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PMG Chapter 2422: Buddhist Mountain’s Leader

PMG Chapter 2422: Buddhist Mountain’s Leader

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Lin Feng continued moving forwards. He saw all sorts of things. For Buddhist monks who had faith and who were determined, passing all those tests was a beautiful thing. But the one who had created that test wasn’t a real Buddhist cultivator, he wanted to crush people’s faith. That’s why it was so cruel!

If someone firmly believes until the last minute, it must be even more horrible, thought Lin Feng. He continued climbing up the stairs. Finally, he arrived at the top, after experiencing someone’s life. That life was a Buddhist monk’s life. He had experienced love and hatred, but he abandoned everything to achieve enlightenment and, in the end, he lost everybody he loved, they died, and in the end, he had a miserable life.

When Lin Feng reached the last step, he heard a voice say, “Do you still believe?”

Hearing such a thing was shocking. Lin Feng took another step and arrived at the very top of the mountain, he sensed the demon Qi and heard, “Being a Buddhist in this world is useful if you want to be strong, and it’s also the goal when you’re a demon cultivator, demon cultivation and Buddhism are the same. I am a Buddha.”

Then, Lin Feng saw a woman, Buddhist and demon energies intertwining around her. The two antagonistic energies were having a fierce battle.

“That’s the one who experienced the miserable and tragic life.” Lin Feng was grim, and took a deep breath. He understood why Tian Chi had no way to free himself. People who managed to pass the exam of the flight of stairs were extremely determined and motivated, and when they arrived at the top, their beliefs, their faith, were crushed, which also crushed them emotionally.

Lin Feng’s figure flickered. He arrived in front of Tian Chi again and said, “Brother, even if you passed the tragic and sad exam of the flight of stairs, you don’t need to be disappointed in everything. Our two teachers and all our fellow disciples love you as a brother and it’s not a lie, it’s true.”

Tian Chi shook his head, “If they’re honest, it’s great, and if it’s all a lie, it doesn’t matter, either. I already gave up. Leave now. Don’t disturb me while I practice cultivation. It’s my own decision, and it has nothing to do with you.”

“If you accept to reply to a few of my questions, I’ll leave,” said Lin Feng.

Tian Chi opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng, “Go ahead.”

“Your faith has been crushed, you don’t believe in Buddhism anymore, why did you turn into a demon cultivator?” asked Lin Feng.

“Demon cultivation is merciless and emotionless. The only purpose is to become strong. You can see how strong I’ve become; do you think I had the ability to become that strong in the past?”

“Alright, you think you can only be strong that way, so you became emotionless and merciless to become strong. But then again, why do you want to become so strong?” asked Lin Feng.

“In this world, only strength matters. If you’re strong, you can control everything. If you’re strong, you can say you’re a Buddha, you can say you’re a demon, it all doesn’t matter. You can choose to be what you want to be.”

“What was the purpose of the one who made you become a demon?” asked Lin Feng.

“He’s had a miserable and sad life, and then he achieved supreme enlightenment. He didn’t want other people to have the same life as him, so he decided to help others. He is an extraordinary being. If you can’t become a demon, then you can continue believing in Buddhism, it doesn’t matter anyway. Both can become peerless cultivators,” said Tian Chi slowly.

Lin Feng burst into frantic laughter, like a madman. Tian Chi asked, “What are you laughing at?”

“Second fellow disciple, I’m laughing because you seem so naive. Since he achieved supreme enlightenment and became a peerless demon, he’s supposed to be selfish and focus on his own strength, he’s supposed to practice with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts.

“So, why would he help other people? I’m laughing because you think you achieved supreme enlightenment, you think you’re having a good life as a demon cultivator. You’re just a tool for him,” said Lin Feng, “Now, I will show you how to achieve supreme enlightenment again. If you still don’t believe me, then we’ll break off ties forever.

“You say that demon cultivation, merciless and emotionless are the best ways to become strong quickly. How, I’ve never changed, I love my closed ones, I hate my enemies. Back then, we were similarly strong, how strong am I now?” demanded Lin Feng. His robe started fluttering in the wind. He stepped forwards, and a terrifying energy filled the air. Tian Chi’s face changed drastically, and he jumped away.

“You think you can escape?” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black, Tian Chi had the impression he was being absorbed into Hell. Lin Feng raised his hand and grabbed Tian Chi’s neck, “Maybe you did achieve supreme enlightenment, but you’re so-so now.”

He threw Tian Chi away, and the latter crashed into a wall. He pulled a long face and stared at Lin Feng, while releasing demon Qi in angry waves.

“You’re angry? You’re not qualified to be angry! Our teachers made great efforts to raise you and you decided to break off ties? You’re worthless!” said Lin Feng, walking forwards. He raised his fist again.

Tian Chi was angry. He released ancient imprints and shot them towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng destroyed them instantly. He grabbed Tian Chi again and threw him onto the ground violently. A crater appeared under Tian Chi, and he coughed up blood.

“That’s what you call ‘achieving supreme enlightenment’? You’ve become a tiny little insect! You’ve become weaker after achieving supreme enlightenment!  I can kill you in the blink of an eye!” Lin Feng looked at Tian Chi disdainfully and said, “Don’t tell me that you achieved supreme enlightenment and that it’s the best way to practice cultivation when I’m stronger than you!

“You say that strength is the most important thing, that Buddhism is demon cultivation, maybe! But in any case, the most important thing is to listen to your heart. I am strong, but I listen to myself, I have my own stories, I have my own life. There are people I love, there are people I hate. I think am quite free and unfettered, unlike you,” said Lin Feng.

Tian Chi shivered.

“And these people who live at the top of the mountain, are they enlightened beings?” snarled Lin Feng, glancing at the crowd icily. He glanced at them, and buildings exploded instantly. Qi rolled in waves towards Lin Feng. He flickered, pointed his fingers at someone, and that person instantly died.

“Killing you people who have achieved supreme enlightenment is a slight effort,” said Lin Feng, rolling up his sleeves. Then he landed in front of Tian Chi again and said, “Did you see that clearly? You really achieved supreme enlightenment?”

Tian Chi was trembling and staring at Lin Feng. His younger fellow disciple was crazy and honest; he had never changed, he loved his friends and hated his enemies. Why change?

“You passed the test of the flight of stairs and changed because you thought you had achieved supreme enlightenment. I’ve also gone through a lot, and I also experienced many lives, I’ll show you,” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, Tian Chi started dreaming, Lin Feng forced him to experience the different lives of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.

After a long time, the dream ended and Lin Feng said to Tian Chi, “I experienced more than you and I didn’t change, why did I manage to do that and you didn’t? Even if you don’t believe in Buddhism anymore, even if you don’t want to be a Buddhism monk anymore, why did you need to change your personality? Why do you exist? What is your purpose in life?”

Lin Feng was furious, Tian Chi thought he had achieved supreme enlightenment?

“You mean it’s a conspiracy?” asked Tian Chi.

“Of course, come with me!” said Lin Feng. Their figures flickered.

There was nothing where Lin Feng took Tian Chi, but he took out a sword and slashed it. “Break!”

Clear notes sounded as something unseen broke. Fissures appeared in the atmosphere. Tian Chi was stunned.

“Nothing that is invented can escape from my perceptions,” said Lin Feng. They continued moving forwards. There was a mountain there, and a figure at the top. There was a man there, half Buddha half demon, holding a woman in his arms.

“It’s him.” Tian Chi was astonished.

“Indeed, it’s him! He’s the one at the center of all this,” said Lin Feng, “You really think he’s helping you?”

“What is his goal?” asked Tian Chi.

“To become a peerless Saint,” replied Lin Feng firmly. Tian Chi was stupefied. Lin Feng said to that person, “You’re still alive, if I’m not mistaken.”

The person slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng. His face was blurry, it was impossible to see his features. He was half demon, half Buddha.

“I think we know one another,” said Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng,” said that person. Lin Feng wasn’t surprised. He could sense that he did indeed know that person.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng.

“You’ll know in time. Now, take him away. He came voluntarily, I didn’t force him. There’s no need to disturb me,” said that person calmly.

“Alright, we’ll meet again,” replied Lin Feng easily. He left with Tian Chi.

“You know the difference between high-level Saints and peerless Saints?” asked Lin Feng to Tian Chi.

“I know,” said Tian Chi, nodding.

“What are conditions to become a peerless Saint?” asked Lin Feng.

“Two sorts of special original strength at the maximum level, then you must make them fuse together,” said Tian Chi slowly. Suddenly, he looked astonished as if he had just understood something. His heart started pounding.

“Indeed. That cultivator is a terrifying Buddhist monk, and he wants to become a peerless Saint, for that, he needs to understand the opposite original strength: demon original strength!”

“He used you guys to study!” said Lin Feng. Tian Chi was astonished and trembling.

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