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PMG Chapter 2416: Killing

PMG Chapter 2416: Killing

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To the inhabitants of the Holy City, a group of Saints was a terrifying and astonishing thing to see. Their hearts were racing.

“Lin Feng!” proclaimed a voice which sounded like thunder, and made people’s bodies shake even more.

“Lin Feng, they’re here for Lin Feng! It proves that the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty knew that!” The people trembled even more. This group of Saints didn’t come in peace.

“Lin Feng, get ready to escape,” said Mu Chen and Emperor Yu. They were both grimacing. Even though they didn’t know how strong these people were, they could sense how terrifying they were, and they wanted to kill Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng raised his head, he looking completely unperturbed. He looked at the leader of the group: Qiong Lin, from the Fire Shrine. Back then, he had captured Zhe Tian and imprisoned him.

One high-level Saint, three low-level Saints, five Half-Saints, they really overestimated me, he thought. If the Fire Shrine had managed to get a high-level Saint to come for Lin Feng, it meant they took the issue extremely seriously. It was Dark Clouds, so even if Lin Feng contacted the Fortune Shrine or Tian Ruo Jian, they wouldn’t be able to arrive within a short time. The Fire Shrine couldn’t know that Lin Feng had obtained something great in the Godly Grave, though. He now possessed the star-studded sky world and the Star God had transmitted his knowledge to him.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, asking, “You’re a member of the Fire Shrine?”

“Lin Feng, I’m not from the Fire Shrine, they just hired me to watch Tiantai and gather information about you. Regarding the Holy City, I’m happy here. The Qi is good. You can’t escape anymore, so my mission will soon be over,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty calmly. People around were astonished; so that’s how things were… the Shrines wanted to kill Lin Feng, and the Celestial Martial Dynasty was there to spy on him!

Why did the Shrines, who controlled the world, want to kill Lin Feng? What had he done to them?

The crowd looked at the group of Saints in the sky in awe and veneration. Not only were those people Saints, but they were also members of Shrines!

“If you release Qiong Yu, apart from you, we will not bear recriminations against other people,” Qiong Lin stated loudly. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring.

Lin Feng smiled coolly. “I see, so the Shrine wants to attack ordinary people again?”

“It all depends on you,” said Qiong Lin coldly.

“Is that so?” said Lin Feng. He had a knowing smile on the corner of his mouth. He waved and said, “Teachers, move away.”

“Little Lin Feng.” Mu Chen, Emperor Yu, and the others looked extremely worried. Lin Feng wanted to fight against a Shrine? How could he?

“Move away. I can solve the issue,” said Lin Feng calmly. Mu Chen and the others were astonished, but they nodded and moved away. Lin Feng said, “As long as I’m not dead, if you touch any of my friends, I’ll kill Qiong Yu atrociously.”

“Since you want to die so much, I will help you.” The Saints were in line. The crowd was terrified. One glance, and those people could kill all of them instantly.

“Let’s see how you intend to kill me,” Lin Feng said to Qiong Lin.

Qiong Lin flashed forwards. He was a high-level Saint, and fighting against Lin Feng was easy. The reason why he had brought the others was just to be sure, in case something unexpected happened.

A beam of light streaked across the sky, it looked like a shooting star. The sky started burning instantly. The ground under Lin Feng’s feet started crackling, turning into an ocean of magma and flames, and his enemy hadn’t even arrived yet.

Something shattered with a sharp and clear note. The person who was standing behind Lin Feng without saying anything finally moved. He grew to a gigantic size and turned into a golden beam of light. He roared furiously, his voice turned into a powerful soundwave strength which blew away any incoming energies.

The flames exploded and disappeared. The crowd saw a gigantic golden ape behind Lin Feng, dozens of zhang tall. The air thrummed with the presence of a supreme beast. The atmosphere crackled when he breathed!

Qiong Lin was extremely fast. He had landed in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, but at that moment, he started shaking. A gigantic hand swept towards him. The five fingers looked like mountains!

The crowd was astonished. That cultivator was there to protect Lin Feng, and was horrifyingly strong.

All the bleachers and the fighting stage all exploded. Buildings hundreds of li away blew apart. Many strong cultivators exploded instantly, too. Their souls exploded, unable to stand the pressure.

When Saints fought, it was an apocalypse for normal people!

A terrifying metallic sound spread in the air, Qiong Lin was smashed backwards. The gigantic golden hand continued moving towards him.

“Who are you, Your Excellency?” shouted Qiong Lin desperately. He was afraid. A terrifying heavy strength oppressed him.

Nobody answered. The gigantic hand continued moving towards him. He felt powerless.

How strong!, thought the crowd on the ground. How could that ape be so strong? Qiong Lin was already incredibly strong, but that ape could force him back in the blink of an eye. How incredible! And even though Qiong Lin retreating desperately, the gigantic hand continued closing on him.

Qiong Lin released as much fire strength as he could. He was now bathing in flames, his fire original strength turned the atmosphere around him into an explosive ocean of flames.

“Break!” shouted Qiong Lin, releasing a sun to collide with the gigantic hand. An incredible explosion covered the sky.

And the gigantic golden ape’s hand grabbed Qiong Lin.

“What should I do with him?” the gigantic golden ape asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. No wonder the old Ox was so confident. Those beasts were much, much stronger than he had imagined. The golden ape controlled several sorts of original strength, all at the maximum level. He was a terrifying high-level Bestial Saint!

“Kill!” Lin Feng said firmly. The ape crushed Qiong Lin in his hand, crackling sounds spread out. He drew his hand back and looked at the arm sticking out of his closed hand. The ape growled ferociously.

“No!…” Qiong Lin shouted desperately. He was devastated. He released strength while shouting, but gradually, his voice grew more and more faint. When the ape opened his hand, only a few threads of fire Qi were left, Qiong Lin had disappeared.

“Pfew…” The crowd was astonished and took a deep breath. That was a truly terrifying Saint. He could kill a Saint without moving; he could shout and kill gigantic groups of people…

The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were astonished. Lin Feng had a protector who was a peerless Saint. Qiong Lin was a high-level Saint, and had been killed in the blink of an eye.

The members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, Tiantai, and Champion University were astonished too.

At that moment, the gigantic figure shrank down again. The ape was now a mere three meters high, standing calmly behind Lin Feng. The crowd was just flabbergasted.

Lin Feng was back, and Saints could be killed?

Behind him was a terrifying Bestial Saint, Lin Feng had just said told him to kill, and his protector had killed that Saint from a Shrine!

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