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PMG Chapter 2438: Illusion Finger

PMG Chapter 2438: Illusion Finger

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The Leng Clan was a Clan in Da Yu City. They were very strong.

Two people in the Leng Clan were seated under a pavilion in the garden, playing chess. Some people were standing next to them and watching.

“How long do you think we’ll need to take over Da Yu City?” asked a middle-aged man wearing a fire robe, while putting down his piece.

“I’m sure it’s feasible within three years, if they don’t hide the whole time,” replied his opponent. He was wearing fine golden clothes, and was also a middle-aged man. They were strong cultivators from the Empty Space Shrine and the Fire Shrine. The Leng Clan was one of the territories they had taken over.

“I bet we’ll need less than three years,” said the Fire Shrine’s Saint. “Last time, we already taught them a good lesson. If we have another opportunity to do the same a second time, they’ll leave of their own free will.”

“I would prefer it if they stayed here forever,” laughed the Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivator laughing. He suddenly frowned and said, “There’s sword Qi.”

The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator also sensed it. His eyes glittered as he heard a sound in the distance. Sword lights flew past his shoulder, breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. The ancient palace next to them crackled, a fissure appeared, and with a loud roar, the palace exploded. A huge trail appeared on the ground leading right through it.

“Everybody, get ready to fight, inform the other military bases, and activate the teleportation portals,” said someone coldly. They released their godly awareness as they rose up into the air.

A few sword lights descended from the sky and moved in different directions, more fissures appeared on the ground. The Saints in the sky looked furious; the Fortune Shrine was there to get their revenge?

“Only one person is attacking,” said the Fire Shrine’s Saint.

“Watch out and remain vigilant. Wait for the others to teleport here and then we’ll act together,” said another cultivator. Very quickly, the deployment portals twinkled and figures appeared. Saint’s strength filled the air. They moved forwards, but paused when they saw a figure in the sky.

He was smiling icily as he said, “Scoundrels, members of the Leng Clan, listen to me. The Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine decided to completely destroy the Clan where the disciples of the Fortune Shrine were; they are cruel and decided to act with utter disregard for principles. We will definitely get our revenge. From now on, if you continue cooperating with them, we’ll have no choice but to destroy you.”

Another sword light streaked across the sky, and a valley appeared through the very middle of the Leng Clan. The crowd was astonished. What a disaster for them! The Shrines were almost better off than those Clans!

“Capture him!” some people flickered. They broke their deployment talismans, and appeared around Lin Feng. However, at the same time, Lin Feng disappeared, all that remained was some pale undulating energy.

“Deployment talisman?” The group of strong cultivators frowned in astonishment. One of them said, “Follow the empty space strength and chase him. He’s alone. I don’t think he disappeared. ”

The one who had just talked also disappeared, following Lin Feng. He reappeared somewhere else in the sky, but then frowned. The undulating strength seemed to be even farther, which meant Lin Feng was even farther away.

He broke another deployment talisman. The group of people chased Lin Feng as fast as they could, but in the end, they still didn’t find him.

“Inform the other bases and tell them to be careful, the Fortune Shrine is attacking us by surprise. Tell them the members of the Fortune Shrine also have teleportation deployment talismans,” said a strong cultivator. Everybody started contacting other people. Even though they hadn’t lost any cultivators, it made them feel very nervous, especially since the enemy had tried to scare the Clans of Da Yu City by saying they would destroy them if they collaborated with the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine.

Very quickly, the Saints of the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine received messages about what had happened in the Leng Clan. They had been attacked by surprise, so they had to be careful.

The sky of Da Yu City turned rosy red, it was a beautiful sight.


Outside of the Hong Clan, a group was walking in the direction of the Hong Clan. Some people were staring at them. Threads of godly awareness appeared in front of them as they asked the group icily, “Who are you?”

“Fortune Shrine’s members,” said Lin Feng smiled. The person who had just asked him that looked shocked, but then threads of death intent pierced through his body and he collapsed.

More threads of godly awareness appeared, but Lin Feng also released his godly awareness, covering the sky of the Hong Clan.

“I’ll be right back,” said Lin Feng, breaking a deployment talisman. He reappeared somewhere else in the sky. Underneath him was a shimmering teleportation portal.

A terrifying sword Qi descended from the sky. Sword strength condensed all around him and slashed through the teleportation portal.

“Stop him!” A group of people moved towards Lin Feng.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng icily. He moved towards the teleportation portal, sword lights showering down. There was a loud explosion as the portal was blown apart.

“What a powerful attack!” The guards were astonished. The teleportation portal was extremely resilient. Low-level Saints couldn’t break it but he had, how scary.

“World!” said a voice icily. A gigantic light curtain appeared in the sky and surrounded the area. It was a sealing world strength.

“Five people, two low-level Saints.” The group of strong cultivators glanced at the intruders and finally saw them clearly. They didn’t use any deployment talismans. They used deployment talismans only when they faced enemies stronger than them. Since Lin Feng and the others weren’t stronger, they didn’t elect to escape.

“Hong Dong Liu, you and I fight against him. You guys fight against the others,” said an Empty Space Shrine’s low-level Saint, staring at Lin Feng. That guy’s sword attacks were powerful, two low-level Saints had to join hands to fight against him. Hee let the Fire Shrine’s low-level Saints fight against the woman. In total, there were three low-level Saints and six Half-Saints there.

“Finish them as quickly as you can!” said Lin Feng. Even though he had destroyed the teleportation portal, enemies could also come quickly, they had to fight and solve the issue fast.

Lin Feng looked at Hong Dong Liu; that guy was probably a Saint of the Hong Clan, which meant that he was unlikely to be very strong.

Lin Feng shot towards Hong Dong Liu, faster than the other would really believe.

“Illusion!” said Lin Feng. Hong Dong Liu was astonished. Illusion?! Illusion strength filled the air, but he didn’t feel like he was appearing in an illusion. Nothing happened?

The low-level Saint of the Empty Space Shrine threw a golden hand at Lin Feng, trying to grab him directly.

Lin Feng slapped the air in front of him, and energies rolled out towards the golden hand. The space around them shook violently. It contained earth strength and it was becoming more and more powerful. When it collided with the hand, the gigantic empty space hand exploded into pieces.

“Hong Dong Liu, die!” said Lin Feng, pointing at Hong Dong Liu. Hong Dong Liu withdrew, but sensed that he was slowing down. Lin Feng had released slow strength onto him and condensed fast strength in his finger. Hong Dong Liu looked a bit surprised.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. Hong Dong Liu was astonished. Lin Feng hadn’t even gotten close to him and he was already attacking?

“Be careful!” Hong Dong Liu heard. He was stunned, something was ripping through his brain. His face paled as he stared at Lin Feng. He couldn’t believe it. “How is that possible?”

His brain exploded and he fell from from the sky. He didn’t even know how he had died.

It was an attack Lin Feng had practiced for years. He created an illusion, but the enemy didn’t know he was in an illusion, it was as if nothing changed around them, and then suddenly, Lin Feng was in front of them.

Now Lin Feng had improved the attack because he had condensed even more sorts of original strength in his finger. The attack was shapeless, invisible, and intangible.

The strong cultivators of the Empty Space Shrine were astonished. How could a low-level Saint have been so careless? Lin Feng had definitely used a terrifying attack!

“Break free from this territory and disperse!” said the low-level Saint of the Empty Space Shrine. They had to act promptly. They wanted to give up, he didn’t feel like fighting against Lin Feng even if he was holding a Saint’s Weapon!

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