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PMG Chapter 2426: People in White Clothes

PMG Chapter 2426: People in White Clothes

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When Lin Feng heard Qin Shan, he shuddered. They were an evolved form of original strength, heavenly-gifted! No wonder their Qi didn’t resemble cultivators’ Qi!

So, the terrifying entity in the abyssal hole is demon original strength, the one in the ice world is water original strength, and there’s also an empty space original strength, and a soundwave one… Nine innate original strength bodies, thought Lin Feng. He asked, “So back in the days, you started fighting because of those people? However, you didn’t manage to absorb them?”

“We all regretted it in the end. For example, me, I used all my strength to turn into a gigantic cauldron to oppress the soundwave original strength in the valley. The other Saints did the same. Nobody won. In the end, we used as much strength as we could to oppress their original strength. Then, we decided to have our descendants come, but we didn’t think nobody would be strong enough to do anything until now. It finally changed.”

“I understand. Thank you very much!” replied Lin Feng. He put his jade talisman away and ran back to the abyssal pit. Outside of the black hole were two people. They were both very strong and demon Qi rolled around them. They were both Half-Saints.

“What’s going on here? The demon intent is terrifying, it doesn’t even look like a person,” said one of them.

“I’m not sure. I have the impression that practicing cultivation next to him is good, it helps us understand demon original strength,” said the other one.

“But practicing here could be dangerous, he could kill us,” said the other one. He looked petrified. The energies in the black hole might be more powerful than his own.

At that moment, they looked at Lin Feng and the others, and their eyes twinkled.

“You’re a Saint, too?” one of them asked Lin Feng. They couldn’t sense Lin Feng’s Qi, so they didn’t understand.

Lin Feng just glanced at them, then said to Qing Feng and Jing, “Wait for me here. I’ll be back quickly.”

“Alright,” both of them nodded.

Lin Feng jumped into the hole. The two cultivators were stupefied. That guy was definitely a Saint, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared jump into the abyssal pit!

It was completely dark inside. Back then, Lin Feng had been inside but this time his godly awareness was much more powerful. Lin Feng saw the demon’s evil eyes and the chains. The demon said to him, “I’m not interested in people who are not demon cultivators. Piss off!”

“Who said I wasn’t a demon cultivator?” asked Lin Feng airily. He looked at the demon disdainfully, and released demon energy. Instantly, he looked like a demon king.

“Demon original strength, very good!” said the demon. He looked ferocious as the chains emitted crackling sounds. He rose up into the air and a gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng.

“I wonder how strong a body made of original strength is?” Lin Feng asked casually. He also released a terrifying demon punch. he entity’s punch broke apart and Lin Feng realized that after it broke, the original strength condensed a hand again, and it was more powerful than the previous one. It moved towards him again, too. It was like the entity had used Lin Feng’s demon strength, too!

“Good little boy!” Lin Feng was stunned, then, his body turned into a vortex and he started absorbing the energies. It was incredible to see.

The vortex absorbed the demon strength. As the original strength disappeared, Lin Feng continued moving down. He wanted to check whether he could absorb all the strength at once.

The demon was astonished, and roared with rage. The chains shook even more violently. Lin Feng felt danger.

Demon strength condensed. Twelve ancient demons appeared around Lin Feng, all holding gigantic steel fork. They looked like demon gods as they rose up in the air and started attacking Lin Feng’s vortex.

The twelve demons hit the vortex with their steel forks, thunder rocked the pit. The vortex cracked, and the twelve demons roared eagerly.


Lin Feng grunted icily and continued releasing strength to oppress the enemy. That demon has a body made of original strength. I can’t fight against him as if I were fighting against a normal Saint.

Lin Feng suddenly accelerated, arriving in front of the twelve demons. They roared in unison and attacked.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Everything around him became slower, including the twelve demons. Lin Feng then flew past them, as trying to kill them was useless anyway.

After that, Lin Feng appeared in front of his enemy and directly used a Ruler’s Sword attack. It pierced through the demon like a knife through butter.

The demon directly vanished. Lin Feng’s sword destroyed it. However, the nothingness condensed again into a demon, still chained.

“It’s not a real body?!” Lin Feng was astonished. That wasn’t a real body. Even when the demon was destroyed, the chains continued constricting him, those chains seemed indestructible.

The demon roared furiously. He wanted to eat Lin Feng!

“Fire!” Lin Feng released fire strength, which burned the entity. At the same time, he suddenly rose back up in the air and headed outside. How annoying!

“How was it?” Jing asked Lin Feng.

“He can’t be killed. I don’t know what to do.” whispered Lin Feng. Jing was stunned. He couldn’t kill that creature?

They heard a terrifying roar. Many hands reached for Lin Feng, Jing, and Qing Feng. Lin Feng dragged them away as lights surrounded them, and they continued flying away. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of the original strength creature, but Jing and Qing Feng were vulnerable.

Lin Feng was annoyed. He was so strong, even stronger than Qin Shan back in those days, but he couldn’t do anything against the original strength entity, either.


A group of people appeared outside of the historical remains. They were all wearing white clothes, moving easily and casually, and stylized sharp eyebrows.

“There,” said one of them, pointing to a place. There was a chained entity in the sky. Golden lights flashed there.

“Let’s go.” The group of people in white clothes flew and punched the creature in chains.

“Who?” the chained creature shouted furiously. The atmosphere around it exploded, energies moved towards the group of people.

“Chain!” Chains descended from the sky and bound the attacks before moving them into an empty space. At the same time, mighty deployment seals surrounded the chained creature. It looked like a fly in a spider web, buried in chains.

“You! Argh!” that creature shouted furiously. The atmosphere kept shaking around it. Everybody in the historical remains heard it.

“Kill those people!” shouted someone furiously. Soundwave strength shook people’s eardrums.

“Eh?” The people who were in the historical remains raised their heads and saw the group of people in white clothes. At the same time, those figures flickered. What were those people in white clothes doing to the chained creatures?

A light curtain appeared in the sky and surrounded the people in white clothes, including the chained creature.

Lin Feng arrived, wanting to see what was going on. He was startled too. “Sealing strength. These people are strengthening the chains? Do they have anything to do with the Celestial Chains of Heaven and Earth?”

“Stop struggling. Our master let you live for one reason. You’re captured and tied already, no need to put up a fight,” said one of the cultivators in white clothes.

Those Saints represented their Master; how powerful was their Master?

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