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PMG Chapter 2425: Original Strength Entity

PMG Chapter 2425: Original Strength Entity

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The two of them flew in the sky. Lin Feng smiled at Tian Chi, “Second fellow disciple, where do you want to go?”

“Our teachers were right; even though I progressed a lot, it wasn’t in the best conditions. However, after what happened, I understand myself even better than before. I returned to my truest self. Even though I decided to go and travel, Tiantai is always in my heart. I will do all I can to become stronger in this life and honor Tiantai, our teachers, and fellow disciples. I have learned from my past mistakes,” Tian Chi smiled. He gazed into the distance, as if he were taking an oath.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was surprised. Tian Chi’s obsessiveness was impressive. Was it because he had returned to his true self? He didn’t understand what Tian Chi was thinking about, but in any case, he felt extremely guilty and was becoming obsessive about it. He wanted to dedicate his life to Tiantai and his teachers now.

“Lin Feng, you’re extremely talented, keep up the good work. Someday, you’ll become a supreme cultivator in the whole world. You’ll control Heaven and earth. Then, even if I can’t do everything I want for Tiantai, at least you’ll be there. Anyway, now I’ll travel everywhere in the world, and I’ll go back to Tiantai from time to time,” Tian Chi smiled. Then he asked, “What about you? Where are you going now?”

“Vast Celestial Ancient City and Qi Tian Holy Town. I have things to do there.” replied Lin Feng. He wanted to bring Qing Feng back to the Animal World, and he also wanted to go to Qi Tian Holy Town.

“Alright, so we’re going in different directions. We’ll see each other again,” said Tian Chi.

“Yes, take care, brother.” They both smiled at each other and headed off in different directions.


After Lin Feng destroyed the Moon Palace in Vast Celestial Ancient City, things went back to normal, and the city became calm again. However, calmness was relative. Different groups continued competing, but the Animal World rarely got involved.

After Lin Feng arrived in the Animal World, he met the Third Leader. He also got some news from Wu and the others. The Third Leader was completely stunned when he learned about Lin Feng’s cultivation level. Things had changed so fast!

But Lin Feng didn’t stay there too long. He left with Qing Feng and Jing again.


Qi Tian Holy Town was more agitated than Vast Celestial Ancient City. It had a long history, and there were powerful groups there. After the Continent of the Nine Clouds had become chaotic, many people had come to Qi Tian Holy Town. Of course, an important reason for that was that back in the days, a group of strong cultivators, including Lin Feng, had been to the historical remains.

Now, the historical remains were filled with strong cultivators wanting to explore the mysteries of the historical remains. Of course, they also wanted to know who those chained cultivators were!

Lin Feng arrived in the historical remains, standing at the top of a mountain. Qing Feng and Jing were next to him, looking peerlessly beautiful. Some people looked at them, and others also released their godly awareness to look at them.

“What’s this place? Surprisingly, there are so many strong cultivators,” asked Jing. Her beautiful eyes twinkled. She had been practicing cultivation for decades, but she was still only a Celestial Emperor. She was astonished.

“Historical remains. The founders of all the Dynasties sealed this area long ago, and some terrifyingly strong cultivators were stuck inside. So, naturally, they attract many other strong cultivators,” replied Lin Feng, “I wonder if we will be able to find answers.”

“I can sense different kinds of Qi. They’re all incredibly strong,” said Jing.

“Yes, the Qi here has become more powerful with time, it seems,” agreed Lin Feng. He flashed forwards and landed in front of a gigantic abyssal hole. He could hear the sound of chains coming from within.

Back then, Lin Feng had jumped into it to escape, and the hole had collapsed, so it wasn’t as dark as in the past.

A terrifying demon intent roared out and shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and spat out fire strength, which surrounded the demon Qi and destroyed it.

“Little boy, you grew up,” said a gloomy voice.

“Your Excellency, who are you, or what are you?” asked Lin Feng. He was much, much stronger than back then, but he couldn’t sense the other’s strange Qi precisely. It was just a pure demon energy, but it was also much more powerful than back then.

“If you break my chains, I’ll tell you,” said that person promptly. Lin Feng pulled a long face. The Ancestors of the Dynasties who were Saints were strong, but back in the ancient days, they were probably not strong enough to seal terrifying immortal creatures.

“Who chained you? What do I have to do to break them?” asked Lin Feng.

“You don’t need to know who chained me. And these chains are a seal, the Celestial Chains of Heaven and Earth. If you can find the source of the chains, you’ll be able to break them, and if you break them, you’ll be rewarded. You can’t imagine the incredible things you will obtain,” said the voice, heavy with demon strength.

Lin Feng was startled. The Celestial Chains of Heaven and Earth? Who had created them? He had the impression that the stories of the ancient days were even more complex than what the Saints of the town had told him.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng, frowning. He took Qing Feng and Jing away. After a few seconds, they arrived in a frozen place. In the middle of the area a figure was buried. Some crackling sounds spread out, and the figure broke free from the ice, but he could not move away.

“Back in the days, I didn’t see everything. Surprisingly, there are nine creatures like that here, and they’re all chained. The Ancestors of the Dynasties are definitely not the cultivators who sealed them. I need to ask Qin Shan.”

Lin Feng took out a jade talisman and contacted Qin Shan, “Master Qin Shan, are you there?”

“What is it, Lin Feng?” replied a voice. Lin Feng was astonished; Qin Shan was in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and Lin Feng was in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and the call still worked! It was probably due to the fact that the passages were open, as it wasn’t possible in the past.

“How’s it going in the Life Shrine?” asked Lin Feng to Qin Shan.

“I’m recovering. The Life Shrine is a great place. The Rebirth Scriptures are really mysterious. Thank you for everything, Lin Feng, it’s all thanks to you. I never thought I’d recover someday.”

Lin Feng laughed and said, “It’s all thanks to the Diviner. He’s enigmatic and unfathomable. He has extremely good relations with the Life Shrine, and he asked them to help me at some point, that’s how it started. So we have to be grateful to him.”

“I know, but without you, it still wouldn’t have been possible for me,” Qin Shan laughed.

“Right! By the way, I am in Qi Tian Holy Town in the historical remains where you used to be. There are nine terrifying cultivators here who are imprisoned, they say those chains are called Celestial Chains of Heaven and Earth. You probably know what happened here back then, right?” Lin Feng asked Qin Shan.

Qin Shan suddenly sounded nervous. “Lin Feng, actually, if you try to investigate, you’ll probably learn things. But sometimes, you have to be careful. Back then, we were all quite strong, but it was difficult for us to become stronger. When you’re a low-level Saint, it’s difficult to break through. But one day, we bumped into them. When we saw them, we finally had hopes again, we saw an opportunity to become stronger in them. Back then, we practiced cultivation really hard. We kept becoming stronger, we weren’t even aware of our cultivation levels, actually, as we didn’t care about naming them, all we knew was that we were breaking through.”

“Who are they?” asked Lin Feng. When the Saint of the Holy Spirit Dynasty had transmitted the memories of the ancient battlefield to him, Lin Feng had heard about that.

“They’re not cultivators, they are… a transformation, an evolution, of original strength. They can absorb space strength and turn it into original strength. They evolve in endless cycles. They constantly become stronger. They are heavenly-gifted, they are natural original strength!”

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