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PMG Chapter 2419: Lecture

PMG Chapter 2419: Lecture

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In the central part of Tiantai was a field. Many disciples gathered there, they standing in two gigantic lines. Between them were praying mats. They all looked at a young man with admiration. He was wearing white clothes, he looked clean, calm, and composed.

However, everybody knew that that young man could kill low-level Saints easily. He had destroyed some Shrines’ members, too. He had also refused to see a Saint because he was busy. He was a living legend. Now he was going to teach them some concepts, how incredible! One could well imagine how happy the crowd was.

I’ve heard that Brother Lang Yan received some knowledge from him, that’s how he defeated Shi Xuan. He progressed a lot after receiving Teacher Lin Feng’s transmissions. In a few seconds, he can probably make you progress more than you would in ten years by practicing really hard!, thought someone. Such opportunities were extremely rare.

“Sit down,” said Lin Feng, smiling patiently. He didn’t sound stuffy at all, rather amiable and casual, but the disciples were nervous. They all sat down on the praying mats and looked at Lin Feng.

“You all have different cultivation levels. You all practice different types of cultivation. I can’t make a uniform lecture for you. However, I want to say a few things.

“When I started practicing cultivation, my cultivation level was much lower than yours. I started at the Qi layer. Back in the days, I admired cultivators. For me, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and the Tian Qi layer were extraordinary cultivators. Such levels were out of reach for me. If I hadn’t thought that way, I don’t think I would have progressed at all. I would have never become a Tian level cultivator. But now I’m a Saint, what is the Tian Qi layer to me?” Lin Feng began calmly.

People were shaking. Indeed, they couldn’t forget that Lin Feng used to be extremely weak back in the days. He had admired other people, too. Now he was much powerful than the people of the Tian Qi layer whom he had admired once.

“Don’t think that you can’t surpass me even if you are slow-witted. Never give up, grand talents mature slowly. Many people are slow-witted, but they still have good aptitudes, they practice slowly, but they can also become very strong. Talent is helpful until a certain point, that’s all. Talent cannot determine which cultivation level you’ll reach in your life, what does is your heart,” said Lin Feng. Many people felt extremely determined.

“Your heart, that’s your intent. Your intent makes you unbreakable. You can bend, but not break. But you also need to be realistic, cultivation is something you do step by step. You must be determined to become better each day. Someday, you’ll reach the end.”

“Pfew…” People were extremely excited, they all breathed quickly. Their hearts were pounding: reach the end!?

“Alright, I just wanted to tell you those things. If you have any question, you can ask me,” smiled Lin Feng. “Don’t feel ill at ease, ask me anything.”

“Teacher!” said a bald young man standing up quickly. Everybody looked at him, he looked nervous and kept scratching his head, “Teacher, I’m so nervous, sorry. I am now a high-level emperor, I understand earth cosmic energy. However, I can’t understand Dao, how do I understand Dao and how do I know which Dao is mine?”

Most people understood Dao when they were great emperors, but some talented and outstanding young people understood Dao when they were still emperors, like Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu, and Ji Chang had back in the days.

“Come here and use your best strength to attack me. Let me sense your cosmic energies,” said Lin Feng to that young man.

He was surprised and nodded, “Teacher, I don’t want to be disrespectful.”

He bowed before Lin Feng and attacked him.

A powerful heavy strength moved towards Lin Feng. The bald young man’s fist became as heavy as a mountain, his strength was oppressive like an avalanche.

Of course, it couldn’t do anything to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood up and the bald young man sensed an oppressive strength surround him. It was painful.

His strength is a billion times more powerful than mine, it’s also a type of cosmic energy, thought the bald young man. Lin Feng moved towards him, surrounding him with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. It was as if the earth had oppressed him.

“Dao is an accumulation. To understand Dao, you must accumulate enough strength. You can’t just study and learn Dao like this. I first understood Life and Death Dao. I remember, when I understood Dao, I was on the battlefield of the Celestial Country. I killed many, many strong cultivators before understanding Dao. There were mountains of corpses around me. Other people can only give you pieces of advice regarding Dao, but they can’t help you find your Dao.”

Everybody listened to Lin Feng. As Lin Feng walked towards the young man, the strength became too oppressive, and he fell down on his butt. When the strength disappeared, he closed his eyes and visualized the strength Lin Feng had just used, the pure earth intent he had released.

“You’re worth teaching,” smiled Lin Feng. He walked back to his original seat. He had helped the bald young man sense the strength he studied, so now he had to study it on his own, Lin Feng couldn’t study for him.

Teacher Lin Feng is teaching us personally, we have to seize this opportunity. It’s extremely rare, realized many disciples.

“Teacher, I’m a low-level emperor, and I’ve been stuck at this level for a very long time. I can’t break through. What to do?” asked someone, standing up.

“How long haven’t you gone traveling?” asked Lin Feng.

“Two years.”

“During those two years, you only practiced and meditated alone, and you haven’t broken through?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed, I can’t break through. I can sense my cosmic energies are powerful enough, though.”

“Come here,” said Lin Feng casually.

That student walked towards Lin Feng. Suddenly, Lin Feng moved like the wind; a terrifying strength surrounded that cultivator and corroded his intent. He had the impression he was going to die.

He didn’t have time to react, but it was an opportunity too. If he were slightly stronger, he would able to dodge!

“No…” shouted that student, furiously. Then, he moved with the wind, changing his position and releasing humming sword lights all around himself. But he still felt danger closing on him.

Another wave of Qi rolled towards him. It descended from the sky and moved towards his shoulders as fast as lightning.

“Wind!” That cultivator released wind strength and moved as fast as he could, but as soon as he dodged, more strength moved towards him. It didn’t stop, strength kept attacking him. At the same time, he looked at Lin Feng, who was already seated on a praying mat.

“That’s…” The crowd was astonished. That disciple was fighting against nothing in a frenzy. He looked crazy.

“He has the impression he’s going to die.”

“It’s definitely an illusion, the goal is to unleash his full potential as if he were about to die.”

“The teacher is oppressing him, he has to dodge; if he doesn’t he will die.”

The crowd understood. The teacher wanted to see how long he would persevere. At that moment, the air hummed, and a stronger Qi rolled out. The crowd frowned.

“I… broke through.”

The illusion disappeared, and the disciple stopped awkwardly. His cosmic energies hummed around him. He was astonished as he understood what was happening to him. He bowed before Lin Feng and said, “Thank you very much, Teacher.”

“You understand now? asked Lin Feng.

“I understand. You oppressed me, but it wasn’t real. It just made me think I was going to die. I had only two options: surpass myself and break through, or die.”

“Indeed. Die, or break through. But to achieve that, you must have reached a certain level too, your cosmic energies had to be at the top already. This time, you only needed a little bit of pressure. To achieve that, you need to go out and travel. That’s why cultivators travel all the time, you need to fight against enemies to become stronger. Risking your life is often part of the game. That’s how you unleash your full potential, when your enemies oppress you.”

Everybody listened carefully. Lin Feng taught new things to everyone.

That lecture last for three days. However, for them, it felt as if they had saved thirty years. Everybody was in awe of Lin Feng. It was incredible to spend time with a legendary cultivator. They would always respect him, they would never betray Tiantai, they owed Tiantai for this chance!

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