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PMG Chapter 2431: Waiting

PMG Chapter 2431: Waiting

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The atmosphere in the Holy Spirit Dynasty was getting lively. The Holy Spirit Dynasty had dispatched some people to invite these guests over. Even though the Dynasties’ leaders were all furious, they were also a bit frightened. Why did Lin Feng dare act so arrogantly? He had sent people to invite them to come to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, it felt more like an order to come than anything else: I, Lin Feng, summon you, the Dynasties’ leaders!

That was precisely why they were a bit worried, and that was also the reason why they had all come, they wanted to see what was happening. Now that they were here, they didn’t need to be very polite because having come was already polite. Lin Feng didn’t give them face, so they needed to show they were proud and dignified.

“Holy Emperor Ling, what does Lin Feng want?” asked the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty icily.

However, Holy Emperor Ling just looked unmoved. He glanced around at all the strong cultivators, smiling calmly. Lin Feng was right, they had all come. Of course, it was due to the fact that Lin Feng was famous abroad.

“Holy Emperor Qin, don’t worry. You’re not the first one to ask me that. Everybody, please sit down and enjoy the banquet. Why are you all so nervous?” Holy Emperor Ling smiled. Lin Feng hadn’t appeared, yet so all the leaders were worried about what he was planning…

“How insolent!” said someone icily. He looked at Holy Emperor Ling and said, “I haven’t left the university for years! I was invited today, so I came, and now you keep us waiting?”

Holy Emperor Ling looked at the speaker; it was an old man, an elder from Goblin Spirit University. People respected him because many geniuses studied at Goblin Spirit University, but Lin Feng kept him waiting.

“Lin Feng invited all of you, he also said you could choose not to come if you didn’t want to. Now he’s not here, he must have his reasons. If you want to wait, wait; if you don’t feel like it you can leave, nobody is forcing you to stay,” replied Holy Emperor Ling calmly. The old man pulled a long face, but he said nothing. They could stay and wait, or just leave. As they wished!

Holy Emperor Ling sounded a bit haughty. How could those people not be furious? They were all extraordinary people. Nobody burst out into anger though, they just tried to put pressure on the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If Lin Feng showed up and wasn’t strong enough to keep them in control, then they wouldn’t hesitate anymore.

“The banquet is for everybody, so help yourself,” said Holy Emperor Ling smiling. Servants kept bringing fine liquor and food, but it didn’t suffice to make those people happy.

They waited for a while, and it became dark outside, the crowd grew more and more furious. Even though they all chatted, they looked dark and gloomy. Many strong cultivators just drank silently.

Holy Emperor Ling was a bit surprised. What was Lin Feng doing? Was he trying to infuriate these people?

“Excuse me, everybody,” said Holy Emperor Ling. He suddenly stood up and left. The crowd guessed he was going to go and look for Lin Feng; they couldn’t do much but wait now.

Holy Emperor Ling indeed went to look for Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Duan Feng were laying in the grass in a courtyard and chatting as if the outside world had nothing to do with them. They had even sealed the area with Qi in order not to get disturbed by people’s godly awareness. They looked completely at ease. They obviously didn’t know that some of the leaders were already furious.

“Lin Feng.” shouted Holy Emperor Ling in the courtyard.

“Holy Emperor Ling, come in,” said Lin Feng smiling. When he saw Lin Feng lying in the grass, he was annoyed and asked, “All the leaders are here, aren’t you going to see them?”

“No rush. It’s still early,” said Lin Feng smiling.

“It’s still early?” Holy Emperor Ling’s face stiffened, and he replied, “Those guys are all furious. If you keep making them wait, I’m afraid they will…”

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Even if they get furious, then what? If they want to leave, they can leave,” said Lin Feng smiled. He was calm, all pale clouds and light breezes, as if it wasn’t a problem at all. Holy Emperor Ling didn’t understand.

“Lin Feng, could you please tell me what you intend to do?” asked Holy Emperor Ling, smiling wryly.

“Holy Emperor.” Lin Feng sat up. He asked, “Do you remember what happened last time when I came back?”

“Yes, there was an envoy from a Shrine, and some Dynasties also got involved, they wanted to attack Qiong Sheng. Luckily, you came back at the perfect time and solved the issue. I was astonished.”

“Indeed. Nowadays, the Continent of the Nine Clouds is in a state of chaos. Nobody can escape it anywhere. If they weren’t afraid of me, they could have joined hands and destroyed the Holy Spirit Dynasty, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng.

“That’s a fact,” said Holy Emperor Ling, nodding agreement.

“Do you think we can accept a compromise, or coexist peacefully with them?” asked Lin Feng.


“Therefore, this time, I want to teach them a good lesson. I want to show everyone in Qi Tian Holy Town that nobody can treat me or my family like that, I want them to remember it forever,” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Holy Emperor Ling smiled and nodded, “Alright, but some Dynasties aren’t our enemies, what will you do if they are furious or leave?”

“Even if they’re angry, so what? Nobody will dare attack in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If they leave, I’ll invite them again,” Lin Feng smiled. “Including those we have tensions with.”

“Since you have a plan, I’m not going to ask again,” said Holy Emperor Ling, leaving quietly.


At dawn, the atmosphere was oppressive. Lin Feng hadn’t shown up at all, the leaders had been waiting the entire evening and nobody could give them an explanation. How infuriating!

“Holy Emperor Ling, are you humiliating us on purpose?” asked Holy Emperor Qin icily.

“I’ve also been waiting here. I told you, if you want, you can leave!” said Holy Emperor Ling calmly.

Holy Emperor Qin punched the table in front of him, and it exploded. Alcohol fell onto the ground. He looked dark and gloomy. “Everybody, should we go?”

People were surprised and glanced at one another.

“Everybody, you must have noticed that many people are watching us from outside. People must already be talking about the fact that we’ve been waiting here the whole time. Do you really intend to stay here and wait?” asked Holy Emperor Qin. The crowd was surprised. They had also released their godly awareness, and noticed that some people had been watching. All the leaders of the Dynasties had gathered there, how could there not be anyone outside?

“I agree. Let’s leave,” said the Holy Emperor of the Great Desert Dynasty.

“Since you want to leave, just leave. Nobody is forcing you to stay. Why talk so much?” said someone with a smile. It was the celestial being of the Ancient Jade Dynasty. The two Holy Emperors looked furious.

“Hmph! You’re patient then, celestial being!” said Holy Emperor Qin icily. He rose up in the air and flew away.

Outside, many people saw Holy Emperor Qin leave, and whispered. He was out, he didn’t want to wait anymore. Back in the days, there had been conflicts between him and Lin Feng, and now he had just been badly humiliated.

“Everybody, enjoy yourself. I’m off,” said Holy Emperor Qin, rolling up his sleeves. Then he left, also furious.

After Holy Emperor Qin, Holy Emperor Tianci also left. Three days later, everybody left. The hall was just empty. Holy Emperor Ling was annoyed. What was Lin Feng thinking? Even people outside who had come to watch were annoyed. What was going on?

When everybody calmed down, on the fourth day, a terrifying beast landed in the Qin Dynasty. It was dozens of meters tall. It could crush people with one foot. It went through the Qin Dynasty and destroyed all their buildings, but it didn’t kill anyone. Many people were panic-stricken. The Qin Dynasty used their full strength to attack that beast by surprise, but nobody could compete with it. Each time the beast punched someone, they died.

The beast looked for Holy Emperor Qin, and it stared at him with its gigantic eyes, it looked excited.

“Master, what do you want from the Qin Dynasty?” asked Holy Emperor Qin when he realized how terrifying that beast was.

The gigantic beast didn’t reply. Holy Emperor Qin felt pressured. The gigantic beast then threw his hand at Holy Emperor Qin. He wanted to dodge but he had no time; he coughed up blood, his eyes rolled and he fell onto the ground.

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