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PMG Chapter 2417: Saint Lin Feng

PMG Chapter 2417: Saint Lin Feng

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The atmosphere became eerily silent. Everybody had suddenly forgotten about the grand ceremony.

The members of the Fire Shrine were staring at the gigantic ape behind Lin Feng, trembling now. They knew how strong Lin Feng was, unrivaled in his cultivation. They also knew how strong any high-level Saint was, especially high-level Saints from Shrines, and they were from the Fire Shrine. A high-level Saint had at least one kind of original strength at the maximum level, and Qiong Lin had been killed in one strike.

One strike, and Qiong Lin had died.

“Piss off now. Tell that woman that we’ll settle accounts. Don’t cause trouble to anyone else, or she will receive Qiong Yu’s corpse,” said Lin Feng icily.

The members of the Fire Shrine all grimaced. Lin Feng was telling them to piss off and was threatening them. The woman had sent such a big army, convinced they would manage to kill Lin Feng. However, nobody had thought such a thing would happen. Qiong Lin, a high-level Saint, had been killed because a terrifying cultivator protected Lin Feng. Could they kill Lin Feng now? They could already consider themselves lucky for not dying here!

“Let’s go,” said one of them. They quickly turned around and left. They had come looking dignified and majestic, they left in abject fear.

Many people were astonished. Saints had come looking dignified and majestic, many people had looked at them as if they were gods, and their strongest cultivator had promptly been killed.

And now Lin Feng had told them to piss off.

Everybody turned and looked at Lin Feng. What had Lin Feng gone through in the previous decades? How had he changed so much? The crowd couldn’t believe it. And who was that terrifying cultivator protecting him?

“Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint,” said Lin Feng at that moment. He smiled icily. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint’s face froze unnaturally.

“Brother Lin, you’re extraordinary, as expected,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, smiling awkwardly. He didn’t look as majestic as before. The golden ape behind Lin Feng could kill him effortlessly.

“Your Excellency, I vividly remember what you just said,” smiled Lin Feng. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know what to say. He was furious at the Fire Shrine. They hadn’t been able to deal with Lin Feng. Of course, they hadn’t known Lin Feng would be backed up by such a terrifying cultivator…

“Lin Feng, I’ll tell you directly. If that Bestial Saint wants to kill me, I naturally can’t do anything against him. That’d be my destiny. Anyway, that being the case, the Celestial Martial Dynasty is in the Holy City, and it won’t change anything.”

The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty remained calm and continued, “Anyway, if that terrifying Bestial Saint kills me, what can I do?”

“You think too highly of yourself,” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. He said calmly, “Since you say that, I’ll give you an opportunity. It’s the grand ceremony today, the younger disciples are all done fighting. You and me, let’s fight.”

“Eh?” The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was stunned. Lin Feng wanted to fight against him? He didn’t know much about Lin Feng. He only knew he was very talented and that the Shrines wanted to kill him. But in any case, the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty had been a Saint for thousands of years. Even if he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, he was convinced Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to kill him. Only that golden ape posed a threat to him.

“Really?” asked the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

“Naturally,” said Lin Feng, flashing forwards. The crowd was astonished… Lin Feng wanted to challenge the Saint?

He was a low-level Saint. Lin Feng had disappeared for decades, he couldn’t be a low-level Saint… he was definitely a Half-Saint, right?

Everybody was curious. They thought that Lin Feng dared act like that because he was a member of the Fortune Shrine, and the Fortune Shrine protected him. They didn’t think that Lin Feng had become a Saint in just a few decades. But Lin Feng was challenging the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty!

“Alright,” said the Saint, slowly walking forwards. It felt like the earth and the sky were on the verge of freezing.

“Let’s see how strong a genius of the Fortune Shrine is!” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, staring at Lin Feng. He sounded cold and detached. He flashed forwards as everything froze around him. A layer of ice appeared around Lin Feng’s body, and he felt his soul start to freeze. Ice strength was trying to prevent him from releasing his own strength.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint turned into a beam of light. His robe was covered by a layer of ice, glittering in the light. He threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Die!” A gigantic ice cauldron moved towards Lin Feng. The ice on the cauldron turned into threads of original ice strength. Each thread seemed like it could freeze a cultivator’s soul.

“Slow!” Lin Feng released slow strength, and the threads of ice Qi slowed down, Lin Feng could see them more distinctly. He could also see the Saint’s movements more clearly.

Lin Feng moved too, raising his finger and releasing absorbing strength. A dragon which absorbed everything in his way moved towards the cauldron. The two sorts of original strengths collided and shattered.

Lin Feng was staring at his opponent. He looked enigmatic and unfathomable.

“Throne!” shouted the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint loftily. An ice throne appeared and rotated around him. It contained king Qi.

“Go in,” said Lin Feng. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint sensed the world around him turn into an illusion. Everything around him turned into darkness.

“Celestial Life Peeling,” said Lin Feng coldly. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint was horrified as he sensed his life being peeled off.

“How is this possible? My King Dao Qi!” The Saint was astonished. He had a king-type body, he had a king life, his Qi was more powerful, he was extremely strong and talented. And yet, Lin Feng was peeling off his King Dao!

As expected, the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique is terrifying. Not only do I sense what might happen in the future, but I can also use it to kill people by destroying their destiny, thought Lin Feng. It was one of the last things he had studied, but it was also one of the things he had studied for the longest time, decades. He only understood the basics so far.

“I’m done playing with you,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He pointed at the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint, and moved in a blur of motion. He condensed fast strength in his hand and accelerated, moving so fast it was impossible to follow him with the eye.

And the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint was still affected by the slow strength.

Playing with me? The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint pulled a long face. He had been a low-level Saint for so many years, and Lin Feng said he was playing with him?

A million death stamps turned into hell and surrounded him. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint shouted furiously, his throne of ice was behind him, he looked like an ice king.

A terrifying sword Qi moved towards him. It was Lin Feng’s Ruler’s Sword. The throne exploded, and the ice as well.

“Piss off!” shouted the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint. He raised his hand and released ice original strength. He wanted to freeze Lin Feng.

“Absorb!” Lin Feng’s fist collided with his hand, turned into a vortex and absorbed his king Qi. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint’s face turned deathly pale as he stared at Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought he would feel so weak against Lin Feng.

“And you dared act arrogantly in front of me,” said Lin Feng icily. He looked at the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint disdainfully. These days, Lin Feng released attacks with all his body parts, his eyes, his hands… It was difficult to defend against him. Lin Feng controlled so many sorts of original strength, he could attack without really probing. Attacking was natural for him.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint was being attacked from all sides, and his Qi was being absorbed. He was being absorbed in Lin Feng’s vortex… and then he disappeared into it entirely.

“How is that possible?” The members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty were astonished and terrified. A Saint had just been absorbed?

Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves and slowly walked back to the members of Tiantai. He looked like a peerless and aggressive cultivator. The crowd realized that Lin Feng wasn’t a gentle young man anymore. He had become almost peerless. He had become a real king!

Lin Feng looked like a real king; he was Saint Lin Feng!

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