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PMG Chapter 2444: A Deal with the Peerless Bestial Saint

PMG Chapter 2444: A Deal with the Peerless Bestial Saint

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Lin Feng and the others raised their heads in awe. A gigantic web of lights appeared in the sky and covered the whole city.

“It’s a recording map,” said Jun Mo Xi, stunned.

“Celestial Sealing Map.” Mo Yu trembled even more violently, her face pale. That was the legendary Celestial Sealing Map of the Empty Space Shrine!

“Celestial Sealing Map?” Lin Feng looked surprised. He had ready many books, he knew what the Celestial Sealing Map was. It was an empty space treasure, it could seal gigantic regions and at that moment, the Empty Space Shrine was using it to seal Da Yu City!

“The Empty Space Shrine wants to seal the whole town,” said Mo Yu. Her mouth was wide open in shock. Strong cultivators from Shrines had teleported to Da Yu City, and now they were sealing the city, Da Yu City was an almost insignificant battlefield to do such a thing. Maybe it was for Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, what do we do? They’re probably coming for you!” said Mo Yu. She was panic-stricken.

Lin Feng frowned, and looked furious. The Shrines were doing all they could to kill him once again. They even used the Celestial Sealing Map!

“Let’s disperse,” said Lin Feng to Mo Yu and the others. He also thought the Shrines were looking for him. He couldn’t stay with Mo Yu and the others, otherwise, they’d be in danger, too.

“No, we need to ask the Fortune Shrine for help!” said Hou Qing Lin. The Fortune Shrine would definitely help if the other Shrines tried to kill Lin Feng.

“No time anymore. Brother, you don’t know how powerful the Celestial Sealing Map is. Even if the Fortune Shrine sends some peerless Saints, they won’t be able to break it,” said Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin pulled a long face. The Celestial Sealing Map was too powerful…

“Since the Empty Space Shrine has the Celestial Sealing Map, the Fortune Shrine must have terrifying items to resist as well,” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently. The Shrines all probably had trump cards.

“Indeed,” said Hou Qing Lin nodding.

“Let’s not think about that for now. You guys find a place to hide, gather with the other strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t let them talk, he continued, “Anyway, they won’t find me easily.”

After that, Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he streaked across the sky. Mo Yu and the others were stunned.

“He doesn’t want us to be put in danger,” whispered Mo Yu, watching Lin Feng disappear into the distance. Hou Qing Lin clenched his fists. He felt powerless. He couldn’t help his friend. On the contrary, if he stayed with Lin Feng, he would even be a burden!

At that moment, many people raised their heads in Da Yu City. Many strong cultivators knew that Da Yu City had just been sealed.

In a place where the Qi was thick and rich, someone who had invited people for a banquet sensed that the area was being sealed. He raised his head, and looked unhappy, “Who did that?”

“Master, I came to inform you, since you’re a supreme cultivator, it’s the Celestial Sealing Map of the Empty Space Shrine,” said someone, standing up, “The Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine are fighting against the Fortune Shrine in Da Yu City for control over the city. You might be involved at some point, since you’re a supreme cultivator. I didn’t think they’d use the Celestial Sealing Map though.”

“What does that have to do with me?” asked that supreme cultivator indifferently.

“The world is in a state of chaos. The Shrines need people, they need resources, they need strength. Therefore, they want to keep good relations with the local people and they want them to help if needed,” said that person with a smile.

The supreme cultivator nodded. He understood.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with them,” said that supreme cultivator indifferently. The others looked at him politely.

Regarding the Empty Space Shrine’s actions, many people in Da Yu City were unhappy, but what could they do? And what was going on in Da Yu City? Why were they using the Celestial Sealing Map?

Da Yu City was big, Lin Feng was on his boat and he flying away. He found a mountain range and sat down cross-legged. He immediately went into his Star World.

“Master Ox,” said Lin Feng to the old ox. He said, “Some peerless Saints might be coming to kill me. If I hide here, can they find me?”

“Of course, nothing can escape from peerless Saints’ godly awareness. If you hide in the praying mat which is the Star World, if a peerless Saint sees it, he will think there’s something strange and he will find you, unless he decides to ignore it,” said the old Ox.

Lin Feng’s face stiffened. Da Yu City was sealed, he couldn’t escape. If he went into his own world, the Qi could still be sensed outside, he couldn’t hide from a peerless Saint’s godly awareness.

“Do you have an idea? What could I do this time?” Lin Feng asked the old ox.

“In the Star World, there are three peerless Saints, convince them to help you,” said the old ox calmly.

Lin Feng frowned. The three peerless Saints didn’t want to help him. How could he convince them?

“I have no choice but to try, I guess. Even if all the high-level Bestial Saints agreed to help, it’d be useless,” Lin Feng smiled.

He disappeared and reappeared in front of the three peerless Bestial Saints. They were all at the top of a mountain. Their eyes were closed, they didn’t even look at Lin Feng.

The old ox appeared next to Lin Feng and smiled, “I myself can’t even convince these three guys. I can’t help you, either. Back in the days, when my Master recruited them, they were unwilling to submit until he became a very peerless cultivator, and nobody else was stronger than him anymore. After he disappeared, nobody has ever managed to get help from them.”

Lin Feng nodded and looked at them, saying, “Masters.”

The three of them were still seated cross-legged, they didn’t even look at Lin Feng. He was annoyed.

“Guys, Lin Feng is the new master of the Star World, give him face,” said the old ox indifferently. One of them opened his eyes and glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s soul shook under those eyes.

“Speak,” said that cultivator indifferently.

“Master, the Shrines might be sending some peerless Saints to kill me, I need you to help me,” said Lin Feng. Only peerless Saints could help Lin Feng in such circumstances.

“Why?” asked that cultivator in a cold and detached way.

Lin Feng replied calmly, “The Shrines have been chasing me because I have a Forbidden Body, and according to legends, it is said that if a forbidden person appears, the Continent of the Nine Clouds will sink into a state of chaos, and a new god might appear. You guys are all peerless Saints, but you’ve been stuck at that cultivation level for a long time. If someday I become as strong as you or even stronger, I’ll help you.”

“A god is a concept you don’t understand. Besides, it’s not even sure you could become one, and if you did, it’s not even sure you could help us. Even if you did reach that level, you wouldn’t be willing to help anyway,” said that cultivator indifferently. It made sense, but Lin Feng felt annoyed. Becoming a god was easier said than done. Besides, if someone became a god, would they be willing to help others become gods?

Lin Feng sighed and said, “Since it’s that way, I’m off.”

He sounded neither haughty nor humble, and turned around. They didn’t trust him, and he couldn’t convince them. If it was his fate to die, then he was going to die.

“Wait,” that cultivator said suddenly.

Lin Feng turned back around and asked, “Master, how may I help you?”

“You’re the new master of the Star World. If you become a high-level Saint, I’ll help you,” said that cultivator calmly. Lin Feng was stunned. Did he have time to become a high-level Saint? Da Yu City was sealed! Shrines’ cultivators were coming! Did he have time to practice cultivation?

“I will do my best,” said Lin Feng.

“If you don’t trust yourself, why would we trust you?” said that person indifferently. He closed his eyes again. Lin Feng was stupefied.

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