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PMG Chapter 2432: Rolling Up His Sleeves and Leaving

PMG Chapter 2432: Rolling Up His Sleeves and Leaving

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“Master, why? Why are you doing this?” asked Holy Emperor Qin, crawling back up. He didn’t understand why that beast had attacked the Qin Dynasty.

The gigantic beast spat out Qi, but didn’t say anything. He raised his hand and threw it out again. Holy Emperor Qin wanted to dodge, but he couldn’t move because of the oppressive strength. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, and he crashed onto the ground hard, forming a crater. Blood splashed. The beast continued attacking.

Boom boom boom...

The beast continued punching him. All the members of the Dynasty didn’t understand, why was that beast attacking their Holy Emperor?

The Qin Holy Emperor had never felt so humiliated.

He was still coughing up blood. He suddenly flew away, trying to leave the Dynasty. He quickly realized that the beast was attacking him and nobody else.

“Why?” asked Holy Emperor Qin. His bones were all broken. He wanted to escape, but the beast was much faster than him. The beast continued punching him or squashing him with his feet. How humiliating. Holy Emperor Qin had never felt this way before. He was going insane. Had he offended a terrifying cultivator?

“Lin Feng?” Holy Emperor Qin was frightened. Was this happening because he hadn’t waited for Lin Feng? But Lin Feng had done that on purpose, what was he supposed to do? Wait forever?

“The Tianci Dynasty is there.” Holy Emperor Qin turned around and saw two people in the distance, a big one and a small one. When he saw them clearly, his face paled, those two figures were: Holy Emperor Tianci and a gigantic beast.

He wasn’t the only one who was going through this.

“Holy Emperor Qin!…” shouted Holy Emperor Tianci. His face was deathly pale. When he saw that Holy Emperor Qin was going through the same thing as him, he was stunned.

“Go, let’s go to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Only they can save us.” shouted Holy Emperor Qin to Holy Emperor Tianci suddenly.

“Yes, let’s go to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. What a humiliation for us, two Dynasties’ leaders,” agreed Holy Emperor Tianci. He felt wretched and miserable.

“I feel the same, damn!” said Holy Emperor Qin. He even had tears in his eyes. How miserable for two Dynasties’ leaders!

They flew towards the Holy Spirit Dynasty as fast as they culd, but on the way, the beasts continued humiliating them, and hitting them. Their clothes were torn apart. They both had a running nose and sniffled, with tears in their eyes.

On the way, some people saw them, they were astonished. Those two people were Dynasties’ leaders, and those two beasts were making them cry. They looked truly miserable. Many people even had compassion for them. Poor leaders!

“Holy Spirit Dynasty, we’re there.” Holy Emperor Qin looked like he had hope again when he saw the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Were the beasts finally going to stop humiliating them? Those beasts had even put their dirty feet on their faces. Their noses were even broken!

Boom! Holy Emperor Tianci and Holy Emperor Qin wanted to enter the Holy Spirit Dynasty, but they collided with a light curtain. Their faces became even paler. Thunder rumbled behind him. The gigantic beasts drew closer.

“It’s a seal.” Holy Emperor Qin’s face was deathly pale. Behind the light curtain was Holy Emperor Ling. Holy Emperor Qin said, “Holy Emperor Ling, let us come in!”

“I thought you didn’t want to stay here, Holy Emperor Qin? Why did you come back?” asked Holy Emperor Ling indifferently.

“I want to keep the appointment, I want to keep the appointment!” said Holy Emperor Qin, forcing himself to smile. But when he said that, he raised his head and saw a gigantic stinky foot move towards his face again. He wanted to dodge, but heavy strength oppressed him and squashed his face.

The beast wiped his foot on his face. Holy Emperor Qin’s pale face turned red. He looked at Holy Emperor Ling and said, “Holy Emperor Ling, I was wrong, I offended you, I’m so sorry, I want to keep the appointment, please let me back in.”

“After you left, we canceled the banquet, we’re not receiving guests anymore. Sorry,” said Holy Emperor Ling indifferently. Holy Emperor Qin’s face paled again.

The gigantic beast squashed Holy Emperor Qin’s face again. Holy Emperor Qin crashed onto the ground and crawled back up on his knees.

“Holy Emperor Qin, what are you doing? You’re a Holy Emperor, I can’t stand seeing you like this. If you really insist, I’ll go and see Lin Feng,” said Holy Emperor Ling sighed. Holy Emperor Qin wanted to kill Lin Feng so bad, so he was the one who had sent those evil creatures.

“Thank you so much,” said Holy Emperor Qin standing up. However, Holy Emperor Ling didn’t move. He just giggled and looked at him. Holy Emperor Qin’s face turned even paler. He realized something.

What banquet? Lin Feng had done this on purpose.

If I don’t kneel down, the beast will squash my face again, thought Holy Emperor Qin realizing what was going on. He felt so miserable and pathetic, but it was the truth, the sad and cruel truth. He had joined hands with a Shrine hoping they would kill Lin Qiong Sheng, and now Lin Feng was back and he wanted to get his revenge. And now, even if Lin Feng destroyed his Dynasty, he wouldn’t be able to do much about it. How tragic, how humiliating!

“Lin Feng, I will definitely see you die someday!” shouted Holy Emperor Qin inside. He knew he couldn’t surpass Lin Feng, but he hoped he would die, and then it would be the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s judgement day.

“Boom boom!”

When the Tianci Dynasty’s Holy Emperor saw that Holy Emperor Qin was kneeling down, he did the same. He had also had conflicts with Lin Feng back in the days. Lin Feng hadn’t destroyed their Dynasties entirely, he had just humiliated them.


On that day, the atmosphere outside of the Holy Spirit Dynasty got very busy. Leaders of universities and other powerful groups came and begged to see Lin Feng. All those strong cultivators gathered there, but Lin Feng didn’t show up.

Holy Emperor Ling went to Lin Feng’s courtyard, raised his head and heard Lin Feng’s voice, “Holy Emperor, I’m leaving those Bestial Saints here, they will protect the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If anything happens, you can give them orders. I’m off.”

He just heard Lin Feng, but didn’t see him.

“You’re free and unrestrained. A group of strong cultivators is waiting outside and you’re leaving it to me,” said Holy Emperor Ling, shaking his head and smiling wryly. Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting his time with those people. If he wanted, he could kill them in a flash, but he didn’t, he just wanted everybody in Qi Tian Holy Town to remember him and to know that the Holy Spirit Dynasty was powerful.

And he didn’t even show up.

“Lin Feng, I’m sure people will remember you for a very, very long time in the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” replied Holy Emperor Ling, before turning around and slowly walking away. He arrived outside, where the sealing strength had already disappeared. The beasts looked at the sky; they were half-Bestial Saints from the Starry Sky World, their leader had asked them to protect the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

“Lin Feng said he didn’t want to see you. Please leave,” said Holy Emperor Ling, waving his hand.

Those people’s faces paled, they were terrified. The leader of the university who had burst into anger the previous time shuddered with fear, “Holy Emperor Ling, please help us and tell him we wish we could see him.”

“Yes, please, Holy Emperor Ling!” said Holy Emperor Qin. He had the impression the beast would squash his face anytime again with his dirty feet.

“Eh…” Holy Emperor Ling had cold sweats. He looked at the gigantic beasts and said, “Masters, please come back in.”

“Yes, we have received orders from our Master,” the beasts replied. They shrank down and entered the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

“Alright, everybody, please go back,” said Holy Emperor Ling.

Those people glanced at one another and asked Holy Emperor Ling, “Really?”

“Really,” Holy Emperor Ling nodded.

“Thank you very much,” said Holy Emperor Qin and the others, standing up. They turned around and left as fast as they could. They felt so humiliated. When they left, flames of fury appeared in their eyes. Holy Emperor Ling understood that, but he didn’t care anymore. Those beasts could protect the Holy Spirit Dynasty. It was difficult to imagine how strong Lin Feng would become within a thousand or even ten thousand years!

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