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PMG Chapter 2443: Celestial Sealing Map

PMG Chapter 2443: Celestial Sealing Map

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Lin Feng put his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation away, and his demon energies dispersed as his God’s Sword went back into his hand. He looked at Mo Yu and said, “What’s wrong?”

Mo Yu was still stunned. Lin Feng looked normal again, but his voice made her heart tremble. She couldn’t calm down. She finally shook her head and replied, “Nothing. But this area is still a deployment spell cast by a high-level Saint, we can’t break it, what do we do?”

Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi came out next to them, Mo Xi had released them already. They were all astonished by Lin Feng’s abilities, especially Yan Qing, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng was so strong.

“The area is sealed, the others probably didn’t think Lin Feng would be so strong and could kill a dozen low-level Saints. But their allies will quickly find out they all died. If high-level Saints come, we’re doomed,” said Yan Qing.

At that moment, many people who had just become Saints appeared in the distance, but they stayed far away. They had seen the tragic battle a moment before. Lin Feng had killed everyone.

“They already told their allies about it,” said Hou Qing Lin, glancing at those people, “We need to find a solution.”

“I’ll go and try,” said Lin Feng. Then, he said to Mo Yu, “You take care of those Half-Saints.”

“Alright.” Mo Yu nodded. She was a low-level Saint, she could easily destroy Half-Saints, even if there were a lot of them.

Lin Feng took his boat and flew to the edge of the deployment spell. He shouted furiously and bombarded the deployment spell with his Ruler’s Sword. However, it was useless. He couldn’t break it. The original strength of a high-level Saint was too powerful for him.

It seems like I have no choice, I need to ask a Bestial Saint for help, or we won’t be able to break free. Or I could also gamble and hope that a high-level Saint of the Fortune Shrine comes. Then it’d mean that we’d have to wait and see which high-level comes first, ours or theirs, thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like using another Bestial Saint though, as he could ask them for help only once.

As he had expected, the news quickly spread in Da Yu City. The Fire Shrine quickly informed the other Shrines. Lin Feng was different from the other enemies.

At the top of a celestial fire mountain in the Fire Shrine, a strong cultivator was seated cross-legged. In front of him, light curtains appeared, showing different Shrines’ leaders.

“Why did you summon us?” asked a cultivator wearing an empty space robe of the Fire Shrine’s leader. He looked unhappy.

“Haven’t you heard the news? Lin Feng is in Da Yu City, and he killed a dozen of our low-level Saints,” said the Fire Shrine’s leader. The other was astonished.

Someone else asked, “So what?”

“Hmph! The Forbidden Body isn’t the sole responsibility of the Fire Shrine. We’re all responsible for getting rid of it. If you don’t want to fight a war against the Fortune Shrine, it’s your problem, but back then, we all agreed to get rid of the forbidden person. So many strong cultivators have died already, now the world is in a state of chaos, you know what it means? If a new god appears, you will all be crushed, even if you are a Shrine. You will have no choice but to acknowledge allegiance to him. You’ll become a joke in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Maybe then, your lives will be in someone else’s hands, maybe the Fortune Shrine will reign over the world and will do whatever they want to you,” said the Fire Shrine’s leader coldly. “The Forbidden Body is there, and we have to kill him, unless you think the Fortune Shrine will forget about all these years of tensions?”

Everybody looked surprised. Their ultimate goal in life, as strong cultivators, was to become really peerless. They wanted to become stronger than anyone else in the world. They wanted to become THE single god. They wanted to be unreachable, so that nobody would be able to catch up with them. If they allowed anyone to surpass and oppress them, then it became impossible. It also meant they acknowledged that person as a god. How could they let the Fortune Shrine become so powerful?

“I’ve heard that some high-level Saints protect him, a very powerful one. Unless we send a peerless Saint, we can’t kill Lin Feng. The Fortune Shrine won’t just stand by and look on,” said a Shrine’s leader.

“The Empty Space Shrine has the Celestial Sealing Map, doesn’t it? Can’t you take it out? Seal all the members of the Fortune Shrine in Da Yu City, I’ll personally send a peerless Saint to kill Lin Feng,” said the Fire Shrine’s leader. “But I also hope that everybody will help and cooperate. Don’t stay on the side and watch. You also need to help. Otherwise, I don’t care, we’ll just let Lin Feng grow and become strong.”

“Is that so? But Lin Feng hates the Fire Shrine more than any other Shrine,” someone smiled.

“If you think the Fortune Shrine will be nice to the Ice and Snow Shrine if they become the ultimate leaders of the world, then just sit aside and watch,” replied the Fire Shrine’s leader.

“Your plan is that we take out the Celestial Sealing Map, you send a peerless Saint, the others help, and that way we can destroy the Fortune Shrine. But we need to get ready first,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s leader.

The Fire Shrine’s leader smiled, “We’ll all gather in Da Yu City.”


In Da Yu City, Lin Feng couldn’t do much, he had to get help from a Bestial Saint. Lin Feng was really annoyed. The Bestial Saint just came out and broke the seal, then left without doing anything. He had promised them they would only need to help once. There were only nine high-level Bestial Saints in the Star World, so Lin Feng only had nine opportunities. Regarding the three peerless Bestial Saints, they disdained him and didn’t listen to him.

But Lin Feng understood. He was extremely weak in comparison to them. It was already difficult to convince the high-level Bestial Saints.

The Leng Clan had already been turned into a field of ruins. He had already killed all the Saints. Lin Feng was convinced that these were severe losses for the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine.

“I wonder how the other battle is going?” whispered Lin Feng.

“Should we go and see?” said Mo Yu.

“No need. We can’t join the high-level Saints’ battle. What just happened will quickly reach them. That way, I’m convinced the high-level Saints will know when to move back,” said Lin Feng.

Mo Yu nodded. She was curious though, where did the high-level Saint Lin Feng had called come from? Why had he just broken the seal and then left?

She guessed Lin Feng had a treasure, but she couldn’t ask him about that. Everybody had secrets. Lin Feng was just too mysterious.


Somewhere in Da Yu City was a teleportation portal. At that moment, it twinkled. Empty space strength rolled in waves around it. Someone was coming from very far away.

Many people noticed it in Da Yu City, including Lin Feng and the others. The teleportation portal didn’t twinkle only once, but several times. Lin Feng and the others frowned.

Mo Yu pulled a long face.

“There, it’s a stationary base of the two Shrines. They possibly…” whispered Mo Yu. Her face stiffened.

“Maybe they teleported directly from the Shrines,” said Lin Feng.

“Yes. I didn’t think they would pay so much attention to the battlefields of Da Yu City, to the extent that they would make a teleportation portal in the Shrine to get here. The Fortune Shrine doesn’t even have one,” said Mo Yu. She was annoyed. “If strong cultivators can teleport directly from their Shrines, then they’re probably high-level Saints. We must inform the Fortune Shrine’s masters and tell them we need to leave Da Yu City.”

“Leave?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“We should, temporarily at least. We can’t do much if they keep sending in new troops,” said Mo Yu. However, at that moment, in the distance, some dazzling lights appeared in the sky, and empty space strength appeared everywhere above Da Yu City.

“What’s that?” Mo Yu was astonished. She shuddered with fear. A terrifying ocean of empty space was rolling in the sky. What was the Empty Space Shrine doing?

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    And that moron using the spear, he knows he’s targeted by Three Shrines… He was better off dragging them into his own world to kill. And why hasn’t he made that Fire guy into a puppet? And hasn’t his Dragon levelled up to Saint yet?

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