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PMG Chapter 2420: Flying to the Top!

PMG Chapter 2420: Flying to the Top!

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After the lecture, Lin Feng gave his teachers many spells, skills, techniques, and weapons. He only gave them great ones. He even gave them some Saint’s Weapons he had obtained after killing people.

“Little Lin Feng, those things are good because you’re in Tiantai, but if you’re not here, people will annihilate us for those items. Like when you gave Lang Yan a Saint’s Weapon in front of everybody, that was scary. Do you really think it’s a good thing for Lang Yan to have a Saint’s Weapon?” asked Mu Chen, easily seeing the problem.

“Teacher, I understand what you mean. I also thought about that, that’s why I gave Lang Yan a protective Saint’s Weapon. He can’t use it to attack, he can only use to protect himself. Most cultivators can’t do anything to him. When I’m traveling, I will leave nine low-level Bestial Saints here to protect Tiantai. They will become Tiantai’s protectors. I’m sure they’ll be able to protect Tiantai for thousands of years, no matter what happens. High-level Saints are unlikely to come to the lower world.”

“Nine Bestial Saints as protectors!” Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were astonished, “Alright, indeed, nobody can do anything to Tiantai with such cultivators, unless Shrines come personally.”

“The Fire Shrine is the Shrine with which I have the most problems. I kidnapped a descendant of the Fire Shrine, that’s why they don’t dare try anything too risky. They will probably not try anything for the time being. In the future, if my relations with the Fire Shrine worsen, I will take care of Tiantai.”

“Alright, sounds like a plan,” said Mu Chen, smiling and nodding. “In less than a hundred years, Tiantai will become one of the strongest groups, I think.”

“Teacher, do you have any news from my fellow disciples?” asked Lin Feng.

Mu Chen and Emperor Yu remained silent. Lin Feng looked at their expressions and asked, “What is going on, and what are you hiding from me, Teachers? Tell me. ”

“Little Lin Feng, Tian Chi is… hmm…” Mu Chen sighed.

Lin Feng’s face stiffened, “What’s wrong with him?!”

“There’s a Buddhist mountain in the Holy City, the legend says you need to climb up 99,999 steps to achieve enlightenment as a Buddhist cultivator. You’ve heard of that legend, right?”

“Indeed?” Lin Feng nodded. The first time he had arrived in the Holy City, Huang Fu Long and Tantai had told him about it. It was said that those who had needed the least time to get to the top had done it in three years, it was impossible to do it by flying. The cultivators who tried died. There was also another legend which said that there was a peerless Buddha at the top, but that many people who managed to get to the top became peerless demons.

Tian Chi had tried to climb up that mountain many times, he had also failed repeatedly.

“Tian Chi managed to get to the top. He didn’t become a Buddha, he became a demon. He came back once, kowtowed three times banging his head on the ground, then he said he had nothing to do with his teachers and fellow disciples anymore,” said Mu Chen. It was horrible for him to think about. Tian Chi was one of his direct disciples, like a son to him. Tian Chi used to be gentle and soft, and now he had become a demon, so he had decided to break off all ties.

“When did that happen?” Lin Feng asked grimly.

“Just before the Canaan Dynasty started rising. It is said that the rising of the Canaan Dynasty has something to do with the Buddhist Mountain,” said Mu Chen.

“Where is Tian Chi?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything from him since he left. ”

Lin Feng frowned. He gazed into the distance and suddenly shouted, “Canaan Dynasty’s leader, hurry up and come to Tiantai to see me!”

Everybody in the Holy City heard his voice. The ground trembled at his words.

“Canaan Dynasty’s leader, hurry up and come to Tiantai to see me…”

His voice echoed for a long time. Many people raised their heads and shuddered in fear. That was probably Lin Feng’s voice, he was the only one who could shout so loudly and especially make the leader of the Canaan Dynasty come to Tiantai. Many people sighed; at that cultivation level, people seemed to belong to another world. Nothing could stop them.

As expected, after a short time, a group of people from the Canaan Dynasty arrived and stopped outside of Tiantai.

They didn’t land, someone directly said icily, “What is the Canaan Dynasty’s relationship with the Buddhist Mountain?”

Those people looked at Lin Feng in surprise. The leader of the group was the Saint, he was startled too. He had watched Lin Feng had directly kill the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint during the grand ceremony, so he didn’t want to offend him.

“At the beginning, the Canaan Dynasty was the Canaan Buddhist Clan, then a disciple climbed up the mountain and obtained a Sutra. Then, he practiced really hard, and that’s what happened,” someone said to Lin Feng.

“You want to die!” shouted Lin Feng icily. A strong wind blew past and beheaded that person. Blood splashed, and he died instantly. The others’ faces turned deathly pale.

“If you continue lying, I’ll kill you all,” said Lin Feng icily. He said to the Saint, “Speak!”

The Saint tried to keep calm. He said to Lin Feng, “I’m the cultivator of the Buddhist Mountain he meant, then I came down, I went to the Canaan Buddhist Clan and I granted them many techniques. Then I changed their name.”

“You’re a Buddhist monk, you’re not a demon cultivator?” asked Lin Feng icily.

He looked startled and said, “Buddhism is demon cultivation.”

“Go. Bring me to the Buddhist Mountain,” said Lin Feng coldly.

The Saint said, “You want to walk up the mountain?”

“I want to fly straight to the top!” replied Lin Feng.

“You don’t respect the big Buddha,” said that person, smiling coldly.

“If Buddhism is demon cultivation, Buddhists need respect? Besides, if I’m strong enough, what is Buddha in front of me?” said Lin Feng aggressively. The crowd was trembling around them. Buddhism was demon cultivation? If I’m strong enough, what is Buddha in front of me?

“Since it’s that way, you and me will get to the top.” He rose up in the air and flew away. Lin Feng glanced at the members of the Canaan Dynasty icily and turned into a beam of light.

According to legends, to achieve Buddhist enlightenment, it was necessary to climb up the stairs. People who flew and landed at the top died. However, Lin Feng considered himself strong enough to fly straight to the top. He could kill low-level Saints easily, but what about the peerless Buddha of the legends?

Lin Feng didn’t care about legends?

In the Holy City, many people’s figures flickered. They flew towards the Buddhist Mountain; was Lin Feng going to land at the top of the mountain?

The Buddhist Mountain was surrounded by water. People usually arrived by boat. At that moment, two figures were flying high up in the sky. The leader of the Canaan Dynasty stopped and said to Lin Feng, “I must stop here. If you can pass, I’ll follow you. ”

“Let’s see who’s purposely making a mystery of a simple thing and terrifying the inhabitants of the Holy City,” said Lin Feng, rolling up his sleeves. He didn’t believe in Buddha and demons, he just believed in strength. If a Buddha wasn’t strong, who would believe in them? At the top of the mountain, there had to be a strong cultivator. Lin Feng didn’t care about him, but this time his friend had a problem, so he had to help. His friend had even decided to break off ties with his friends and teachers, that was too strange…

A powerful energy filled the air and surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng was not surprised. As expected, Saint’s strength. No wonder nobody could fly to the top.

But now he had decided to break the rule.

Lin Feng continued walking slowly. The atmosphere was oppressive. Then, Buddha lights rolled out and Lin Feng heard someone chant a mantra in a magnificent Brahma voice. A peerless golden Buddha appeared. He kept chanting endlessly.

Many people raised their heads; as expected, there was a peerless Buddha protecting the mountain. Nobody had ever dared fly straight to the top, but Lin Feng dared!

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