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PMG Chapter 2437: Counterattack

PMG Chapter 2437: Counterattack

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The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine used the Ye Clan as a headquarters because a member of the Ye Clan was also a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine. The Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine had decided to destroy the Ye Clan to show all other Clans that they better cut off ties with the Fortune Shrine.

When the Ye Clan was destroyed, Lin Feng and the others were already on their way. The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine knew that so they had one disciple hide in the ruins to receive them. The disciple took them to an ordinary yet large courtyard. It looked ordinary from the outside and didn’t attract people’s attention.

Lin Feng sighed, the situation was difficult for the Fortune Shrine…

A group of figures arrived. When they saw Lin Feng and the others, their eyes twinkled. But they looked desperate, a middle-aged man said, “You’re the only ones who came?”

Lin Feng was shocked. They were indeed only four Saints. Three of them were Half-Saints. No wonder the man was devastated and disappointed. These people wouldn’t be able to change anything.

“Yes, you know that the Fortune Shrine is under pressure. Only the four of us could come,” replied Lin Feng.

“Never mind. Let’s go and see Officer Qing Ye,” said that person turning around. During wartime, they called high-level Saints Officer. Saint Qing Ye was thus an Officer.

The middle-aged man brought Lin Feng and the others to a building in the depths of the courtyard to talk. A few people were standing there, the leader of the group was a clean and elegant middle-aged man. He looked at Lin Feng and the others and asked, “Mu Lin?”

“Greetings, Officer Qing Ye,” Lin Feng replied.

“Mu Zhen, go and and tell them their tasks,” Qing Ye told the middle-aged man, pointing at the great emperors.

“Alright.” Mu Zhen nodded and left to assign different tasks to the great emperors.

“You saw what happened to the Ye Clan. We don’t have the advantage here. If they manage to kill us, they’ll take control over Da Yu City,” said Qing Ye to Lin Feng, “I’m touched and impressed you came at such a moment, but you have to be prepared psychologically, this war is very dangerous.”

“I understand,” said Lin Feng. It was a battle to death! “Officer Qing Ye, how many Saints are left on our side here?”

“Three high-level Saints, they aren’t injured. Seven low-level Saints. Seventeen Half-Saints, and that’s including you guys,” said Qing Ye to Lin Feng.

“Our enemies have joined hands. They have four high-level Saints, eighteen low-level Saints, and thirty-six Half-Saints, has anything changed?”

“Yes, they now control a few Clans, who have already submitted. They also took some of their strong cultivators to make them participate in the battles,” said Qing Ye. The enemies didn’t have fewer fighters, they had even more!

“I understand,” said Lin Feng.

“Why did the Diviner only send four people? It would have been better not to send anyone at all,” spoke up the woman next to Qing Ye. She looked heroic and valiant in her armor, but also annoyed. She was initially very happy, she had thought the Fortune Shrine would send many strong cultivators. In the end, they had sent only four Saints.

“Mo Yu, you know perfectly well how the situation of the Fortune Shrine is. Don’t be angry, you’re too old for that. Tell Mu Lin and the others more about the situation of the Shrine,” Qing Ye ordered the woman. Mo Yu nodded. Even though she was annoyed, she knew things were complicated for the Shrine.

“Come with me,” Mo Yu told Lin Feng and the others. They moved over in front of a golden map. It was a map of Da Yu City.

“Mu Lin, we’re here now,” said Mo Yu, pointing at place on the map. Lin Feng’s heart twitched; they were stuck in a corner.

“This territory is already occupied by the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine; here, it’s the Hong Clan, here the Leng Clan. They are present in those nine places. They have probably dispatched great emperors everywhere in Da Yu City, first to see what’s going everywhere, and second because they are about to take control over the whole city.”

“This map is small, so it’s as if they had already taken over the whole city, but Da Yu City is gigantic, they’re still not altogether in one place,” said Lin Feng.

“The nine places they occupy already have teleportation portals. They can teleport themselves everywhere in the twinkling of an eye. They also have many empty space deployment talismans. Therefore, they dispersed in nine different places because they know they can easily meet anywhere. So attacking them is useless, as they will directly converge and attack us,” said Mo Yu.

“No wonder with the Empty Space Shrine,” said Jun Mo Xi. It didn’t look good for them.

“We can do the same. Give me some time and I’ll make some teleportation deployment talismans,” said Lin Feng.

“You can make teleportation talismans?” asked Mo Yu.

“Yes, I can,” said Lin Feng nodded. Making talismans was easy for him at his cultivation level, and he also controlled empty space type original strength. Therefore, his teleportation talismans were definitely going to be good.

“Good news then. If you can make teleportation talismans, even if they encircle us, if we use the talismans before they seal the area around us, we’ll be fine. If we want to seal the area around them, they’ll also use teleportation talismans immediately.”

No wonder. We didn’t have the advantage from the beginning, thought Lin Feng.

Mo Yu showed them where they could stay. Lin Feng made some talismans for a few days. He gave them to everybody, relieving them greatly. They hadn’t felt so assured for a while, but still, they couldn’t gain the advantage.

“Mo Yu, come with me,” Lin Feng said to Mo Yu.

Her eyes twinkling, she followed Lin Feng, as they arrived in front of the golden map, Lin Feng showed her the Hong Clan and said, “They have eighteen low-level Saints, they occupy nine places, therefore, each of their places has around two low-level Saints. Let’s go and destroy one of their territories. ”

“We can only attack once by surprise, and if we do, they’ll be very vigilant, they might even chase us. It’s a bad choice,” said Mo Yu shaking her head.

“Don’t exaggerate. The five of us can go, that’s more than enough,” said Lin Feng. Mo Yu was stupefied, “The five of us?”

She glanced at Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin. If the five of them went, it’d be extremely dangerous, and they would definitely not be able to defeat their opponents.

“Indeed, the five of us, you don’t trust me?” said Lin Feng to Mo Yu.

“It’s not that, but we’re such a small force, we can’t do anything,” said Mo Yu frowning.

“Let’s try and see. Don’t forget, we also have very powerful deployment talismans. You tried one, we can use them and leave instantly,” said Lin Feng smiled. “Don’t worry. I am not going to put my life at stake recklessly. ”

Mo Yu was surprised, she looked at him and said, “Alright, Mu Lin. What kind of strength do you control? ”

“It’s quite complex to explain. You?” asked Lin Feng.

“Empty space sealing strength and world creation.” replied Mo Yu.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as Mo Yu continued talking, “But it’s not very useful. We don’t have many people, so our enemies won’t let us escape. And if we aren’t able to destroy them quickly, even if they’re weaker than us, they’ll call their friends and they’ll be there instantly, and then we’ll be in danger. ”

“I know what to do. So just tell me: will you help or not?” asked Lin Feng, staring at Mo Yu. Mo Yu’s eyes glittered, and she nodded, “I’ll try and help you.”

“Alright, let’s go to the Leng Clan first,” said Lin Feng. He turned around and started walking away.

Mo Yu hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so determined. She followed him and asked, “Why the Leng Clan?”

“There can never be too much subterfuge in war,” said Lin Feng calmly. He left the building and they flew into the air. After they left, three people appeared in the building, one of them Saint Qing Ye.

He watched them leave and smiled. “That’s the boy all the Shrines want. I wonder if he can prove himself on the battlefield of Da Yu City.”

“Mara-Deva had him come to Da Yu City, he has something in mind. Maybe that it’s to pave the way for him.” whispered the person next to him. They knew that Mu Lin was Lin Feng!

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