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PMG Chapter 2439: Destroying a Stationary Point

PMG Chapter 2439: Destroying a Stationary Point

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After the strong cultivator of the Empty Space Shrine said that, their group moved back and dispersed.

The one who initially wanted to fight against Lin Feng was holding a halberd with three blades. Strength emerged from it. It was a Space Lacerating Halberd, it could cut apart space. Against people, it was quite efficient too, it could chop them up quickly.

The cultivator attacked Mo Yu’s sealed world with the Space Lacerating Halberd. Fissures appeared and the world strength dispersed. But after that, the crowd sensed the space tremble, they had the impression they were going to explode.

Mo Yu was bathing in star lights, and suddenly the space turned into a star world, shattering the spatial ties. After the seal broke, dazzling stars appeared and surrounded everybody.

“Let’s end the battle quickly, otherwise their people will rush over!” said Mo Yu. She looked nervous. Lin Feng had destroyed their teleportation portal, but the enemies who weren’t there would realize it soon enough and then would rush over. Mo Yu and the others couldn’t waste time.

“I understand,” said Lin Feng. He then moved towards the Empty Space Shrine strong cultivator who was holding the Space Lacerating Halberd. At the same time, Hou Qing Lin and the others also charged towards their enemies.

Two people who had just become Saints moved towards Hou Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation strength, startling them. Reincarnation strength was rare.

Reincarnation lights appeared as Hou Qing Lin released sword strength, six star-like lights appeared. The atmosphere was explosive, the reincarnation strength was corroding it.

“Six great divisions in the wheel of karma!” The two cultivator’s faces paled. That was the intent of the six great divisions in the wheel of karma! One of them raised his fist and threw a punch in Hou Qing Lin’s direction. The space turned into a gigantic fire giant, its gigantic hand shot towards Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin raised his hand and reincarnation lights surrounded the giant and corroded its body away. At the same time, he grunted coldly, and raised both fists. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma surrounded the two cultivators, and they screamed, panic-stricken. One of them had half of his body stuck in the reincarnation strength, the upper half of his body still flailing outside.

“How could a Half-Saint be so strong? His Saint’s technique is already incredible. A really strong cultivator must have transmitted that Saint’s technique to him!” shouted one of them anxiously. Hou Qing Lin attacked again, six beam of lights intertwined in the space and attacked two enemies.

My Six Great Karma Wheel Divisions attack is a billionth of my teacher’s attack, thought Hou Qing Lin, sighing. After becoming a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine, he had left with the Reincarnation Priest, who had taught him a lot. In the end, Hou Qing Lin had acknowledged him as a teacher, not differently from his two teachers. His teacher had then taught him the Six Great Karma Wheel Divisions attack, but Hou Qing Lin’s attack was much weaker.

Hou Qing Lin had seen his teacher use the Six Great Karma Wheel Divisions. When his teacher used it, the earth and the sky emitted sad and plaintive cries. It could destroy entire populations, nobody could escape. Hou Qing Lin hadn’t even been able to see the intent inside because it was so complex.

Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and killed him. At the same time, Lin Feng’s God’s Sword penetrated into the Empty Space Shrine’s low-level Saint’s forehead and killed him. The Fire Shrine’s low-level Saint against whom Mo Yu was fighting was the only one left, and that battle wasn’t difficult for Mo Yu.

At that moment, breaking sounds came from outside, alerting them.

“Oh no!” Mo Yu’s face changed drastically, “The others arrived, they’re attacking my sealed world!”

The Fire Shrine’s low-level Saint retreated, the others moved back to the edge of the sealed world. If the sealed world broke apart, they’d be able to leave safely. Then, they’d counterattack and surround them!

“Everybody, come, let’s get ready to disperse,” said Mo Yu. They gathered together. If the sealed world broke apart, they’d all leave together.

“It’s not that easy, they may have sealed the area outside,” said Lin Feng. Mo Yu looked worried. Those people were really fast.

“But even if they did, those people are, at most, those who were near the Hong Clan’s stationary base, so we don’t have anything to fear,” said Lin Feng. He took out a spear, a medium-level Saint’s Weapon. If he used his two other Saint’s Weapons, people would recognize him. He had to use a different kind of Saint’s Weapon.

The long spear shot towards the Fire Shrine’s low-level Saint, who glared at Lin Feng anxiously.

The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator was desperate. Two low-level Saints had already been killed by Lin Feng, he was scared. He condensed fire original strength, and the space around him started burning as fire giants appeared all around him. At the same time, a fire god appeared around him, bathing him in flames. The earth and the sky started burning, too, turning everything glaring red.

“Die!” He shouted furiously, the fire giants stretched out their hands at Lin Feng. So many hands appeared all around Lin Feng.

A terrifying absorbing strength emerged from his spear, the fire turned into a beam of light and was drawn into the spear. The spear turned bright red.

“That Saint’s Weapon contains absorbing strength!” The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator pulled a long face. A terrifying dragon appeared and absorbed the energies around him. The spear continued absorbing the fire strength, and the fire giants slowed down as Lin Feng released slow strength. Lin Feng turned into a beam of light, he threw his spear and condensed fast strength in it, it was impossible to follow it with the eye.

The Fire Shrine’s Saint screamed defiantly. The giant behind him threw out his hand.

“Die,” said Lin Feng. His spear shot towards the other’s third eye. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator was astonished, he couldn’t believe it his eyes. How was this possible?!

Flames invaded the space around him. He was bathing in flames, but he had no time to release his full strength. His attack vanished into nothing. Lin Feng’s slow and fast strengths were incredible, and when he used such attacks against Half-Saints, they couldn’t do anything at all. They just died instantly.

“How strong!” Mo Yu shivered when she saw Lin Feng. She had hopes again! Maybe this Mu Lin could really change things in Da Yu City.

At that moment, her sealed world broke apart, and a group of people appeared outside. When they saw that their allies had disappeared inside, they were shocked.

“Come with me,” said Lin Feng. He released fast strength which surrounded the whole group, and they shot away. Lin Feng released earth and empty space original strength and condensed it into his spear. He accelerated and reached his maximum speed.

“Let’s go.” Lin Feng and the others sensed a terrifying energy fill the air in the distance. They broke talismans and disappeared.

“As expected, they have deployment talismans.” The strong cultivators didn’t chase them, as the strongest cultivators of the Hong Clan had been killed.

Very quickly, even more people gathered and pulled long faces. One of their stationary bases had been destroyed by their enemy, and none of their soldiers were left!

“We need to inform the four other Officers that a strong cultivator has shown up. He can easily kill low-level Saints in a short time, and even destroy a stationary base,” said one of them. They had to think of ways to protect themselves. They couldn’t let the same thing happen again!

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