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PMG Chapter 2414: Bestial Saints’ Help

PMG Chapter 2414: Bestial Saints’ Help

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Lin Feng was in the bleachers, watching the young people battle. He felt enthusiastic. It reminded him of his youth. Back in the days, he was also on battle stages quite often. Now, things had changed, and he would never be on a battle stage to compare his strength with other people again.

“As expected, Xiao Chen is having a hard time, but he’s ready to risk his life,” sighed Mu Chen.

“Little Lin Feng is back, so that little boy doesn’t want to disgrace his teacher. That’s why he’s ready to take risks. I’m afraid he will deteriorate quickly,” said Emperor Yu. As expected, just as he finished talking, Ye Chen was struck hard. He was injured, hurled away, and blood splashed. He crashed to the ground.

“You lost. Go now,” said Ye Chen’s opponent. He knew Ye Chen was from Tiantai, so he didn’t dare act too arrogantly. He had seen Lin Feng a moment before. He wanted to give them face.

“I lost.” Ye Chen pulled a long face and came over to Lin Feng. He lowered his head and said, “Teacher, I’m sorry, I made you lose face.”

“Come here,” said Lin Feng, smiling. He didn’t care about those things.

Ye Chen walked over to Lin Feng, he didn’t dare look at him. He felt ashamed.

“Little boy, how could I say anything about that. So many years have passed, and I haven’t had time to teach you. I feel guilty,” said Lin Feng. He released life Qi, which surrounded Ye Chen and quickly healed him.

Very quickly, Ye Chen felt rejuvenated. He raised his head and said, “Teacher, don’t say that, I’m the one who’s useless.”

“Don’t feel bad. Come here, sit in front of me and watch the battles. Learn from them,” said Lin Feng smiled. Ye Chen understood that Lin Feng truly didn’t mind, but that made him feel even more guilty.


The battles continued. Lin Feng sensed something approaching. He raised his head, his eyes narrowing.

Danger is approaching, he thought. He had practiced the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique for a while already, and he could sense and predict things. It was a very strange sensation. It wasn’t like when he had talked to the Saint of the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique. This time, a terrifying danger lurked.

If I sense danger, it means there’s a high-level Saint. Their original strength has already reached the maximum level, so I can’t compete with them. I’ll need to borrow the strength of the Star World again, he thought. He considered several things. The Shrines wanted him to die, especially the Fire Shrine…

Lin Feng suddenly remembered the woman, Qiong Yu’s mother. She had mentioned the Holy City in the past, Qi Tian Holy Town, his friends… so was the Celestial Martial Dynasty a group which had been created by the woman to settle in the Holy City?

It was absolutely possible. A low-level Saint had appeared in the Holy City. For the lower world, that was very surprising. They had started watching everything in the city, very strange behavior…

“Ling, go back to your father,” said Lin Feng. He was still holding her in his arms. He nodded and went back to Mu Chen.

“Teachers, I need to leave my body for a few minutes, don’t let anyone disturb me,” Lin Feng told Mu Chen and Emperor Yu telepathically.

They were both surprised, but nodded and replied, “Alright.”

Lin Feng closed his eyes, and after a few seconds, he appeared in the star world.

“Master Ox!” he called out. He disappeared and reappeared in front of the old Ox.

“What’s going on?” the old Ox asked Lin Feng.

“Master Ox, I think some high-level Saints are coming for me, I need some help,” said Lin Feng.

The ox said to Lin Feng, “At your cultivation level, you cannot compete with high-level Saints, indeed. However, I told you, I can’t help you in the outside world. You need to ask those beasts if they are willing to help you. One is enough. Try and convince one of them.”

“One is enough?!” Lin Feng was astonished. The old Ox sounded very confident. He knew the beasts were incredibly strong.

Lin Feng had seen how strong the nine low-level bestial Saints were. They were just medium-level Saints. The high-level bestial Saints were even more terrifying. They were the god’s beasts, but they were proud, too. Convincing them to help would be very complicated.

“I’ll try,” said Lin Feng. He disappeared and reappeared in front of an ocean of stars. The nine high-level bestial Saints were there.

“Everybody!” shouted Lin Feng. The beasts ignored him. Their eyes were closed, as if he didn’t exist.

“I know that you’ve been imprisoned in this world for a very long time, and that the god is not here. I know you don’t want to submit to anyone, especially me, the new master of this world, and I’m very weak in comparison with you. I know all this,” said Lin Feng calmly. “Now, I will give you an opportunity, if anyone agrees to help me, when I become a high-level Saint, I’ll give you the opportunity to challenge me. If you win, I’ll release you and you’ll be free.”

When Lin Feng said that, they suddenly opened their eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He sensed a terrifying bestial Qi fill the air.

“Really?” asked one of the bestial Saints. Lin Feng was proud. When I become a high-level Saint, I’ll give you the opportunity to challenge me. That was an opportunity? Wasn’t he just trying to get them to react?

“Master Ox can tell you I am a man of my word,” replied Lin Feng indifferently.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” the old Ox asked Lin Feng telepathically.

“Yes,” Lin Feng nodded. He asked, “Master Ox, which one is the weakest one of them?”

“You made up your mind. Even if you choose the weakest one, it’s indeed enough. But let me warn you, in the future, when you become a high-level Saint, even the weakest one will easily be able to defeat you, if not kill you,” said the old Ox.

“I already made up my mind,” said Lin Feng.

“The gigantic one, he’s an ancient golden ape. You can choose him,” said the old Ox telepathically.

“Thank you very much, Master,” replied Lin Feng nodded.

The nine beasts said, at the same time, “I agree to help you this one time, and then I’ll challenge you when you become a high-level Saint!”

“Thank you very much, everybody,” Lin Feng smiled. He looked at the gigantic golden ape and said, “Master, please help me this time.”

“Alright, only once,” said the gigantic golden ape. He shrank down in size, only as tall as Lin Feng. His Qi now looked ordinary. “Take me out.”

“Yes,” Lin Feng agreed.

In the outside world, Lin Feng opened his eyes. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were startled when someone appeared behind Lin Feng. He looked composed, but also unfathomable and enigmatic.

“Little Lin Feng?” Emperor Yu inquired warily.

“Teacher, continue watching the battles,” Lin Feng smiled. The Celestial Emperors were fighting at that moment. It was almost the end of the ceremony. After them, the Saint Emperors would fight.

“Little Lin Feng, for the Saint Emperors’ battles, most of the fighters will be patriarchs themselves,” said Mu Chen.

“Who will fight for Tiantai?” asked Lin Feng.

“An old friend of yours,” Mu Chen smiled. Lin Feng was surprised… an old friend of his?

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