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PMG Chapter 2412: Saint

PMG Chapter 2412: Saint

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Someone dared suddenly kill people ruthlessly. The crowd was astonished, took a deep breath, and continued watching. Three figures were floating in the air. One of them was a strong cultivator with dark wings and sharp eyes. It was a great roc. Bestial Qi kept emerging from his body.

“That’s a great imperial beast, a great roc! He controls wind and death strength! His speed was incredible. He killed the referee instantly!” thought the crowd. He was actually a Celestial Emperor!

“He’s from Tiantai” since when does Tiantai dare act recklessly and audaciously like that? How could they kill a member of the Celestial Martial Dynasty like that? They’re insane.” Many people were looking at the members of Tiantai. In the Holy City, most people who had lived there for a long time knew Lin Feng, and when they noticed Lin Feng between Emperor Yu and Mu Chen, they were stunned. They hadn’t paid attention to the members of Tiantai a moment before, so they hadn’t seen him!

“He’s back. No wonder!” Lin Feng had destroyed many Ancient Holy Clans in the past, there was nothing he didn’t dare do. Killing the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s referee wasn’t a problem for him, either. The crowd knew that Lin Feng was supported by some Saints.

“Lin Feng is back. The battles are going to be fun. The Celestial Martial Dynasty, the Canaan Dynasty, and now Lin Feng, will Lin Feng become the third pillar of the Holy City?” wondered many people. Lin Feng was supported by Saints behind the scenes, and by Champion University and Tiantai officially. He had power and influence!

“Lin Feng.” At that moment, on the side of the Canaan Dynasty, a Buddhist monk looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Lin Feng remembered him, he had dazzled during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List: it was Dou Zhan Seng. Decades had passed, and he had become a cultivator of the Sheng Di Layer. He was outstanding.

“Brother Lin Feng, they’re all staring at you,” whispered Ling. Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Even though he wasn’t on the battle stage today, people still paid attention to him, but he didn’t care. It wasn’t important to him.

On the side of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, a group of people rose up into the air. They all looked furious as they flew towards the battle stage.

“Those who dare cause trouble here must die!” shouted one of them icily. He released a wave of overwhelming energies. The Celestial Martial Dynasty had organized the grand ceremony, how could they let anyone ruin the event?

“The Celestial Martial Dynasty organized this event, but only to cause trouble. The referee dared commit all kinds of outrages. The grand ceremony is completely unfair. From now on, Tiantai is in charge of the grand ceremony, not the Celestial Martial Dynasty,” said someone next to Lin Feng.

Instantly, the atmosphere became silent.

“Besides, Shi Xuan and Lang Yan’s battle isn’t over. Nobody can get involved, it’s a battle to the death, which will end only when one of them wins,” said that person, as if Tiantai had already taken control of the grand ceremony.

Three people surrounded the battle stage. They didn’t kill Shi Xuan, they surrounded Shi Xuan and Lang Yan so that they could finish their battle.

What could the Celestial Martial Dynasty say about that?

Shi Xuan pulled a long face. He hadn’t thought he would lose against Lang Yan. He hadn’t thought Tiantai could oppress the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

On the battle stage, someone stood up. Around him, many people other people stood up. They looked calm and composed, or at least they tried, from their eyes, one could see a terrifying chill. Who dared act so arrogantly and recklessly?

“Elder, that guy’s name is Lin Feng. He’s a genius of Champion University. He’s supported by Saints and back in the days, he destroyed a few Ancient Holy Clans. He’s very strong,” said someone telepathically.

The person in the middle frowned, and said calmly, “Those who dare cause trouble here must die!”

“We obey!” People started moving in all directions. Their Qi was ominous – they were all Celestial Emperors.

At the same time, a strong wind containing death strength started blowing. A group of people appeared behind the battle stage. The atmosphere became eerily silent and oppressive. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Martial Dynasty all stopped moving.

“Eh?” the elder frowned and looked at the newcomers. They were determined to confront them now?

“How do you want to solve the issue? Be straightforward,” said the middle-aged man to Lin Feng.

“Have your Saints come out to talk to me! You’re not qualified to talk to me,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The middle-aged man’s face stiffened. Saints? To talk to him?

How insolent…? Many people were astonished. How insane… or was… Lin Feng… a Saint?

They immediately excluded the idea. Even though they couldn’t see Lin Feng’s cultivation level, he was probably just using a very powerful cloaking technique. Only a few decades had passed, maybe he was a Saint Emperor, or even a Saint Emperor of the top of the Sheng Di Layer, but he couldn’t be a Saint. Saints had transcended worldliness and attained holiness, and in the past, they never saw Saints in Dark Clouds. Saints were also usually very old. Lin Feng was much too young to be a Saint. Only a few decades had passed, how could he be a cultivator of the Sheng Layer?

Lin Feng was probably confident because he was backed up by Saints. Many people had heard that he had become a Fortune Shrine disciple after ranking first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back then. It explained why he was arrogant and asked them to send Saints to talk to him.

The elder looked at Lin Feng icily. He said he wasn’t qualified to talk to him…

“Even if you’re a member of the Fortune Shrine, you’re not qualified to talk to Saints, either. And even if you’re talented, you can die anytime,” said the elder, smiling icily. Lin Feng was startled, that guy knew he was a member of the Fortune Shrine?

“Fortune Shrine? That’s Lin Feng!” Shi Xuan was astonished. No wonder he found him familiar. But why did Lin Feng look so ordinary? Why didn’t anyone notice him? He had no Qi, he didn’t look proud and sharp, like his statue.

“You just now guessed it was my teacher’s fellow disciple, Shi Xuan? He just taught me. That’s how my Dao broke through. He’s a peerless genius. He finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he’s a disciple of the Fortune Shrine! You’ll never be as successful. You cannot imagine how strong he is,” said Lang Yan icily. He could sense how terrifyingly strong Lin Feng was, he had been taught incredible things in only a few minutes. He had the impression that Lin Feng could kill anyone in a few seconds.

Shi Xuan’s face froze. He knew Lin Feng, Lin Feng was famous in the Holy City. In only a few years, he had become the most dazzling young cultivator of the city. Just now, Lin Feng had taught Lang Yan a few things. That’s how Lang Yan had become stronger than him!…

“Continue the battle,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He ignored the elder, and took control over the grand ceremony.

Lang Yan released his Qi.

The face of the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s elder stiffened. Lin Feng disdained him?

“Shi Xuan, you betrayed Tiantai! Today, you’re going to die,” said Lang Yan. His speed exploded. A terrifying heavy Dao strength oppressed Shi Xuan.

Shi Xuan released sharp sword strength.

“Slow!” said Lang Yan, closing his eyes. He felt more confident, he had instantly become stronger after Lin Feng’s teaching. Now, he knew he could defeat Shi Xuan!

Everything around him became slower. It was Dao, it was intent, it was a sensation.

Anything could become a deadly weapon at extremely high speeds, even a leaf could become sharp at high speed. Lang Yan performed the same attack he had seen in the dream. His finger could become the sharpest sword.

Metal clashed, Shi Xuan’s sword lights and Lang Yan’s finger collided. Surprisingly, the sword lights dispersed instantly.

“Impossible.” Shi Xuan couldn’t believe it. Lang Yan’s attack didn’t look extraordinary, it wasn’t dazzling, how come it was so powerful?

Lang Yan continued moving his finger towards Shi Xuan’s third eye. Lang Yan shouted furiously, “Die!”

“Why!?” shouted Shi Xuan. That was his last word. He was a genius of the Huang Qi layer, he was first on the Imperial Ranking List, he had become a member of the Celestial Martial Dynasty,  and they had organized the grand ceremony. It was supposed to be a wonderful day for him.

But Shi Xuan, a Saint’s disciple, was now dead!

“This time, Tiantai is taking big risks. They’re messing around with Saints now!” A terrifying Saint’s strength filled the air and surrounded the whole crowd. People’s hearts started pounding violently. Was a Saint going to show up?

A figure appeared in the sky, wearing a white robe. He looked ordinary, but when the members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty saw him, they were astonished and amazed. They looked at him with true admiration, as this was a Saint!

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