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PMG Chapter 2442: Killing

PMG Chapter 2442: Killing

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Lin Feng was surrounded and buried by empty space strength. He understood that if the old man was a high-level Saint, he would have crushed him instantly, especially if his empty space strength had reached the maximum level.

However, the old man was still very strong.

Lin Feng’s spear contained a powerful absorbing strength. He raised it, and it started absorbing the empty space strength around him furiously. The empty space strength went wild. The golden-eyed old man was startled, his eyes flaring. He raised his hand and an empty space tower appeared above Lin Feng.

“Go in!” said the old man coldly. The empty space tower descended towards Lin Feng. At the same time, more empty space strength surrounded Lin Feng and constricted him.

“A Saint’s Weapon.” Lin Feng was impressed It was an extremely powerful Saint’s Weapon that could imprison people. There was definitely a world inside.

When the others saw that, they didn’t hurry to attack Lin Feng. If the old man managed to capture Lin Feng in his tower, they wouldn’t need to continue fighting.

“Mu Lin, that guy’s name is Xu Yu, he’s a very powerful low-level Saint. He is also enigmatic and unfathomable. That tower is called the Holy Imprisoning Pagoda, it’s a medium-level Saint’s Weapon,” said Mo Yu, her face stiff. The strong cultivator against whom Lin Feng was fighting was famous, his attacks and his Holy Imprisoning Pagoda were fearsome.

“Get ready to seal. When I tell you, seal him and me in the same world,” replied Lin Feng telepathically.

Mo Yu was amazed, this guy was so self-confident. She ground her teeth and released an incredible Qi. She said, “Alright, when you need me to do it, just tell me, I’m ready. It’ll last for a few seconds.”

“That’s enough,” replied Lin Feng. He released a terrifying sword energy, and the empty space strength which surrounded him crackled and broke apart. He eyed the Holy Imprisoning Pagoda. It was dazzling, and the space around it was chaotic. The Holy Imprisoning Pagoda moved towards Lin Feng, but it couldn’t get any closer. Lin Feng had used his Great Empty Space Technique, he could use it not only on his own body, but on other things as well.

Lin Feng raised his spear. Xu Yu saw a rising dragon, his heart twitched, was he dreaming? It looked so real.

“He’s using an illusion!” Xu Yu was startled.

Lin Feng said to Mo Yu, “Start!”

Mo Yu nodded. Suddenly, stars appeared around Lin Feng and Xu Yu, and the others’ faces changed. “Oh no, kill him!”

After that, they moved towards the star world together and attacked. At the same time, Lin Feng jumped forwards, it looked like he was walking slowly, but actually, during those few milliseconds, his illusion was corroding his enemy’s soul. Xu Yu retreated, covered with cold sweat.

Suddenly, another dragon moved towards him and opened its mouth. Xu Yu released as many empty space lights as he could, trying to crush the dragon even if it was an illusion.

However, at the moment the dragon pierced through the empty space strength and turned into a spear, it continued moving towards Xu Yu faster than the eye.

Xu Yu didn’t have time to react, he was trembling as a wound appeared on his third eye and blood splashed.

Lin Feng waved his hands and sliced into his enemy’s forehead, dispersing his soul.

Mo Yu was astonished and trembled. Lin Feng had killed a Saint again, the attack looked similar to his finger attack. The enemy had hallucinated, and then Lin Feng had killed him without giving him time to react. He was just too fast.

The sealing strength broke apart, and the others saw that Xu Yu was dead. They were astonished and had chills. That guy had killed Xu Yu in the blink of an eye. They knew how strong Xu Yu was, they had to do something against Lin Feng. When the sealed world disappeared, they all charged towards him. They wanted to crush Lin Feng!

“Slow, slow!” Lin Feng released as much slow strength as he could to slow them down. It was as if time and space had stopped around them. However, Lin Feng still felt under pressure. An empty space hand imprint crashed onto his body, he couldn’t stop it, and he coughed blood.

He looked furious. Many Lin Feng’s appeared all around and moved in every direction.

“Earth Burial!” said someone coldly. Earth original strength filled the air, meteorites started falling from the sky. Many of Lin Feng’s clones were destroyed. A strong wind started blowing and swept out. More clones exploded.

Suddenly, all the strong cultivators saw a different landscape, a dream created by Lin Feng. Then, they all had the impression he was running towards them personally to attack them. The cultivator against whom Lin Feng was really attacking was a middle-aged man. He controlled empty space original strength and two other kinds of original strength. He was very dangerous.

“Mo Yu.” shouted Lin Feng. Mo Yu released another sealed star world. Lin Feng and the middle-aged man appeared in a sealed world. Lin Feng was close to him so sealing them together was easy.

“Oh no!” the others suddenly sensed sealing strength and came back to their senses. They looked at Mo Yu and said, “Kill that woman first!”

They suddenly started flying towards Mo Yu. She was astonished and grimaced. She raised her hand and took out a stick. It was a Star Stick.

“Break!” shouted Mo Yu. She was extremely sad to do that, her stick exploded and turned into gigantic stars. The stars turned into a firmly sealed ball with her inside.

Powerful attacks bombarded her sealed star world, it crackled, however, it didn’t break. It was extremely resistant.

“She used a medium-level Saint’s Weapon. We’ll have to attack a few times to break it,” said someone. At the same time, they continued attacking her sealed star world unceasingly. Dozens of powerful attacks continued bombarding it.

There was a crack of thunder as the star world broke. Mo Yu’s face paled. She wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng, and she didn’t control several sorts of original strength like him who could use slow, fast, and empty space strengths. So many low-level Saints surrounded her, they could easily kill her.

“You want to die!” sneered a voice coldly. It sounded like the voice of a demon. The crowd sensed a terrifying strength invade the space behind them. A cultivator was moving towards Mo Yu; he raised his hand, explosive energies appeared around him. Mo Yu looked devastated and hopeless, was she really going to die?

“Slash, slash!” Blood splashed on Mo Yu’s face, she closed her eyes. She sensed a terrifying sword Qi. When she opened her eyes, she saw a terrifying and dazzling sword Qi floating in front of her, it was protecting her.

Mu Lin was in the distance and surrounded by demon energies. He was holding a demon halberd, and looked like an ancient demon. There was a low-level Saint’s corpse hanging on the tip of the halberd.

“Great Demon Halberd of Desolation!” A strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine stared at Lin Feng in astonishment. His face paled as he looked at Lin Feng and said, “It’s you, it’s you, Lin Feng!”

“It’s me,” said Lin Feng. His eyes turned black, it seemed like anything could drown in those eyes. They were filled with murder. He said coldly, “Today, you’re going to die.”

Pitch-black light beams emerged from his eyes, the whole crowd had the impression they were falling into an abyssal black hole.

The one who had just recognized Lin Feng didn’t even have time to react, Lin Feng beheaded him with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation. He looked astonished as he died unwillingly.

“Let’s go!” shouted the others desperately. They wanted to leave the illusion. Five low-level Saints were left on their side, and they didn’t dare fight anymore, they were too scared.

“Where are you going?!” That voice seemed to come from the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, and demons appeared all around. Lin Feng slowly walked forwards. He looked like a demon god, his enemies looked hopeless and dispirited. They had the impression they were carrying the whole world on their shoulders. How could they fight? Strong cultivators kept dying one after the other. They either disappeared or their corpses fell down to the ground when Lin Feng attacked them with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation.

Mo Yu looked at the guy who looked like a demon god. That was Lin Feng, a cultivator many people talked about often in the Fortune Shrine!

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  1. Ezura December 13, 2018 at 9:07 am - Reply

    Why didn’t he set up a bloody defensive deployment dooberry thing to put them in first? And one to drag his prey into so he can slaughter them with the Spear surreptitiously. It only takes him a moment to set one up. Now he’s exposed they’re def going to send out a Peerless douchebag after the Beast guardian‘s previous appearance.

    Honestly this whole thing was stupid, why even bother with the 3 Half Saints, they’ve just become a burden, they’re bloody useless. Did the Shrine really have no more lower level Saints available? You’d think he’d have at least 1 High level sent to protect him. But then again they probably didn’t predict he’d be so moronic as to expose his real identity almost immediately upon arrival there. Facepalm!

    • bob June 29, 2019 at 7:21 am - Reply

      There are 13 low level saints, dude. They’ll destroy the deployment in one attack.

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