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PMG Chapter 2427: Gift for a New Disciple

PMG Chapter 2427: Gift for a New Disciple

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The seal was still there, more and more invisible and intangible marks appeared and surrounded the original strength entity. He couldn’t move anymore.

The group of people in white clothes moved forwards, their sealing lights became even more dazzling and powerful. The young man in the middle released shining golden lights. At the same time, he started drawing things in the air with his finger. Suddenly, chains appeared around his own body and connected to the chains on the original strength entity.

“Who are you?” shouted the empty space original strength entity furiously. It could sense that the chains were terrifying. These people were similar to the people who had sealed it long ago. They probably belonged to the same group. Back then the cultivator who had sealed them was even stronger and scarier.

“From now on, you and me make one. You’ll help me make my empty space original strength reach the maximum level. You should be happy about that,” said the young man, slowly walking towards the original strength entity. Empty space original strength and sealing strength were two sorts of strength. The original strength entity was a gift he had received from his teacher when he had been accepted as a disciple. It meant his teacher acknowledged him.

“Piss off!” shouted the original strength entity desperately. It was going to become this young man’s tool? It was very unhappy. It had been created by the earth and the sky, nature was its mother. It was a heavenly-gifted strength of nature. Nobody had managed to capture it in the past, and now what? It was going to become someone’s stepping stone?

“Body Seal!” shouted the young man furiously. The original strength entity slowly started corroding. His original strength slowly started flowing through the chains towards the young man’s body. The young man was absorbing it and sealing it in his body.

“No…” shouted the original strength entity frantically. However, its entire body turned into smoke and penetrated into the young man’s body. It vanished completely. It became an integral part of the young man’s body.

“You’re mine,” said the young man in white clothes. The seals in the space disappeared, as the original strength entity had already disappeared.

The crowd around was astonished. Many people’s hearts were racing. Those people’s sealing abilities were just too incredible. They could directly absorb the original strength entities and make them part of their bodies!

“Do you want to die too?” shouted the young man furiously. His voice echoed far away in the historical remains. The eight other original strength entities stopped shouting out, afraid that the group of people would try to capture them as well.

The sealing strength of the group of people in white clothes disappeared. They turned around and glanced at the crowd. They looked indifferent and scornful, as if they found all those people worthless because they weren’t strong enough.

The crowd sensed that those people were making fun of them, but so what? What could they do? They were so much weaker compared to them. They probably came from a powerful and influential group. Their sealing techniques were mysterious and incredible. Only extremely strong cultivators could do such things. They were all Saints, and their group attacks were amazing.

They had also talked about their master, who also seemed to be a terrifying being.

“Since the passages to the higher world are open, more and more Saints will appear here, but let me tell you one thing: you’re too weak to do anything against them. Now piss off! We want to seal this place!” said the young man in white clothes calmly.

Many people didn’t know what kind of creatures the eight original strength entities were. However, Lin Feng knew about them. Therefore, he understood that these people wanted to seal the place to have access to the original strength entities later on if they had the opportunity.

They wanted to use the original strength entities to become stronger easily. If they sealed the area, they would be able to use them whenever they needed them, like a moment before when they had absorbed the empty space energy original strength entity.

“Haven’t you heard me?!” said the young man icily. Some people hadn’t moved, as if they hadn’t heard him.

“Young master, since they cast greedy eyes on the gift our Master gave you, we should kill them all,” said a person in white clothes standing next to the young man. He sounded as calm as pale clouds and light breeze, as if killing all the people around them was something insignificant and easy. Actually, it really was the case, as those small Saints from the lower world were really weak compared to them.

Their Master seldom showed up in the outside world, but he was really terrifying. The young man in white clothes had had to become a low-level Saint to be acknowledged by his teacher.

When the crowd heard him, they flew away. It was better not to offend these people. They were crazy and really strong.

“A gift, meaning his teacher acknowledged him?” When Lin Feng heard them, he was astonished. Those original strength entities were a gift to that young man? That was impressive, indeed.

“Qing Feng, Jing, leave now,” said Lin Feng. The two women weren’t strong. If anything happened, they could die easily.

“Alright.” The two women understood that too, so they left. Quickly, many people disappeared from the historical remains, but some people also decided to stay. Some of them were like Lin Feng, and didn’t like it when other people threatened them, and second, they were interested in original strength, too.

The young man in white clothes inspected the area with his godly awareness and suddenly looked angry. He hissed, “Surprisingly, some people decided to stay here, they’re not afraid to die! Well then, kill them all!”

“Yes, Young Master!” said the group of people when they heard their Young Master. They rose up in the air and released a powerful sealing strength over the historical remains. A gigantic circular sealing pattern appeared in the sky.

“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned. He could sense that a sealing strength was constricting his body.

“Seal, Dragon constriction!” shouted a cultivator. A gigantic godly dragon appeared and roared out. Sealing strength could also kill people!

Lin Feng wasn’t the only who was being attacked. Everybody who had decided to stay in the historical remains was being attacked and buried in sealing strength.

That kind of strength can be that powerful? Surprising, thought Lin Feng. He released sword intent, but it wasn’t sufficient to destroy the godly sealing dragons. There were more and more dragons around him.

“It’s impressive when so many people attack at the same time.” He attacked a dragon directly, and it exploded instantly.

The godly dragons were getting closer and closer to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was angry, and released Sword intent as he rose up in the air, using his God’s Sword. Fissures appeared in the sky around him. At the same time, he accelerated and moved, condensing fast strength in his sword.

The seal sounded like metal shattering as Lin Feng managed to pierce through the energies and appeared outside. He inspected the area with his godly awareness and realized that all the strong cultivators were being attacked like him. The dazzling empty space lights had turned into ancient godly dragons.

“Those people’s sealing attacks are powerful and strange. I wonder where they are from.” He saw the cultivators in white clothes looking at him. He had managed to escape from a dragon constriction attack, attracting their attention.

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