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PMG Chapter 2407: Destruction

PMG Chapter 2407: Destruction

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The Godly Wood Valley was situated in a forest in the mountains. It was a hidden land of peace and prosperity, an earthly paradise. Ordinary people couldn’t go there easily to look around, and even less to practice cultivation.

However, many people were in the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree forest looking for trees. They were very excited, because the cosmic energies were thick and rich there.

“Who would have thought there would be such nice places in the lower world, too? I would have come a long time if I had known this before,” said a young man, smiling when he sensed the cosmic energies. They were from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. After the passage between the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the lower word had formed, they had decided to go and travel, and they had found this great place.

“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is so big. The Imperial Court is also boundless. There are nine regions in the lower world, so of course there are great places, too. Our clan, the Blood Sea Clan, found this place by accident in a lucky coincidence,” replied another one, smiling. Indeed, they had been lucky to find this place, which was perfect for young people to practice cultivation.

“I think the effects on our blood vitality will be great,” said another young man smiling. Then, he stretched his hand out and ate a full Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, smiling.

“Stop.” shouted someone furiously at that moment. Someone looked at him furiously and said, “Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees are extremely rare. Even if you invaded this place and now control it, what makes you think you can act like disrespectful bastards?”

The young man looked at that old man icily. His eyes were bloodshot.

“Stop farting here, old dude. How dare you talk to me that way? Your granddaughter is stunning, what would you say if I fucked her tonight?” said the young man icily. The old man’s face stiffened and he started shaking.

“Asshole, asshole!” shouted the old man on the inside, but he didn’t dare say it for real. The Blood Sea Clan was terrifyingly powerful. They had Saints. After finding the Godly Wood Valley, they had decided to invade it and make it their young people’s cultivation paradise. Even though they didn’t kill the inhabitants of the Godly Wood Valley, they treated them like slaves.

At that moment, in the Godly Wood Valley, a young man was walking slowly. When he arrived, he frowned. He released his godly awareness and realized there was something wrong. The Continent of the Nine Clouds had grown unstable and there were problems everywhere, including in the Godly Wood Valley.

Lin Feng rose up in the air looked at the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree’s area.

The guard of the area turned around and looked at Lin Feng.

“It’s him.” When the old man saw Lin Feng, he remembered him instantly because a special tree had chosen to follow him. He had even said, ‘In a hundred years, I’ll be a king in Dark Clouds.’

“Venerable old man!” shouted Lin Feng. The old man was stupefied. Lin Feng’s Qi was ordinary. He didn’t look like a cultivator at all. And he didn’t call him Mister, he called him Venerable old man.

“What’s going on?” asked Lin Feng.

“Who are you?” asked a young man on the ground, glancing at Lin Feng icily. Most of those young people were cultivators of the Huang Qi layer. The Forest was useful to cultivators of the Huang Qi layer after all.

Lin Feng ignored him and looked at the old man.

“Hm… the Continent of the Nine Clouds has become unstable. The Godly Wood Valley wasn’t lucky. They found our place and invaded it. People who go against them get killed. I want to protect the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees, so I submitted to the Blood Sea Clan,” said the old man to Lin Feng telepathically, “You must be here to give the tree back. Keep that tree and leave.”

“Blood Sea Clan?” Lin Feng frowned. There were many, many groups in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and they all had Saints. No wonder the Godly Wood Valley couldn’t resist them.

“Everybody, piss off!” said someone aggressively at that moment, that voice made the ground shake violently.

People who were practicing using the strength of the Sky Blue Godly Wood raised their heads and gazed into the distance. Many people looked at Lin Feng icily. The old man was stupefied. This little boy was insane.

“You shouldn’t stay here! Leave, hurry!” said the old man to Lin Feng telepathically. Even though he thought highly of Lin Feng, Lin Feng hadn’t practiced long enough, he probably couldn’t compete with them.

“You want to die?!” a young man said to Lin Feng icily.

Lin Feng glanced at him and the young man’s body became golden, exploded and completely disappeared. All that happened instantly.

The crowd gulped when they saw that. How… strong!

“You all want to die!?” shouted Lin Feng icily. Death strength suddenly surrounded the whole area. If Lin Feng wanted, he could destroy everything there in the blink of an eye.

In the distance, the air shrieked furiously. A few great emperors arrived and looked at Lin Feng icily. Their eyes were filled with murder.

“It seems that you really want to die,” said Lin Feng. He turned around and looked at the people who had just arrived, and suddenly they were terrified. Their bodies turned grey, they instantly died, collapsed, and fell from the sky.

“That’s…” The crowd was stunned, the old man was stunned too. Lin Feng could kill great emperors instantly?

A few dozens of years have passed, I hadn’t thought things would change like this, thought Lin Feng sighing. His death strength surged out and surged over everything.

“Venerable old man, are there any people from your clan in the area?” Lin Feng asked the old man. The old man was stupefied.

“No,” said the old man shaking his head. He was trembling while looking at Lin Feng.

“Alright, good, die!” Lin Feng killed everyone in the area. They all turned grey and collapsed.

When the old man saw that, his heart pounded extremely violently, he could barely breathe. How strong had this young man become? What was his cultivation level?

“I can’t do that.” Lin Feng could do that, which meant he was far stronger than him. His heart pounded even faster.

“Are there people from your clan over there?” asked Lin Feng, pointing to the distance.

“There are.” replied the old man hastily, afraid that Lin Feng would kill them all instantly. He was too strong.

“Alright,” said Lin Feng nodding. Then, he shook his hand and a tree descended from the sky. It was the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood.

“I promised I’d bring the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree back,” said Lin Feng to the old man.

“You said you’d become the king of Dark Clouds a hundred years later, but you did it in less than a hundred years. You’re the first Saint I’ve seen in my life,” said the old man, taking a deep breath, “But the Blood Sea Clan is very powerful, they have Saints, too. Last time, an ancient Saint came here and caused chaos, he immediately killed everybody who disagreed with him atrociously.”

“In a chaotic world, the only solution is to slaughter your enemies,” said Lin Feng calmly, but very aggressive. The old man shivered. No wonder this little boy had succeeded so fast, his temper was scary.

“Back then, you were kind to me and you gave me the Godly Wood. Now I’m back, and I’ll help you, too. Come with me,” said Lin Feng evenly. The old man and Lin Feng flew away.

When Lin Feng saw people attacking them, he instantly killed them. Nobody could compete with him.

Very quickly, Lin Feng finished killing all the members of the Blood Sea Clan. None of them were left. The strong cultivators of the Godly Wood Clan gathered and looked at Lin Feng in astonishment. Emperors and great emperors were all like tiny little insects in front of him, how incredible!

“Master Ox, I have things to do. Can you send some Saints here to help me kill the members of the Blood Sea Clan when they come?” Lin Feng  asked the old ox of the Star World.

“Alright, they can do what you can do, anyway,” replied the old ox. After a short time, nine Bestial Saints appeared there in the sky, all of them low-level Saints.

A terrifying Qi surrounded Lin Feng, it was the beast Lin Feng had injured.

Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently and smiled, “I know you don’t want to submit. Just help me protect the area for some time. Then, someday, I’ll release you.”

The beasts shivered. Release them? Freedom?

“Really?” asked a beast.

“Of course, I am the new master. But I need you to help me with a few things first,” said Lin Feng. He said to the old man, “Venerable old man, they will protect the area. I’m off.”

Then, he left and disappeared. The old man was stunned. His heart kept racing!

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