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PMG Chapter 2423: True Self

PMG Chapter 2423: True Self

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Lin Feng showed Tian Chi a lot, had he made a mistake?

Back then, he didn’t really care about the outside world. He was free, but he was also very determined on the path of Buddhism. Lin Feng knew that. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu also knew that.

But during the previous decades, he had focused on climbing the Buddhist Mountain because of his religion, his faith had been ruined, and his soul had been bruised all over. He had decided to focus on becoming stronger, he had decided to become a demon. In a few years, he had become a Saint, so he was convinced that it was due to his choice.

But now Lin Feng had used facts to show him he was wrong. He had been used by other people. He couldn’t withstand a single attack from Lin Feng. Lin Feng was the same as before, and he had become strong too, and he was still becoming stronger quickly. So why was Tian Chi becoming stronger quickly because he had decided to practice demon cultivation?

Lin Feng looked at Tian Chi and said icily, “You became stronger, so what? Someone ruined your faith, your personality changed, and you convinced yourself you were happy that way? Don’t you feel ashamed, ridiculous, and miserable? Your fate was in someone else’s hands!”

Tian Chi took a deep breath and asked himself what he had done wrong. Someone had used him?

“Second fellow disciple,” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, he didn’t sound as cold, he sounded calm and serene. Tian Chi slowly turned his head to Lin Feng, and looked at him straight in the eyes.

“I came here to find some answers. Now, I told you all I wanted to tell you. I hope you’ll return to your true self, I can’t force you to change. I hope you’ll understand who you really are, and how to live your life. If you really want to stay like that, I’ll just leave immediately, and I will never come back to you,” said Lin Feng, staring at Tian Chi calmly.

Tian Chi also wondered who he really was.

He closed his eyes, he had to listen to his heart, he had achieved supreme enlightenment once, now he had to do with his heart. He had to forget about everything. He needed to understand his own emotions!

Tian Chi visualized many things, he visualized a young Buddhist monk at the top of a mountain meditating. He said to a middle-aged man, “Teacher, why do we practice cultivation?”

“Cultivating our mind and body is important to learn things, to become qualified. It helps you understand yourself, it helps you choose your path,” smiled the middle-aged man. He didn’t really understand, but the middle-aged man laughed and tapped his head.

The little Buddhist monk grew up. He practiced really hard, he traveled all around, he was tired, life was difficult. He went back to the mountain, the middle-aged man was still there, he clapped his shoulders and smiled, “Little Chi, little Chi, you traveled for two years.”

The Buddhist monk who had grown up smiled widely. “Teacher, I feel purer in my heart, I feel infinitely grateful.”

“I didn’t ask you to leave for so long, though,” another middle-aged man smiled. The Buddhist monk lowered his head and grinned.

Tears appeared in his eyes and flowed along his cheeks. He suddenly felt so sad.

He understood. He finally understood.

He suddenly opened his eyes. He cut his long black hair, and after a few seconds, he was completely bald again. He looked at Lin Feng, he was still crying, but he still smiled broadly. He felt sad and happy at the same time. He had returned to his true self. Nobody could use him anymore!

“Lin Feng, thank you,” said Tian Chi. Lin Feng smiled broadly too. He knew that the Tian Chi he knew had come back to his true self.

“Second fellow disciple,” said Lin Feng. They hugged.

“Let’s go back, Lin Feng. I want to see our teachers,” said Tian Chi suddenly. He was impatient.

“Alright, let’s go back,” said Lin Feng smiling. They both left.

At that moment, there were still many strong cultivators at the top of the mountain. Tian Chi wasn’t the only one who had been influenced by Lin Feng, the others were, too. They were also struggling in their hearts.

But all of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng anymore.


In Tiantai, Mu Chen and Emperor Yu gazed into the distance. They were waiting. Lin Feng had left for a few days already and he hadn’t come back, so they were worried.

Even though Lin Feng was strong, the Buddhist Mountain was mysterious, and they had heard that Lin Feng had tried to fly straight to the top of the mountain. There had been a terrifying battle and after that Lin Feng had disappeared.

In the distance, a beam of light appeared and shot in their direction. They couldn’t see anything, but they heard sonic booms. They landed on the ground, a gigantic crater appeared as dust rose up in the air. Then, someone appeared in front of them, and didn’t dare look at them.

“That’s…” the two were stupefied. Then they saw Lin Feng land there, too.

“Little Chi!” said Mu Chen. He was stupefied. Tian Chi was on his knees in front of them.

“Teachers, I am a bad disciple,” said Tian Chi. He sounded extremely sad and guilty. He banged his head on the ground, dust continued rising around him.

“Pfew…” Emperor Yu and Mu Chen glanced at each other and smiled. Little Chi was back!

“Stand up.”

“Little Chi, you’re back, we’re happy.”

They walked up to him and dragged him up, or at least they tried to, he didn’t stand up.

“Teachers, let me kowtow here,” said Tian Chi, raising his head. He looked at them, he could see they weren’t angry at him, but he still felt so guilty, so sad. He imagined how sad his teachers had been because of him. He felt like a horrible person.

“Little Chi, you made a mistake, but we don’t blame you,” said Mu Chen, pulling on Tian Chi.

“Mu Chen is right. Little Chi, you’re back, let bygones be bygones,” said Emperor Yu. Tian Chi looked at the two teachers, he felt so guilty…

“Second fellow disciple, stand up. You’re making our teachers sad like this. Let bygones be bygones,” said Lin Feng, walking towards Tian Chi.

Tian Chi looked at Lin Feng and then at his teachers. He kowtowed again and said, “Your teachings are etched firmly into my mind.”

Tian Chi stood up, Emperor Yu and Mu Chen were touched and really happy.

“Little Lin Feng, thank you for having brought Little Chi back,” said Mu Chen to Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would succeed.

“Teacher, we can’t blame my second fellow disciple. The leader of the Buddhist Mountain is too strong. He’s using people who are determined; he makes them lose faith and turns them into pawns,” said Lin Feng. He could talk from personal experience now.

“I understand. I also know what kind of person Little Chi is. I never thought the legendary cultivator of the Buddhist mountain would make people change so much,” Mu Chen sighed. “Lin Feng, what did you find there?”

“A strong and terrifying cultivator; he practices both Buddhist and demon cultivation. He’s a high-level Saint who’s stuck at that cultivation level, he’s trying to make both original strengths reach their maximum level to become a peerless Saint. He controls the Buddhist Mountain and studies the cultivators who go there to progress, that’s why he turns them into demons. He studied demon cultivation using them!”

“How strong!” Mu Chen was astonished. He had never thought the cultivator there would be a high-level Saint who wanted to become a peerless Saint, how incredible!

“Yes, we know each other, but I’m not sure who he is,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t remember whom he knew who practiced both demon and Buddhist cultivation.

“I’ll tell all the disciples of Tiantai that nobody should go there, ever,” said Mu Chen slowly. They had to be very careful!

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