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PMG Chapter 2421: Situation

PMG Chapter 2421: Situation

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Lin Feng raised his head and heard the Buddhist cultivator shout loudly. The atmosphere trembled. He had the impression his soul was going to explode. However, Lin Feng shouted out too, and the force of his voice dashed to the skies and collided with the Buddhist cultivator’s loud shout.

However, it was just the beginning. After that, a gigantic ancient golden Buddha descended from the sky and oppressed everything. His hand blotted out the sky and bore down on Lin Feng. It felt like the earth and the sky were on the verge of collapse. What a domineering attack!

“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted icily. He released sword strength, which streaked across the sky and destroyed the Buddhist hand imprint instantly.

The Brahma voice’s sound waves continued rolling out in waves. Suddenly, Lin Feng was alone in an empty space and could only hear the Brahma voice. A hundred and eight Sakyamunis appeared and chanted mantras unceasingly. They wanted him to give up everything and die happily.

Lin Feng was disgusted by this kind of technique. Buddhist cultivators tried to kill people by making them give up, it was a horrible feeling.

Lin Feng disappeared. The hundred and eight Sakyamunis shot towards Lin Feng. He raised his hands.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Everything around him slowed down. At the same time, he released a terrifying sword intent which contained God strength, his manifesting speed was incredible. It was like he was merely releasing dazzling beam of lights. The ancient Buddhas exploded one after another.

They turned into a golden ocean, which rolled in waves towards Lin Feng, the roar of the waves threatening to drown earth and sky. The mantra soundwave continued floating all around him.

Eh? Could it be that there’s no peerless Buddha here? It seems like only the attacks of a peerless Buddha are left, but an actual person, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t see his opponent at all. The attacks had definitely been created by a very strong cultivator, probably a high-level Buddha Saint, or the attacks he had left wouldn’t have been so powerful.

Sword lights kept flashing around Lin Feng. He jumped into the golden ocean and continued walking.

Only Buddhist enlightenment could allow one to escape from the boundless sea of bitterness, but Lin Feng wasn’t interested.

His figure flickered. The sea of bitterness was boundless, there were dazzling golden lights everywhere, corroding away. People from the outside couldn’t see the top of the Buddhist mountain at all. Lin Feng and the ancient Buddha disappeared together.

Lin Feng traveled for days. He didn’t turn around. He ended up in many illusions, but Lin Feng overcame every obstacle.


Lin Feng was still walking slowly. Finally, the sea of bitterness disappeared, and he finally landed at the top of the mountain.

“This the Buddhist mountain?” Lin Feng looked around, he was surprised.

He smiled icily; this was a Holy Place for Buddhist cultivators?

Bullshit! It was an evil and demonic place!

On the top of the mountain were several buildings. Some people came out of a building, all of them Buddhist monks. However, Lin Feng smiled icily when he saw them. They were wearing Buddhist clothes, but their demon Qi rolled in waves around them.

“I would have never thought that this place would be a sink of inequity,” said Lin Feng calmly. “Where is Tian Chi?”

“I wouldn’t have thought someone would arrive by air. Unfortunately, you’re not a Buddhist cultivator,” sighed those people. “Your Excellency, please go back, you shouldn’t be here.”

“Who should come here, then?” asked Lin Feng.

“People who want to achieve Buddhist enlightenment.” replied that person.

“Why do people who want to achieve Buddhist enlightenment turn into demons?” asked Lin Feng.

“They achieve supreme enlightenment.”

“After they achieve supreme enlightenment, they don’t become Buddhas, they become demons, how ridiculous! Where’s Tian Chi?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t have time to talk about this.

“There hasn’t been any Saint in the Holy City for a very long time, but Buddhist monks who come to the Buddhist Mountain become great Demon Buddhas and become Saints. Isn’t that supreme enlightenment?” asked that person, ignoring Lin Feng. They were all strong, all low-level Saints. If Lin Feng hadn’t come personally, he would have never known there were such strong cultivators here.

“Buddha? Demon?” Lin Feng looked furious. He took out his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, and demon strength suddenly rolled in waves. He suddenly looked like a peerless demon. He said icily, “If you continue making me waste my time, I’ll destroy the Buddhist Mountain!”

Those people were stupefied; this strong cultivator was a demon cultivator!

“Tian Chi is there,” said that person, pointing at a building. Lin Feng’s godly awareness rolled out, crackling sounds spread in the air. He entered the building and saw a cultivator with long black hair seated cross-legged.

The man suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Brother Lin Feng, what are you doing here?”

Lin Feng put his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation away and walked forwards. The ground under his feet shattered. He destroyed the building, and the demon cultivator appeared alone in front of Lin Feng. It was Tian Chi. He had completely changed, he looked like a demon now.

“Second fellow disciple.” Lin Feng was seething. Back in the days, Tian Chi used to smile all the time. Now, he had completely changed.

“You go back. I’m not your second fellow disciple anymore,” said Tian Chi indifferently. Lin Feng suddenly felt so sad to hear that. He was probably as sad as his teachers.

“Why?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t care about worldly affairs anymore. I only care about strength. In only a few dozens of years, I became a Saint. I’m becoming extremely strong,” said Tian Chi calmly.

“I will understand,” said Lin Feng, turning around. He landed in front of the flight of long stairs. There were ninety-nine thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine steps on it.

Lin Feng moved like the wind and descended the flight of stairs. After a short time, he arrived at the foot of the flight of stairs. He looked up at the flight of stairs and started climbing it again. He wanted to see what people who went through that test experienced.

“Those who are not honest and serious can’t achieve enlightenment,” said a voice. Lin Feng didn’t care, he continued walking up. He could sense a strange strength, but the voice was right actually, without being completely honest, it was impossible to achieve enlightenment. However, Lin Feng was different, because he was stronger than the flight of stairs. Nothing could stop him.

Thirty-three thousand and three hundred and thirty-three steps. People who make it here must be very honest and have faith, they believe. Buddhist cultivators are usually very determined and honest, my second fellow disciple is that kind of person too, thought Lin Feng.

He continued walking up. There were several tests as he walked up the stairs, illusions which tested his ambition, intent, honesty etc. He had to pass all the tests to get top the top. It wasn’t an easy test, but Tian Chi had passed it long ago.

Lin Feng was on the sixty-six thousand and six hundred and sixty-sixth step. He was starting to experience Buddhist cultivators’ lives in illusions. Those lives were all about faith. The only way to continue walking up was faith. Lin Feng was surprised by some illusions, too.

For example, a Buddhist monk had practiced compassion everyday, he had become incredible, he had created great skills to help people become compassionate and so on. He had recruited many disciples. Then, one day, he realized that the disciples he trusted the most had betrayed him. They had killed his family members and stolen his skills and techniques. How could people like that be considered Buddhist cultivators? The Buddha delivers all living creatures from suffering and torment?

Those illusions looked extremely real, like the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ lives. if someone who tried to climb up the stairs had any doubt, they couldn’t get the top anymore. Lin Feng could imagine how hard the exam was.

Lin Feng’s heart was racing. He imagined how terrifying it was for people who got to the top and saw demon Qi: how devastated were they? Achieve supreme enlightenment? How cruel! How could people achieve supreme enlightenment like that?!

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