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PMG Chapter 2434: Together

PMG Chapter 2434: Together

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Lin Feng entered the palace and some intent surrounded him. It was a mysterious world.

The place was dark, and Lin Feng couldn’t see much, even with his godly awareness. However, at that moment, some light appeared and illuminated the space around him.

After that, a second light appeared, and a third one. The lights kept twinkling on. Millions of lights appeared, the space around him turned into a starlit sky. The stars were dazzling.

“Some kind of intent?” Lin Feng was surprised, all the stars seemed to be changing every second. It was an incredible sight.

However, at that moment, all the stars disappeared, and the space became dark again. It made Lin Feng feel uncomfortable, as it lasted for a while.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged patiently. Since that palace aimed at improving cultivators’ fighting abilities, he didn’t mind being patient and staying there for a while.

Suddenly, the lights appeared again, Lin Feng had the impression those lights were as sharp as blades in his eyes, so he closed them. It was very difficult to describe how he felt.

“The first kind of strength is accumulation, the second type is explosiveness. The goal is to accumulate strength until it becomes explosive, like the God’s Sword,” murmured Lin Feng. The intent in the space around him changed again as it attracted star original strength. Finally, Lin Feng saw the intent invade the space around him, as a kind of finger attack.

One finger seemed like it could move through space and time. It contained an endless number of dazzling lights, and also contained destructive strength. Only that finger was left in the space around. Some explosive strength made the space look even darker. It absorbed all the dazzling lights around, the stars condensed into that finger, it was impossible to escape from it.

Lin Feng had the impression he was hallucinating. That attack pierced through him; even if his eyes were closed, he still had the impression the attack had pierced through his brain. It gave him chills.

“That one finger uses star original strength, similar to light and space original strength. That attack is so powerful!” Even though the Ruler’s Sword attack was powerful, it didn’t use original strength in such a perfect way.

“That kind of finger technique can improve my Ruler’s Sword attack!” He was meditating calmly. He started using his Ruler’s Sword. He made it condense again, trying to make it as explosive as possible.

After Lin Feng finished studying, he went to another room. They each contained different sorts of intent. He visualized different sorts of Saint’s techniques. Lin Feng had the impression he was becoming much more erudite quickly. He was amazed by the power of original strength. He was focused and enjoyed learning.


Three years passed extremely quickly, it felt like minutes for Lin Feng. He went to see Meng Qing and they left the Star World.

“How do you feel?” asked Lin Feng to Meng Qing.

“I learned so much, I think I could become a Saint soon,” replied Meng Qing happily. “You? You must have progressed a lot during those three years, right?”

“Yes, I studied several things. I understand original strength even better. I understand what I have to do to increase my own Saint’s techniques now,” he replied. During those three years, he had indeed progressed a lot.

“The god’s Saint’s techniques must be incredible.”

“Yes, I saw a technique where he just stretched his arm out and he could pick up the sun, the moon, and the stars. Nothing could stop him. It was incredible,” Lin Feng sighed. He had seen such an attack in the past: the two strong cultivators of the Giant Gods Clan had such an attack, but it was much weaker than the god’s own.

“Lin Feng, you’re back!” said someone at that moment.

Lin Feng was startled and smiled at Meng Qing and told her, “I’ll go and see the Diviner.”

“Alright,” she assented.

Lin Feng sped off, and quickly arrived in another ancient palace, it was also a Starry Sky World.

“Master!” Lin Feng said to the Diviner.

“You went to the Godly Grave and a few decades later, you came out and you were a low-level Saint already. Your cultivation speed is astonishing,” said the Diviner, smiling at Lin Feng gently. “But don’t be too proud. The world is in a state of chaos. Many terrifyingly strong people travel the world. I found some people whose cultivation speeds were terrifying as well, and I recruited them.”

“I understand. At my cultivation level, cultivation speed is not the most important thing. We have to see how strong someone can get in the end,” said Lin Feng calmly.

“No, you’re wrong. If the world wasn’t in a state of chaos, you would be right. But now the world is different, speed is extremely important. You might be more talented than someone else, but if they reach a higher cultivation level than yours more quickly, then you’re doomed. If the Fortune Shrine doesn’t raise geniuses quickly enough, we’ll be doomed,” said the Diviner.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. “Who is stronger these days?” asked Lin Feng.

“The situation is too chaotic, we can’t be sure. Anyway, everybody is very nervous and every day, every year, everything changes. But all of this has nothing to do with you. Lin Feng, I hope that you will become a high-level Saint as soon as possible. Of course, I also hope you’ll become a peerless Saint someday. Before that happens, you don’t need to fight against the other Shrines directly.”

“Only high-level Saints can help?” asked Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

“Indeed. Great emperors represent the lower strata. High-level Saints are the pillars because they are the only ones who can keep the situation under control. Regarding battles to death, peerless Saints control the whole situation, and we haven’t reached that point yet. The Star Priest of the Fortune Shrine, a peerless Saint, has already started recruiting disciples. Do you know what that means?”

“It means that the situation of the Continent of the Nine Clouds will change thoroughly. Maybe another great war like long ago will take place.”

“Yes, people in the future will maybe consider our war to be like the war of the ancient days. Usually, our peerless Star Priest practices cultivation to try and become a god, but now, he’s recruiting disciples. The peerless Saints of the others Shrines are doing the same.”

Lin Feng nodded. The situation was becoming serious.

“Anyway, don’t worry about those things. Right now, you can’t battle, or at least, you can’t participate as Lin Feng. You can use another face and Qi to participate. Your fate is more important than the fate of a hundred people. You need to become a high-level Saint as quickly as possible so that we can use you in battles.”

“I understand,” Lin Feng said firmly.

“I won’t put pressure on you. You know what to do. Go to Fortune City. Your friends are back,” said the Diviner, smiling at him.

“My friends are back?!” Lin Feng looked surprised. “Do you think they have the potential to become core disciples?”

“Yes,” said the Diviner agreeably. Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised, so he left immediately.


He left the palace and descended from the sky, releasing his godly awareness to inspect the area. Many people raised their heads in Fortune City, sensing something.

Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi sensed it, too. They raised their heads, and Hou Qing Lin said, “What a terrifying godly awareness strength. That’s someone from the Shrine.”

“Eh… people in Fortune City are all members of the Fortune Shrine,” Jun Mo Xi laughed.

“Half,” said Hou Qing Lin smiling.

At that moment, a voice said to them telepathically, “Brother Hou, Jun Mo Xi!”

“Lin Feng.” Hou Qing Lin was astonishing. He raised his head and saw Lin Feng descending from the sky, grinning broadly.

“How come you’re together?” asked Lin Feng smiling at the two of them. He landed on the ground next to them. Hou Qing Lin’s Qi was strange; when looking at his eyes, one had the impression one could drown in space and time. Jun Mo Xi’s Qi was ice-cold, one didn’t dare get close to him.

“We bumped into each other while traveling, I almost died, Jun Mo Xi saved me,” Hou Qing Lin smiled.

“Nah, it’s not true. I almost died, but anyway, we were lucky to find one another. If we hadn’t, we would not have today’s cultivation level,” said Jun Mo Xi smiled.

“You both became Saints in such a short time. Good!” said Lin Feng happily.

“Good? There’s still a huge difference between us and you. Back in the days, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, we were at the same level, now we’re too weak to stand next to you,” protested Jun Mo Xi. He had just sensed Lin Feng’s terrifying godly awareness. He was still happy for him, though.

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