated him and a strange strength surrounded him. He didn’t know what kind of strength it was.

“Celestial Dao Fortune Technique.” Lin Feng sensed the power of the stars. He could easily study the Saint’s techniques. He couldn’t bring them to the highest level, but it was still great, just like the Ancient Holy Technique back in the days. But this time, Lin Feng had the impression the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique was incredible and mysterious. It was also very complex, and he found it difficult to learn. It also made him understand that it was extremely powerful.


There was less and less spiritual energy in the star-studded sky. The crowd gradually left that place. Most people went to the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Therefore, many strong cultivators suddenly started appearing in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The majority of them were cultivators of the Sheng Di Layer, and were really strong. They went to all sorts of places in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They couldn’t go to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Of course, there were Saints, too. Some of them had been in the Godly Grave for a very, very long time.

Many strong groups were destroyed, some others appeared and started rising.


In the tower of the Fire Shrine, Lin Feng’s clone was still imprisoned. The woman came back and looked at Lin Feng sinisterly.

“The Godly Grave is open now. Many strong cultivators have come out. From what I know, anyone can leave now. Where is your real body?” the woman asked Lin Feng icily. Why hadn’t Lin Feng come out yet? He still had her son, Qiong Yu!

Lin Feng’s clone slowly opened his eyes, and smiled at the woman indifferently. “I’m not in a rush even though I’m stuck here, why are you worried?”

The woman was surprised, and said icily, “Don’t forget what I told you last time.”

“Don’t forget Qiong Yu, either. His life is still in my hands,” replied Lin Feng evenly.

“I’ll give you three more years to bring Qiong Yu back, and I’ll release your clone. After that, I won’t be patient anymore,” said the woman as she left.

Lin Feng was angry. She was threatening him again!

“The world is now chaotic. The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is in chaos, but the lower world is too,” said the woman and then she disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of vision.

“Is it chaotic already?” whispered Lin Feng. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was becoming more and more unstable.

“Real body, when will you wake up?”

Lin Feng’s clone gazed into the distance. His real body was still studying the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique, it was very difficult to comprehend.


Time never stopped to wait for anyone, and Lin Feng couldn’t make time stop, either. Time passed quickly, another seven years went by. On that day, Lin Feng’s real body finally stopped practicing cultivation. He opened his eyes.

He realized he was still on the praying mat. However, he wasn’t in the Star Temple, he was in a vast and desolate area, out in the wild. He raised his head and looked at the sky. “Where am I?”

“I took you out of the Godly Grave. We’re in the lower world, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Godly Grave hasn’t changed much, the Starlit Area is now missing, that’s all,” a voice said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was startled and looked at the praying mat, “That’s…”

Lin Feng disappeared into the praying mat. He arrived in the Star Temple. He was still on the praying mat, the old ox was there.

“That praying mat is the Star World?” said Lin Feng.

“Yes, my master modified it for you. He modified the whole world. You didn’t sense it?” asked the old ox. Lin Feng was thoughtful. As expected, he could sense that many things had appeared in his mind. He disappeared from there and appeared where he had taken the exam. The nine beasts were still stuck there.

The old ox also appeared at Lin Feng’s side. Lin Feng didn’t know how he could do that.

The Star World’s master helped me modify the whole Star World, so I can move around freely, surprisingly, the old ox even follows me, thought Lin Feng. He was surprised. The beasts there looked at Lin Feng, and their eyes glittered.

“Saint Ox, that little boy is the one who passed the exam?” asked the beast who Lin Feng had attacked with his Saint’s Weapon, his eyes icy.

“You should call him Master,” said the Ox firmly. The beasts were stunned. That despicable little boy was the one who had passed their master’s exam back then?!

How lucky. He’s the Master’s heir!, thought that beast. He was jealous. He knew that their Master’s world was a powerful world. Obtaining it was his dream, but now Lin Feng had it.

“Eh?” Lin Feng looked at him, he could sense that that beast wasn’t happy. It was a strange sensation because his perceptions seemed more real.

That’s the power of the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique?, thought Lin Feng suddenly. It was as if he could see people’s luck, their destiny. It was a very strange feeling.

Lin Feng didn’t do anything to the beast. Even though he now controlled that world, he didn’t need to be petty. Lin Feng disappeared again, this time, he saw the nine other beasts. Their Qi was even more powerful.

“High-level Bestial Saints, nine of them.” Lin Feng was impressed; those nine beasts were mighty. There were peerless bestial Saints, too?

Lin Feng disappeared again, this time, he saw three figures, with human forms. There was a mountain in a constellation, the three people were at the top of it, meditating. When Lin Feng arrived, they looked at him.

One of them was surprised. A terrifying black vortex appeared in his eyes. Lin Feng had the impression he could drown in those eyes.

What a terrifying gaze!, thought Lin Feng, closing his eyes. The beast also closed his eyes again.

“You,” said the ox, landing next to Lin Feng.

“What?” said You indifferently. His eyes were still closed.

“This is our Master’s heir, Lin Feng,” the Ox said to the three people, but those three people ignored him.

“When he’s as strong as our Master, he can come back and we’ll call him Master,” said You indifferently. He looked calm and composed.

The old ox said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Lin Feng, those three beasts are peerless Saints. They’re proud. They despise me, too. If you’re strong enough someday, they’ll submit and acknowledge allegiance to you.”

“I understand,” he replied. Even the nine high-level Saints had ignored him. Even though he was their Master’s heir, strength was still the most important thing.

“Let’s leave,” said Lin Feng. He quickly appeared in front of the Star Temple.

“This place is where our Master used to practiced cultivation. There are all sorts of Celestial Dao inside. You can study some sorts of strength more easily inside. If you want to study our Master’s original strength, star strength, I’ll help you,” the old Ox said to him. He could easily follow Lin Feng anywhere.

“Alright, there are also Saint’s Weapons and Saint’s techniques. In the outside world, people would go insane because of those things,” whispered Lin Feng. They were in the star world, it was a gigantic world filled with treasures. The god had left many things here. How daunting…

Even if Lin Feng studied star strength, he would not keep it as his main kind of strength. He wanted to develop his god strength. It included every original strength in the world!

“Can you tell me about the gods?” asked Lin Feng.

“Gods? I don’t know how many lives my Master had. At such a cultivation level, people have many, many lives. When you become strong enough, you’ll be able to learn more about them, I guess,” said the old ox, shaking his head. “Are you going to practice cultivation and meditate in seclusion for a while?”

“I need to head to the outside world, some things are happening.” replied Lin Feng.

The old ox nodded, “Good. I won’t help you in the outside world, though.”

“I know,” said Lin Feng. He disappeared, and reappeared in the outside world!

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