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PMG Chapter 2440: Trap!

PMG Chapter 2440: Trap!

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Lin Feng and Mo Yu arrived somewhere else. They had already used several deployment talismans. Once they were far enough away, they felt relieved. The enemies had four high-level Saints, after all. They couldn’t protect themselves against those terrifying cultivators.

“Pfew…” Mo Yu took a deep breath. She was still wearing her armor and looking graceful in it. She smiled and stared at Lin Feng.

“What?” asked Lin Feng, smiling.

“I want to get to know you,” said Mo Yu smiling. She put out her hand and smiled at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and shook her hand freely.

“At the level of low-level Saints, killing enemies is extremely difficult, even if the difference in strength is big. Usually, those who are defeated have the choice to escape. However, today, you proved me wrong. Your attacks looked ordinary, but you easily killed the enemy with them, even though they were at the same cultivation level as you. From now on, I’ll stay with you,” said Mo Yu. She knew that what Lin Feng had done was extraordinary.

She had also been amazed by Hou Qing Lin. He was just a Half-Saint, but his attacks were incredible, worthy of a legendary priest’s disciple. His identity was extraordinary. Hou Qing Lin had come with Lin Feng, and Lin Feng looked like the leader. She could imagine that Lin Feng had a particular status in the Fortune Shrine.

“Following me can be dangerous. If the high-level Saints had come a moment ago, it wouldn’t have been fun. It was the first time, next time will be difficult. We can’t use the same strategy again,” said Lin Feng. Mo Yu was impressed and nodded. Indeed, they had killed three low-level Saints at once, it was a splendid and glorious victory, but it wouldn’t happen again.

“So what do we do next?” asked Mo Yu. If they couldn’t attack by surprise anymore, what could they do?

“I don’t know. I need to think,” said Lin Feng.

“Yes, everyone should think,” said Hou Qing Lin nodding.

“What if we disappeared for some time and came back at some point?” asked Mo Yu. She was nervous.

“No,” said one of the cultivators with them, shaking his head.

“Yan Qing, what’s your idea?” asked Lin Feng. Yan Qing had passed the exam at the same time as Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin, he was also extremely strong.

“We should fish in troubled waters and reap benefit from confusion. The more confused the enemies are, the more chances we have to achieve what we want. If they are calm and serene, they will have time to set up a great defense strategy, and we won’t be able to do anything anymore,” said Yan Qing, shaking his head. “I have an idea, but it’s dangerous.”

“Tell us, then,” said Lin Feng.

“Master Mu Lin, you’re a low-level Saint, you kill strong cultivators of the same level quickly. Master Mo Yu and Hou Qing Lin can kill Half-Saints quickly. Jun Mo Xi and I can’t do that. Jun Mo Xi and I can become bait. We can feign an attack, then when someone discovers us, we escape. It’s a sensitive period, they definitely don’t have a great strategy yet, they must be badly organized right now. It’s an opportunity for you, but that strategy requires lots of deployment talismans to escape, and it’s also very dangerous,” said Yan Qing.

Lin Feng and the others looked thoughtful.

“I don’t think it’s that dangerous, it’s only dangerous for those who get attacked by surprise,” said Jun Mo Xi. After attacking, they could leave immediately.

“You can do that, I’ll attack alone,” said Lin Feng to the people.

“No. If there are many people, we can all disperse and move in different directions, which would be good to distract them. If you’re alone, they might set a trap and catch you. There are many Saints from the Empty Space Shrine among our enemies. They are experts at controlling empty space energy. They can seal the area anytime,” said Hou Qing Lin, shaking his head. He didn’t want to let Lin Feng take risks alone.

“It’s precisely the reason why I think it’s the best if I attack alone. The more people we are, the more dangerous it gets for us,” said Lin Feng. “Don’t worry. My goal is only to kill a low-level Saint. We can slowly kill their low-level Saints and then at some point, they’ll have as many low-level Saints as us. Then, we won’t be in a weak position anymore. ”

“Are you worried about me?” said Lin Feng smiling, “Let’s do it like that.”

“Alright, I agree,” said Mo Yu. “What do you want me to do? Feign an attack? Or attack? I’ll just listen to you. My life is your hands. ”

“Alright, I’ll protect you then,” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding. Since they had already attacked by surprise once, they couldn’t attack a second time by surprise, so Lin Feng hoped the strategy would work. He hoped he’d manage to kill a low-level Saint, and two would be even better.

“Where do we act?” asked Yan Qing.

“The Leng Clan. Last time, we went there, but didn’t take anything from them. This time, it has to change,” Lin Feng grinned nastily. The others nodded.

“Alright,” said Yan Qing. They were all extraordinary people, otherwise, they wouldn’t have passed. They admired Lin Feng though, he could make deployment talismans, he had incredible fighting abilities, even Mo Yu admired and respected him.

“Alright, let’s do it then, dear friends,” said Lin Feng smiling, “We’re done with the details I think, should we go?”

“Alright,” everybody agreed. They wanted to help Lin Feng kill a low-level Saint, at least one, and if they succeeded, the Fortune Shrine would feel less pressured.


It was dawn in Da Yu City. After what had happened on the previous evening, the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine were extremely nervous, and even the Leng Clan was nervous. They had been attacked on the day before, but luckily, they hadn’t lost any Saint, just some face. But the Leng Clan didn’t know what to do; they were occupied by Shrines, what could they do? They couldn’t say anything. Even if they hoped the Shrines would change their stationary base, they couldn’t say anything.

The Continent of the Nine Clouds was in a state of chaos, all the Clans had their own ideas and none wanted to be destroyed. The relations they had with other groups was complex.

A few li away from the gate of the Leng Clan, someone appeared, walking slowly. That person was wearing ordinary clothes, a hat, and looked like a tourist. It was Lin Feng, about to attack the Leng Clan. He had gotten prepared. Mo Yu and the others were going to attack the Leng Clan by surprise, and then Lin Feng would attack once the situation was chaotic and try to kill a low-level Saint. That was his plan.

But as Lin Feng got closer to the Leng Clan, he didn’t feel safe. The sensation was becoming more and more intense.

That kind of feeling, it’s the intuition I get because of the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique. It could be dangerous, thought Lin Feng, frowning. He didn’t feel relaxed at all, and acted promptly. He took out a talisman and said, “Plan canceled. Disperse! ”

“We’re about to attack, how could we give up?” replied Mo Yu. At that moment, an attack descended from the sky and attacked the Leng Clan.

“Disperse, Jun Mo Xi, fellow disciple, Yan Qing, disperse!” said Lin Feng, contacting everyone personally. Lin Feng realized that the ground under his feet was golden. Lights surrounded his body. Those lights surrounded everybody li away, including the members of the Leng Clan.

What a powerful attack. The atmosphere is becoming chaotic. Only a high-level Saint could do that!, thought Lin Feng. He was petrified. He took out a deployment talisman and broke it. However, he didn’t disappear. The atmosphere around him was in chaos, he couldn’t control anything. Lin Feng pulled a long face… this deployment spell could constrict deployment talismans!

Mo Yu realized that, too. Mo Yu was stupefied. This time, they hadn’t destroyed the teleportation portal, the situation was extremely dangerous.

“Officer Qing Ye, we’re in the Leng Clan and we’re in danger. Help us!” Mo Yu sensed danger and immediately contacted Qing Ye. The Leng Clan’s teleportation portal kept flashing. Qi filled the air. Mo Yu saw strong cultivators moving towards them.

“Go!” shouted Mo Yu urgently. Jun Mo Xi, Hou Qing Lin, and Qing Lin dispersed.

“Come here!” A dazzling light streaked across the sky, it was Lin Feng, riding a Saint’s Weapon.

Mo Yu was stupefied and said, “Moron! Who told you to show yourself!”

Lin Feng smiled at the angry Mo Yu and said, “You’re the moron, I told you I’d protect you.”

He shot towards Hou Qing Lin and said, “Come here!”

Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and Yan Qing weren’t very strong. If they stayed alone, they would be in danger, especially if they couldn’t use deployment talismans. They wouldn’t be able to escape!


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    Again stupid woman needs rescuing. Told her to cancel attack but ignores it and almost gets everyone killed. There’s def a traitor in their midst. My money is on her.

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      Nah, she’s not a traitor. Just retarded. The author often uses women to force an unfavorable change in the situation. That’s just how it is.

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