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PMG Chapter 2413: Troubles lie Ahead

PMG Chapter 2413: Troubles lie Ahead

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The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty appeared and looked down at the crowd. Many people were wondering how the Celestial Martial Dynasty was going to deal with Tiantai.

“Greeting, Your Holiness of the Celestial Martial Dynasty,” said people from many different groups, standing up and bowing before the Saint. In the past, Saints were considered legendary cultivators, and now they had a Saint in front of them!

“Is that a Saint? I’ve heard that the difference between a Saint and a great emperor was incredible, they aren’t even comparable. Saints can easily kill entire armies of great emperors!” whispered someone, looking at the Saint admiringly.

Before the Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Dynasty had settled in the Holy City, people had heard that Lin Feng was backed up by Saints.

A moment before, Tiantai had killed a Saint’s disciple.

Lang Yan watched the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty nervously. However, he trusted Lin Feng, he was an incredible cultivator. He probably knew how to solve the issue.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the Saint. He was surprised, because the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was a low-level Saint, surprisingly. Such a cultivator had come to the Holy City to create the Celestial Martial Dynasty, that was very surprising.

But a low-level Saint didn’t scare Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin, you disappeared for so many years, and now you’re back in the lower world. You’re even interested in the grand ceremony. I’m surprised,” said the Saint to Lin Feng, just when everyone thought he’d be furious. He even smiled calmly. However, the crowd trembled, even more than if he had killed Lin Feng immediately.

They were astonished because the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty called Lin Feng “Brother Lin”, he didn’t address disrespectfully.

“Brother” was a friendly way of addressing someone, but the most terrifying part was that it also proved one thing: the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty considered Lin Feng someone of the same level. Otherwise, he wouldn’t possibly have called him “Brother Lin.”

How strong was Lin Feng, then?

Many people’s hearts were pounding furiously. Lin Feng had disappeared for decades, was he now a Saint? People couldn’t believe it.

“I am from the Holy City, and a member of Tiantai, so of course I come back sometimes. Since you organized the grand ceremony, it should be a fun event, and not a way to oppress everybody else. I don’t mind destroying the Celestial Martial Dynasty immediately, you know,” said Lin Feng calmly.

The crowd was astounded. He… didn’t mind destroying the Celestial Martial Dynasty?

The Celestial Martial Dynasty had risen in the Holy City, and apart from the Canaan Dynasty, nobody could resist them. Even though the Celestial Martial Dynasty was powerful, they didn’t destroy all the other groups of the Holy City, as the four universities still existed. Many of their students even betrayed them to become members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Nobody minded actually; many groups were willing to let their disciples become members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. The Celestial Martial Dynasty didn’t force them outright. Many strong groups of the Holy City wanted to rise along with the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Many people even thought it was an opportunity.

However, if they decided to oppress other people, Lin Feng didn’t mind teaching them a good lesson.

“I see. Since it’s that way, I’ll respect your opinion, Brother Lin. Today, we don’t need referees anymore. People of the same level can fight against each other, I won’t get involved. What do you think?” asked the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty calmly. He didn’t seem angry.

“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed. On the inside, he smiled coldly. He had studied the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique, and even though the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was extremely polite, Lin Feng could sense he was furious and wanted to kill him. He had a good intuition now, his perceptions were acute and precise. The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty didn’t look angry, but Lin Feng could guess he was.

Lin Feng was now convinced that prophecies and predictions could be true.

“Back, everybody!” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, waving his hand. All the strong cultivators of the Celestial Martial Dynasty withdrew. Lin Feng nodded and his people went back as well. Only Lang Yan was left on the battle stage.

“Lang Yan, you killed a traitor who betrayed Tiantai, and you’re now first on the ranking list. I would like to grant you a Saint’s Weapon for your achievement. Great emperors won’t be able to kill you. However, you can’t use a Saint’s Weapon unless you’re in imminent danger of dying. When you become strong enough, I will offer you other precious items,” Lin Feng said calmly.

He waved and a Saint’s armor appeared, glowing softly. It flew towards Lang Yan and stopped in front of him.

“A Saint’s Weapon.” People’s hearts were pounding violently. Only Saints could have Saint’s weapons, and Lin Feng was giving one to Lang Yan, that…

Lang Yan was astonished, too. He was speechless, and dumbstruck… a Saint’s Weapon? He didn’t… his teacher’s fellow disciple was offering him a Saint’s weapon?

“What are you looking at? Take it,” said Mu Chen, smiling at him.

Lang Yan was stupefied and he took the armor numbly. “Thank you very much, Teacher.”

“Brother Ruo Xie is very busy traveling. He doesn’t have time to teach you. I’ll also offer you some skills, techniques, and spells,” continued Lin Feng.

Lang Yan’s heart twitched. Lin Feng had just offered him a Saint’s Weapon, so what kind of techniques would he give him?

Some of the disciples of the Celestial Martial Dynasty were members of Tiantai in the past. At that moment, their hearts were pounding in astonishment. They had the impression they had made a mistake. They had missed something great!

“Disciples who respect Tiantai, who never betrayed Tiantai, have a very important position in my heart. No matter how strong they are, no matter how talented, they will all be rewarded,” said Lin Feng calmly. The members of Tiantai all looked happy, and clenched their fists in joy. They felt even more determined for remaining loyal.

Lin Feng was back and finally, Tiantai was going to change again. Lin Feng could talk to a Saint as an equal. Everything changed. He even dared say he could destroy the Celestial Martial Dynasty!

To Lin Feng, a Saint’s Weapon wasn’t much anymore. However, he hoped that Tiantai would become extremely powerful. He had great affection for the other direct disciples of Tiantai, as well. He hoped Tiantai would have no more problems in the future. He wanted to show everyone that Tiantai couldn’t be offended, and he wanted to help all his friends rise.

“Brother Lin Feng, I’m a member of Tiantai too, do you have a gift for me?” Ling asked Lin Feng. Her eyes were twinkling.

“When we go back, you can choose something,” Lin Feng agreed.

“Awesome!” Ling grinned.

“Alright, it’s the great emperors’ competition now,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty indifferently. All the great emperors walked up to the stage. A young man appeared at the foot of the stage. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, smiling broadly.

“Teacher,” said Ye Chen with a smile. He looked very happy to see his teacher.

“Xiao Chen, do your best. But stay safe, don’t risk your life,” said Lin Feng smiled. He waved and some strength surrounded Ye Chen, “Go now.”

“I will do my best,” Ye Chen nodded. He didn’t feel relaxed at all. His teacher was there, he felt even more pressured. He wanted to finish among the best cultivators, otherwise, it would be a humiliation for his teacher. He was very nervous.

“Because you’re here, Xiao Chen will be even more worried, he will be nervous because of the rankings,” said Mu Chen to Lin Feng, understanding what was going on.

“He must listen to his heart,” replied Lin Feng calmly.


The Fire Shrine…

A woman was standing in front of a stone stage. In front of her were a few Saints. Since there were many problems in the continent, many groups had called their Saints come back. Shrines had many Saints, even if people seldom saw them.

“I’ve got news. Lin Feng is in Dark Clouds in the Holy City. He’s sly. Even if the Fortune Shrine supports him, he must die. I have some people watching him, we know where he usually goes. He won’t be able to escape this time,” said the woman calmly. All the Saints understood why she made such great efforts to find Lin Feng: because of Qiong Yu!

“Lin Feng’s real body is not weak, and could even be called strong. He’s a low-level Saint, but he’s soon going to become a medium-level Saint. I’m not sure you can easily kill him. All of you are heroes of the Qiong Clan. This time, I need people who can go to the lower world to kill Lin Feng,” said the woman, glancing at the Saints. These people were all heroes of the Fire Shrine, and high-level Saints. She couldn’t give orders to people stronger than that even if her social position was very high.

The Qiong Clan was a powerful clan of the Fire Shrine, and they had many contacts. These Saints were from her clan.

“I don’t want the Fire Shrine to send people straightforwardly to kill Lin Feng, because we have to make sure Qiong Yu is safe,” said the woman. Other people from the Fire Shrine might killed Lin Feng straight off, without caring about Qiong Yu.

“I’ll go. Tian Ruo Jian and the others aren’t there this time. Killing Lin Feng should be easy,” said Qiong Lin icily. He was the one who had captured Zhe Tian the previous time.

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you then,” said the woman, smiling at Qiong Lin. “Thank you!”

Qiong Lin nodded. His task was to get Qiong Yu back alive, safe and sound!

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