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PMG Chapter 2428: Familiar Sealing Strength

PMG Chapter 2428: Familiar Sealing Strength

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The young man in white clothes looked furious and called out, “Celestial Horizontal Chains!”

He put his hands on the empty space ancient dragons, and the other strong cultivators moved at the same time. A mighty sealing strength surged out. Lin Feng saw the cultivators who were already constricted by godly dragon chains get constricted by another layer of chains. More and more sealing layers appeared around them.

“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned as invisible and intangible empty space chains descended from the sky. He could sense their strength, too.

Lin Feng rose up in the air. He wanted to escape from those sealing chains, which were closely following him. His enemies wanted to constrict him completely.

“Eight Celestial Gates!” shouted the young man icily. The group of cultivators in white clothes attacked at the same time. Celestial Gates appeared in the sky. Lin Feng raised his head as the strange sealing gates came closer and closer to him.

“Close!” shouted a cultivator furiously. The eight gates descended from the sky.

“Slow!” shouted Lin Feng. He was furious. These people considered everybody and everything beneath their notice. They didn’t allow anyone to cast covetous eyes on the original strength entities.

Lin Feng released slowness strength on the eight gate, and a terrifying empty space strength and his figure became blurry.

“Great Empty Space Technique!” shouted Lin Feng icily. The chains shifted away from his body. He jumped into an empty space void and turned into a beam of light. He reappeared outside of the eight gates.

“Eh?” The group of people was astonished. A low-level Saint could escape from their group attack? The attack was extremely powerful. Their sealing attacks were the best in the world. Once someone had been sealed, it was difficult for them to break free, especially once they continued releasing more and more sealing strength.

They suddenly realized that Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to them. He was moving very, very quickly!

The group of people was astonished. This guy was pretty brave, he dared to get closer to them. Wasn’t he afraid?

Lin Feng pointed a finger at them. Hell death strength appeared. The strong cultivators in white clothes started hearing ghosts and demons howl furiously around them. Hell strength surrounded them, then demons appeared and converged on them.

“It’s an illusion! Keep cold-headed!” shouted the young man in white clothes. Everybody was startled. Their enemy controlled illusion original strength, and he was a low-level Saint, they had to be careful. Illusion original strength was a terrifying kind of original strength. At such high levels, one thought sufficed to trap people in illusions. Inside illusions, cultivators could barely protect themselves. They could be killed easily!

Those who controlled more than just illusion original strength were even more terrifying!

“Seal the space!” shouted the group of people icily. Sealing strength filled the area again. They sealed the atmosphere around them. They saw Lin Feng attack their sealing strength frantically, but he didn’t manage to destroy it. They smiled icily.

“Get ready to attack and kill him!” ordered the young man in white clothes. The cultivators in white clothes nodded and released even more sealing strength.

“Open!” They opened the sealing strength and converged on Lin Feng.

“Life Seal!” Sealing patterns appeared one after another and moved towards Lin Feng. His life strength was being drained out. He was dying.

“He overestimated himself,” the young man in white clothes smiled icily. At that moment, he sensed danger, and their faces stiffened.

“Be careful, seal your own bodies!” shouted the young man in white clothes. His friends sealed their bodies with the Celestial Sealing gates. As they did, an incredible destructive strength filled the air, and a curtain of sword Qi appeared.

“How is that possible?” When they saw the sword, they were astonished. They were convinced they had killed him, how had he survived?

“Illusion!” They suddenly understood. They were still in the illusion, they hadn’t managed to break free at all! And now they couldn’t protect themselves inside. It was the problem with illusions, you believed you broke free but actually you were still inside. It was the scariest part of illusions.

They sealed their bodies or ran away, but they were so slow. Their enemy’s attack was extremely fast, as fast as lightning. The sword instantly cut apart a Saint, and his soul dispersed.

“No…” There was a scream as another Saint was killed. The God’s Sword was terrifying. In the blink of an eye, two people had been killed.

Ancient sealing gates suddenly appeared and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng withdrew and jumped into an empty space. He was startled to recognize that it was a kind of spirit he had seen a long time ago!

Before breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, cultivators used their spirits a lot. When they became emperors, their spirits fused together with their blood. They became an inherent strength, an ability, a part of a cultivator’s body. Emperors could use their blood strength to use similar abilities after that. That was why really strong cultivators’ descendants also had incredible spirits, because it was a part of their blood. It was why someone who had an incredible sealing soul also had incredible sealing abilities, especially after becoming an emperor.

“You want to die!” shouted the young man in white clothes furiously. He had just been acknowledged by his teacher, many people admired him, and his teacher had granted him the original strength entities, but told him to pick them up himself. That was why he was there.

Their teacher had told them that the world was chaotic, so he had told them to get ready to travel and become famous in a chaotic world. However, they had just come down their mountain, and now someone was already killing them! They were getting killed in the lower world, it was humiliating. If they went back and told their group that some of them had been killed, their fellow disciples would make fun of them.

He released a great sealing strength, and the atmosphere became dark. More gates appeared.

“There are sealing gates everywhere.” Lin Feng was impressed. Indeed, he had already seen such gates before, but these were much, much more powerful.

“Stop.” shouted someone at that moment. Lin Feng was startled, but the space was sealed and he didn’t know who was shouting.

The young man tried to look as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“Di Shi, you’re ignoring me?” asked that voice. The young man in white clothes frowned, and came back to his senses.

How come he’s here?

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