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PMG Chapter 2409: Ling

PMG Chapter 2409: Ling

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“You’re back, great!” said Mu Chen several times. It was difficult to calm down. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu moved aside and left a place between them, “Little Lin Feng, come here and sit.”

“Alright,” said Lin Feng smiling. Then, he sat down between them. He nodded at Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian and said, “Hello Ancestors, how are you?”

“We’re alright. We’re happy to see you!” Ancestor Shi Tian smiled. “You left for a few dozens of years, such a long time!”

“Because some things require time… I just came back, sorted out a few things and immediately came here to see you,” replied Lin Feng.

“You came for your teachers, not for us old men,” said Ancestor Shi Tian laughed. Of course, Lin Feng had gone through so much with Emperor Yu and Mu Chen. It was incomparable.

“Little Lin Feng, how have you been?” Emperor Yu asked Lin Feng.

“I’ve been alright. No major problems. Don’t I look fine?” said Lin Feng breezily. “And you, teachers, you must be exhausted managing Tiantai.”

Lin Feng had seen that his teachers looked tired when arriving, especially because of Ancestor Zhu Tian. After he arrived, Ancestor Zhu Tian shut right up though.

“Father!” Lin Feng saw a teenage girl arrive in front of Mu Chen. She looked at Lin Feng in a strange way.

“That’s…?” Lin Feng was astonished, and looked at Mu Chen.

“Lin Feng, that’s Ling, our daughter,” said Mu Chen smiling proudly.

“Ling, that’s the Little Lin Feng I tell you about all the time. It’s the first time you’ve seen him,” said Mu Chen, caressing her head. When Lin Feng heard that, his eyes twinkled, and he smiled. His teacher finally had a daughter, he was very happy.

“Brother Lin Feng!” said Ling. She looked like her mother, she was very beautiful.

“Ling, come here,” said Lin Feng smiling. Ling looked at her father, and then walked over to Lin Feng, then she stuck out her tongue teasingly and said, “My dad always says you’re his most talented disciple. What’s your cultivation level?”

“Probably stronger than you,” said Lin Feng, caressing her head. Then he dragged her to him, pinched her cheeks, and said to Mu Chen, “Teacher, how come you didn’t contact me? This is something very important.”

“I didn’t want to bother you while you were traveling,” Mu Chen smiled.

“That’s not something trivial, though. It’s important!” said Lin Feng. He was speechless. He was annoyed and asked, “Ling, how old are you?”

Ling looked at him and said, “I’m fifteen. I have the impression you consider me a little child.”

“Well, you are a little one, aren’t you?” Lin Feng laughed.

“Everybody, silence,” said someone in the distance. Instantly, everybody stopped talking and turned around. They all looked at the strong cultivators of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Someone waved his hands to make everybody stop talking.

“Everybody, today, the Celestial Martial Dynasty has invited everyone for the grand ceremony. We want to make the city more powerful. Back in the days, people fought to be on the Imperial Ranking List and the Great Imperial Ranking List. From now on, they don’t exist anymore. We’ll organize the Celestial Martial Dynasty Grand Ceremony, it will replace the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List and Great Imperial Ranking List. People who do well will join the Celestial Martial Dynasty and some people will have the possibility to become Saint’s disciples,” said that person proudly. Many young people looked enthusiastic at his words.

Saints were legendary cultivators. Being a Saint’s disciple would be amazing!

“Regarding the different levels, people have to be at least emperors to participate. They will be divided into low-level emperors, medium-level emperors, high-level emperors, and great emperors. Now, send your low-level emperors to the battle stage, all the groups must have participants,” said that person.

After he said that, Lin Feng said to Emperor Yu, “Teacher, will Tiantai send six people as well?”

They had to send one person for each cultivation level, that was six people.

“Yes, no choice unless a group has absolutely nobody at that cultivation level. Tiantai must participate too,” replied Emperor Yu.

“I understand,” said Lin Feng nodding, “How strong is Tiantai now?”

Emperor Yu shook his head. He didn’t seem satisfied as he said to Lin Feng, “Back then, when you left, Tiantai and Champion University were thriving. However, after that, things became chaotic. The Great Imperial Palace rose. The Celestial Martial Dynasty appeared, and then the Canaan Buddhist Clan appeared. Geniuses started leaving Tiantai to go to the Canaan Buddhist Clan and the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Champion University and Tiantai lost some incredibly talented disciples who betrayed us and went to the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Some of them will get on the battle stage, you’ll see.”

“When Tiantai was thriving, we could recruit talented people, but it didn’t mean they were good,” said Lin Feng to Emperor Yu.

“Yes, Mu Chen and I won’t be able to have great direct disciples like in the past,” Emperor Yu sighed. He would be proud of his direct disciples his entire life.

“Uncle Emperor Yu, you have a group of great direct disciples, that’s already great,” said Ling, smiling at Emperor Yu.

“Yes, that’s enough, and now we have Little Ling,” said Emperor Yu smiling at Ling, in Lin Feng’s arms.

“By the way, Little Lin Feng, you’re the one who sent those people yesterday, right?” said Emperor Yu suddenly.

Lin Feng nodded, “Indeed, they can fight with great emperors.”

“Alright, at least, Tiantai won’t lose face too much that way,” said Emperor Yu.

“Where are our fighters?” asked Lin Feng.

“They’re down there getting ready to fight, but it would be great if we could change some fighters,” said Emperor Yu, pointing at a group of people in the crowd. There was a low-level emperor, he looked up at Mu Chen and Emperor Yu.

“Ji Liao, do your best, if you can’t win, give up, but don’t take risks,” Emperor Yu said to the young man.

“Alright,” replied the young man. “I’ll use my full strength.”

“Ji Liao,” said Lin Feng at that moment. Ji Liao looked at Lin Feng. He looked perplexed. He didn’t recognize Lin Feng. He looked young, and was seated between Emperor Yu and Mu Chen, and Miss Ling was in his arms. He had an extraordinary position.

“Do your best,” said Lin Feng. Lights emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes and surrounded him.

Ji Liao was stupefied and asked, “Master, that’s…”

“Go. If you lose, you’ll understand,” Lin Feng smiled. Ji Liao bowed before Lin Feng and left.

“Little Lin Feng, did you do anything to him?” asked Emperor Yu.

“I gave him an extra layer of protection to prevent him from dying,” said Lin Feng. There were hundreds of fighters. Apart from strong cultivators from influential groups, there were also some individual cultivators. Those people belonged to no group, they were talented and wanted to become a Saint’s disciple.

The first round was a free-for-all. Everybody was on the battle stage and fought to death or surrender. Many young people died. In the end, only sixteen remained and were qualified.

“Ji Liao is quite strong. He’ll finish in the top sixteen,” said Lin Feng.

Emperor Yu nodded, “Even though our cultivators are not the most talented, Tiantai’s disciples are quite talented.”

“Yes, don’t hesitate and attach importance to these kids,” said Lin Feng indifferently. These days, what he said could change someone’s life. Back in the days, Lin Feng was down on the battle stage fighting for various groups, now he was at the top and watched the battles.

At that moment, some people from Celestial Godly University looked at the members of Tiantai. Someone frowned.

They didn’t pay much attention to Tiantai, so nobody had noticed Lin Feng at first, but at that moment someone recognized him.

“Lin Feng is back!” whispered that person. They were astonished. Back in the days, Lin Feng had shaken the Holy City. Was he really back?

Many people looked at Lin Feng, and were stunned. He was back for real!

“Now, the Holy City is chaotic, the Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Buddhist Dynasty control the town. Will he change things again?”

“I guess it’ll be difficult. The Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Buddhist Dynasty both have Saints. They don’t care about someone like Lin Feng.”

“Yes, you’re right, even Shi Jue can’t do much,” said several people. Lin Feng couldn’t change anything anymore, it seemed!

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