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PMG Chapter 2408: Lin Feng Is Back

PMG Chapter 2408: Lin Feng Is Back

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Many strong cultivators had gathered in the Holy City.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty organized a grand ceremony and invited everybody in the Holy City to compare their young cultivators’ strength.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty made it look like it was a grand ceremony for the Holy City, but actually the crowd understood that the Celestial Martial Dynasty wanted to show everybody they had control over the whole town.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint had said that if anyone stood out, they’d have the opportunity to become a Saint’s disciple. That was something incredible and inconceivable for many people, a dream. Many clans wanted their young people to become members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, or to become Saint’s disciples.

There was a gigantic battle stage set up. In the northern part of the battle stage were the strong cultivators of the Dynasty, sitting in bleachers. In the southern part, there was a group of Buddhist monks, they looked solemn and respectful. The Canaan Dynasty was the only group who could compete with the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

The other groups were still around. There were people from the Great Imperial Palace and the four universities, they still had some power in the Holy City. The four universities had weakened a lot, but they still had some strong cultivators.

Ancient Holy Clans had fewer and fewer people though. The Yin Clan still had some trump cards. Years past, after Lin Feng had destroyed some Ancient Holy Clans, some new ones had started rising, but they couldn’t possibly have a position as high as the four universities in the Holy City.

At the foot of the bleachers, there were even more people. Many of them were ordinary people from the Holy City who had come to watch. In only a few dozens of years, so many things had changed. In the past, the four universities used to be the strongest, but now they weren’t anymore.

The eight Ancestors of Champion University came personally. They rarely appeared other times. After the Continent of the Nine Clouds had become chaotic, they had come back from abroad. Things had changed, and now, the Celestial Martial Dynasty was the group who organized grand ceremonies. People had to give them face.

Tiantai’s people were with the members of Champion University. Champion University and Tiantai were very close, thanks to Lin Feng.

Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were with the eight Ancestors of the university, on the very left of the group. Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian, who were very close to Lin Feng, were next to them.

“Mu Chen, the direct disciples of Tiantai haven’t come back?” Ancestor Shi Tian asked Mu Chen. Even though Mu Chen and Emperor Yu weren’t very strong, they had raised incredible disciples. Lin Feng was terrifying, and Hou Qing Lin, Ruo Xie, Tian Chi were all strong.

“No. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is chaotic. I don’t know how they are these days,” replied Mu Chen. He missed them.

“Why didn’t you contact them?” asked Ancestor Shi Tian, smiling wryly.

“I don’t want to disturb them, they’re busy,” said Mu Chen shaking his head, “Ancestor, do you have news from Lin Feng?”

“No. He disappeared a long time ago,” said Ancestor Shi Tian.

“I’ve heard that all the Shrines are looking for him, to kill him,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian evenly. Emperor Yu and Mu Chen’s hearts twitched nervously.

“Ancestor?” Mu Chen looked confused.

“You didn’t know? All the Shrines are looking for him, they are ready to do anything to kill him. I’m afraid…,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian patiently. Emperor Yu and Mu Chen grew even more nervous. Their stomachs burned.

All their direct disciples were like their children. They loved them. They didn’t want anything to happen to them.

“I’m afraid he might be dead,” admitted Ancestor Zhu Tian calmly.

“Enough!” said Ancestor Shi Tian angrily, “Lin Feng is protected by the Fortune Shrine. He’s probably fine.”

“Mu Chen, if your direct disciples are not here, who can participate today?” asked Ancestor Zhu Tian indifferently and disdainfully.

“One of them. I hope he won’t disappoint me,” said Mu Chen. Ancestor Zhu Tian’s tone of speech was starting to irritate him. He knew that these people were Ancestors, and that they would never have sat at the same level as him if Lin Feng didn’t exist.

“I’ve heard that many of Tiantai’s disciples have abandoned Tiantai these days. Can you compete with other groups now?” asked Ancestor Zhu Tian.

“We still have many talented disciples,” said Mu Chen. He didn’t like arguing with people, but he was losing patience. He sounded angry.

“We’ll see,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian, smiling. He didn’t say anything else after that. Ancestor Shi Tian was startled, he hadn’t thought Ancestor Zhu Tian would be angry because of trivial matters which had happened in the past. Everybody had forgotten about those small things, but not him. When Lin Feng had become famous, he hadn’t shown his feelings, but now things had changed…

At that moment, members of the crowd looked at Ancestor Zhu Tian angrily. He was surprised. They were looking at him.

“Those people are so strong, are they from Tiantai?” thought Ancestor Zhu Tian. He asked, “Mu Chen, who are those people?”

“Tiantai’s people,” said Mu Chen icily. Ancestor Zhu Tian was startled, and smiled coldly. He said, “So you have friends.”

At that moment, clouds rolled in the sky. A young man was flying above them. He looked furious. What was wrong with that Zhu Tian?

Lin Feng and those people belonged to a different world. He could see everything that was happening in the Holy City. He had also heard Ancestor Zhu Tian and Mu Chen’s conversation.

I haven’t seen my teachers for such a long time. I’ll be happy to talk to him, thought Lin Feng with a smile. Then he disappeared from there.

Mu Chen and Emperor Yu didn’t know that Lin Feng had arrived. They watched the members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. A group of people wearing imperial robes were on a flight of stairs. They looked imposing and awe-inspiring. Behind them were some young people, some of them were from Tiantai before and had betrayed Tiantai.

That bunch of bastards, thought Mu Chen angrily. Nobody prevented their young people from joining the Celestial Martial Dynasty in the Holy City these days, but doing it without their elder’s approval was a betrayal.

“Teacher, how come you get angry so easily?” asked a familiar voice. Mu Chen’s face stiffened. What a familiar voice…

Mu Chen’s heart twitched, he turned around and saw a young man smiling.

Mu Chen shivered. He was worried about Lin Feng just a moment before, and now he was there in front of him.

Emperor Yu also turned around and shivered. Lin Feng was back!

Lin Feng had a huge smile on his face and said, “Is there anything on my face, teachers?”

“Pfew…” Mu Chen and Emperor Yu took a deep breath. Mu Chen also smiled broadly. He looked much younger all of a sudden. His best disciple, his most talented disciple, was back!

He remembered when all his disciples had helped him and his wife Jing Xiao Yue. He would never forget that. He had the impression he had led a worthy life only because of that.

He remembered those enthusiastic disciples.

Mu Chen is my teacher!

Ancestor Shi Tian was stupefied, but smiled. Lin Feng was there, how could anything happen to him?

Ancestor Zhu Tian pulled a long face, shocked at this turn of events!

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