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PMG Chapter 2411: You Want To Die

PMG Chapter 2411: You Want To Die

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Lang Yan jumped onto the battle stage. This round was for high-level emperors. The strong cultivator of the Celestial Martial Dynasty had created a layer of protection around the battle stage to protect people outside.

“High-level emperors’ battles mainly consist of comparing themselves in terms of Dao strength. I wonder if Lang Yan understood anything a moment ago,” said Emperor Yu, looking at the fighters. They were already quite strong. Before the Holy City became unsettled, high-level emperors were already considered very strong.

“The Imperial Ranking List is really about Dao strength,” agreed Ancestor Shi Tian.

“He probably understood something,” said Lin Feng. He had created a dream for Lang Yan. He had realized the boy was very talented. In a dream, time passed differently than in the outside world. Even though Lang Yan hadn’t been able to spend much time in the dream, it had probably been very beneficial to him.

More than a hundred people were present, their Qi dashing to the skies. Shi Xuan was standing there, nobody dared offend him. People usually knew about the strongest cultivators of their generation. Back in the days, Lin Feng also knew how strong other famous people were. Shi Xuan was extremely strong, so nobody dared offend him. He was first on the Imperial Ranking List.

But at that moment, he frowned and then smiled indifferently, “Lang Yan, you think you’re strong enough to fight against me now?”

“Shi Xuan, you betrayed Tiantai. A battle is inevitable,” replied Lang Yan icily.

“Is that so?” said Shi Xuan, looking at him in a disdainful way and adding, “A moment ago, that guy next to Emperor Yu taught you something? He looked familiar. But who do you think he is? You think he can teach you a few things quickly, and that you’re now strong enough to defeat me? Do you know who my teacher is? These days, my teacher taught many things. ”

“We’ll see when we fight,” said Lang Yan, closing his eyes. They didn’t start fighting immediately. After all, Lang Yan was a high-level emperor too, very strong, third on the Imperial Ranking List. Nobody wanted to offend him, either. They both remained motionless.

After that, Lang Yan won all his battles.

Lin Feng smiled when he saw that. Emperor Yu said, “Lang Yan didn’t use speed Dao? He only relied on Heaviness Dao? He wants to use his trump cards in the end then, I guess…”

“The battles at the top of the Imperial Ranking List are going to start. Lang Yan is lucky, he’s going to fight against fourth place,” said Mu Chen. Shi Xuan was going to fight against second place.

“How strong. Lang Yan easily defeated his opponent, even though he was extremely fast,” said Emperor Yu a moment later. They turned around and were startled; Shi Xuan instantly killed his opponent, sword lights streaking across the sky and cutting him apart.

“That guy is even slyer than Jian Mang,” said Lin Feng, looking at Shi Xuan. That guy harbored evil intentions. Tiantai had raised him, and he had betrayed them. He was even becoming a problem for Tiantai.

“Lang Yan, the next one to die will be you!” said Shi Xuan, pointing at Lang Yan. He slowly turned around and looked at Emperor Yu, smiling icily. “Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi, you’re weaker than me now. You’re not qualified to be leaders. If I became the leader of Tiantai, maybe I’d manage to make it shine again.”

“Bastard!” shouted Emperor Yu icily, “You shameless traitor!”

“Strength is the most important thing in the world. You’re weaklings, and you couldn’t teach me anything, I had to find someone else to teach me. Why would I waste my time with weaklings?” said Shi Xuan. He was wildly ambitious, and arrogant, too.

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Lang Yan explosively, “Today, one of us is going to die!”

“I will fight against you!” Shi Xuan’s sword twinkled. He wasn’t as strong as a Canaan Buddhist monk, but the battle was going to be dazzling.

A dazzling sword shone out, people couldn’t open their eyes anymore.

“Intent.” Lang Yan closed his eyes and remembered the dream Lin Feng had created for him.

“How ridiculous.” When Shi Xuan saw that Lang Yan had closed his eyes, he looked at him icily.

“Slow!” said Lang Yan. Suddenly, everything became slower around him. It was his own intent, he had control over his surroundings.

“Eh?” Shi Xuan’s sword suddenly slowed down. Shi Xuan frowned. Lang Yan seemed to have an advanced understanding of Dao, but so what?

“Die!” A dozen dark swords appeared, and streaked across the sky.

“Slow down!” shouted Lang Yan. His eyes were still firmly closed. At the same time, he struck out with his hand, and thunder rolled. A gigantic heavy hand appeared in the air and shot out. It was faster than his opponent’s dark swords.

One of Shi Xuan’s swords pierced through the gigantic hand, startling everyone. Usually, Shi Xuan could kill people silently without anybody noticing, but this time he didn’t manage to kill Lang Yan.

Shi Xuan turned into a beam of light and he flew past Lang Yan in the sky.

“Where are you going?” shouted Lang Yan explosively. He released more slow energy. When cultivators became stronger, slow and fast strength could be really terrifying.

“Heavy strength!” shouted Lang Yan furiously. Shi Xuan was stupefied when he sensed Lang Yan’s Dao strength; it was already so powerful, and now it was high-level, not low-level anymore. How was that possible? How had Lang Yan done that?

Lang Yan disappeared, then reappeared close to Shi Xuan, pointing at Shi Xuan with his finger. At that moment, he remembered everything Lin Feng had shown him in the dream. He had seen one finger, it didn’t contain strength, but it was extremely fast.

When Shi Xuan saw that, his expression changed drastically. His sword descended from the sky. Sword lights flashed, but at the same time Lang Yan kept slowing him down.

Blood splashed. Lang Yan had stabbed Shi Xuan in the chest.

“Explode!” shouted Lang Yan explosively. Shi Xuan’s body crackled as he threw a sword at Lang Yan.

“Slow!” said Lang Yan when he saw that attack. He wanted to kill Shi Xuan, no matter what!

“Heavy strength.” Lang Yan’s Dao was now very powerful, his attacks brutal.

Shi Xuan was injured, and threw out his sword. The heavy strength coupled with slow strength gave him a hard time. He was starting to feel danger.

Lang Yan dodged the sword. Everybody was astonished. This duel had already exceeded all their expectations, and it was a very beautiful fight. The most surprising thing was that the cultivators were competing in terms of speed. They were both as fast as lightning.

“Enough!” shouted someone loudly. An overwhelming strength oppressed Lang Yan. He had the impression he was going to collapse. Shi Xuan flew up in the air.

“This battle is over,” said one of the organizers, glancing at Lang Yan. “You’re talented. You can join the Celestial Martial Dynasty and become a Saint’s disciple. ”

“Bullshit!” said Lang Yan furiously, “The Celestial Martial Dynasty is despicable! You got involved in our battle. You are pitiful and ridiculous! I would never become a member of the Celestial Martial Dynasty!”

“You’re humiliating the Celestial Martial Dynasty!? Die!” said that person icily. The crowd was stunned at the quick escalation. It was how the Celestial Martial Dynasty handled things. Lang Yan had refused to join the Celestial Martial Dynasty and had humiliated them, that was an excuse for them to kill him. Only the Canaan Dynasty could compete with them. If anyone else dared offend them, they died, no reason was needed.

“He wants to die. Go and kill him,” ordered Lin Feng. A group of people jumped forwards and released a terrifying death Qi.

The referee was stunned. He turned on them and shouted, “Insolent! You dare cause trouble during the grand ceremony?!”

“Die!” shouted someone in return. The referee sensed some terrifying death energies surround him. A strong wind blew past him. A great roc streaked across the sky, and blood sprayed. The referee was beheaded, his head flying away. His eyes were still open, and from the expression on his face, one could guess he couldn’t believe it. He had just gotten killed? He had just gotten killed during the grand ceremony of the Celestial Martial Dynasty?

Everybody was astonished. People who weren’t even members of the Canaan Dynasty dared cause trouble there? Even the members of the Canaan Dynasty wouldn’t have dared do such a thing there, right?

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