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PMG Chapter 244: Who’s the Traitor?

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Edited by: Likyliky<3 & Fluphy
Ed note: This chapter just made me angry for reading it
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The ground was unceasingly shaking, people were shouting, the Chi Xie cavalry were galloping, and chaos reigned over the crowd. They were all running away from this scene. In a short moment, the Xue Yue soldiers were not encircling the Death Sentence Stage anymore, instead, the Chi Xie cavalry had replaced them as the Xue Yue soldiers backed away.

At the same time, a large group of Xue Yue soldiers were coming to attack from the back of the stage.

But the Chi Xie cavalry all suddenly stopped and looked at the silhouette leaning against Liu Cang Lan’s chest. In the past, that person used to be their leader… and he was now killed.

“Ssss…” The spears of the Chi Xie troops flew through the air. Everyone’s hearts started to race. Chi Xie soldiers were willing to encircle the Imperial City for their General, they were also capable of attacking Xue Yue soldiers for their officer.

What was happening within that huge area was complete chaos, thousands of soldiers had already died, what was the reason?

Lin Feng remained uncommunicative. Jiu Chi Xie was a true leader and a great man.

Lin Feng’s sword was dancing through the air. He cut the chains around Liu Cang Lan’s body but Jiu Chi Xie was still leaning against him, in silence.

“Lin Feng, you came into the Imperial City with rebel forces and personally rescued the criminal, Liu Cang Lan. You deserve a death sentence.” said Duan Tian Lang whose voice sounded ice-cold, he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

“Rebel forces?” said Lin Feng while fixedly staring at Duan Tian Lang. His tone was cold too.

“Die!” shouted one of the Chi Xie soldiers.

“Die!” That shout was imposing and heavy. Deadly energy spread through the atmosphere. The Chi Xie soldier raised his long spear.

“Stop.” shouted Lin Feng while turning around. In a flash, everybody quieted down, they were all staring at Lin Feng, they didn’t understand why he had stopped them, nonetheless, they all stopped moving and remained silent.

“I haven’t given you any order to attack, if you attack, I will personally kill you!” said Lin Feng coldly. The hearts of the Chi Xie calavry were pounding but when they saw how strict Lin Feng looked, they all remained silent.

“Encircle the stage.” said Lin Feng coldly. The Chi Xie soldiers obeyed his order and started galloping. In a flash, the Chi Xie soldiers encircled the entire Death Sentence Stage so that not even a single drop of water could trickle through.

At that moment, Lin Feng had become a sort of pillar for these soldiers, even though he wasn’t their direct superior, everybody obeyed his orders.

“You will die.”

Duan Han was standing next to Duan Tian Lang, he narrowed his eyes and intensely stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had lead a rebel army, even though Lin Feng was considered a hero in Xue Yue, he had committed a crime and had to pay for it.

Lin Feng coldly glanced at Duan Han. Duan Han’s heart twitched. He then closed his mouth and then Lin Feng disregarded him like he would an insect. He started walking to the front of the Death Sentence Stage.

“Bring Her Highness up here.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, some soldiers wearing bronze masks slowly arrived, behind them was a beautiful silhouette on a horse.

That beautiful woman made people’s heartbeats accelerate. She looked pure and noble. Incredibly, that was the princess of Xue Yue, Duan Xin Ye.

“Princess, you have returned.”

“Lin Feng, really went to Mo Yue alone and returned with the princess.” thought some people in the crowd while looking at that beautiful silhouette.

Concerning Duan Tian Lang, he narrowed his eyes, not only had Lin Feng come but the princess too.

“Soldiers, salute your princess.” said Lin Feng while glancing at the soldiers. They didn’t understand what Lin Feng was doing at that moment, but knelt down on one knee and shouted in unison: “Your Highness!”

Lin Feng calmly looked at the soldiers surrounding the Death Sentence Stage and said coldly: “How come Duan Tian Lang’s army did not salute the princess? Is she not your princess? Are you really this disrespectful?”

Duan Tian Lang was stupefied, he immediately shouted coldly: “Why are you not kneeling down?!”

The Xue Yue soldiers obeyed the order and knelt down, while shouted in unison: “Your Highness.”

“Duan Tian Lang salutes Your Highness. Your Highness has come back, this is great news for our country, Xue Yue.” said Duan Tian Lang while slightly bowing and lowering his head.

“This is all thanks to Lin Feng.” said Duan Xin Ye calmly while coldly looking at Duan Tian Lang.

When Duan Tian Lang heard Duan Xin Ye’s manner of speaking, his facial expression changed. He didn’t know what to say. He wanted Lin Feng to die and accused him of having brought rebel forces. But at that moment, Lin Feng had come back with the princess, which was an incredible military exploit.

“As expected, Lin Feng is our country’s young hero.” said Duan Tian Lang while raising his head and then said in a small voice while smiling: “But even though Lin Feng saved you, he has still committed a great crime by gathering rebel forces and bringing them into the Imperial City, and that is not an insignificant crime.”

“Duan Tian Lang is still thinking of how he can falsely accuse others of crimes.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Duan Tian Lang was stubborn and said: “Meritorious acts are meritorious acts, crimes are crimes. I Duan Tian Lang, must declare your faults for the sake of justice.”

“Justice? Duan Tian Lang, how long has it been since we last saw each other? It seems like you get even more shameless each time we meet, I thought it was impossible to be more shameless than you when we last met, but once again you have proven me wrong.” said Lin Feng in a cold tone. The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng surprisingly dared to call Duan Tian Lang shameless in front of everybody.

The ground started shaking again and rumbling noises spread through the atmosphere. The crowd was surprised. The crowd moved back again and opened a path. At that moment, an incredible number of soldiers were coming, it was the Imperial Guards.

Duan Tian Lang felt relieved. A short moment after, the army of guards arrived. The Chi Xie soldiers surrounding the Death Sentence Stage wanted to attack but Lin Feng waved his hand, signaling them to stand their ground and remain calm.

Two silhouettes slowly came from the group of Imperial Guards. One of them was wearing armor, he looked majestic and powerful, while the other was a handsome young man, the second prince, Duan Wu Ya.

“Did you kill Meng Gu Feng and Meng Chong?  This person is Meng Han, the officer of the Imperial Guards, Officer Meng Gu Feng was his brother.” Said Duan Wu Ya

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng sounding calm, cold and detached.

“Huh?” Duan Tian Lang was stupefied, Lin Feng had killed Meng Gu Feng and Meng Chong?

Inside, he was laughing coldly. He was evilly staring at Lin Feng and then said: “Lin Feng, you saved the princess which is a military exploit but acting arrogantly, you dared to kill an officer and then bring rebel forces into the Imperial City. These are both extreme crimes against the country. To pay for your crimes, the only solution is death.” Then, Duan Tian Lang turned around and looked to Duan Wu Ya: “Your Highness, please punish Lin Feng for his crimes.”

Duan Wu Ya looked relaxed, he had perfectly mastered his emotions. A faint smiled appeared on the corner of his mouth and he said: “Lin Feng, Duan Tian Lang wants to punish you for your crimes, is there anything you want to say?”

“Yes.” said Lin Feng while slightly nodding, he then immediately turned to Duan Tian Lang and said: “Duan Tian Lang, during the war, because he wanted to kill me, he created chaos within our army, allowing the Mo Yue army to exploit the weakness that he created. Hundreds of thousands of Xue Yue soldiers died so he could have the opportunity to kill me, it was a bloodbath. Now he wants to punish me for my crimes with a death sentence. I don’t think that it’s a strange thing at all.”

When Lin Feng finished talking, the crowd was astonished. Duan Tian Lang had caused chaos within their own army because he wanted to kill Lin Feng? From what they had heard, Liu Cang Lan was responsible for that.

“He’s talking nonsense, Your Highness, not only is Lin Feng a traitor but he is also a lying little rat. Don’t trust him.” said Duan Tian Lang. Of course, he wasn’t going to admit his faults, Lin Feng perfectly knew that.

“Duan Tian Lang is calling me a traitor, yet he gives no explanation and wants punishment. At what moment have I rebelled?” asked Lin Feng.

“You came into the Imperial City with rebel forces, killed Meng Gu Feng as well as Meng Chong, you encircled the Death Sentence Stage and rescued Liu Cang Lan, who is a criminal, everybody saw this with their own eyes. Is that enough?”

“Shut your filthy mouth!” furiously shouted Lin Feng, his eyes unveiled killing intent, he was exasperated. He then pointed at the Chi Xie cavalry.

“Duan Tian Lang, these soldiers have courageously fought against the enemy, we encircled them inside the city and burnt them alive inside. We killed hundreds of thousands of the Mo Yue army, in the end they were forced to retreat. At that moment, I’m asking you, where were you? You had already deserted the army and ran back to the Imperial City like a little scared dog. You are really audacious.”

“And now what? You are calling me a traitor, but I want to ask you, who are you to call me a traitor? Are you the one who decides? What status do you hold where you think that by calling me a traitor, I instantly become one?”

Lin Feng’s voice sounded extremely cold. Duan Tian Lang was speechless. The crowd was also astonished. They had killed hundreds of thousands of Mo Yue soldiers in Duan Ren City, and made them retreat. At that moment, Duan Tian Lang had already run away. How could he judge someone else’s faults?

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